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Virginia Republicans Show Off Racist Photos Of Obama [Photos]


The Mecklenburg County Republican Committee has come under fire for posting racist photos of the president on its Facebook page. One image depicts Obama as a caveman; another portrays him as a thug.

The Virginia Republican Party has ordered Mecklenburg County to take the photos off its page. Pat Mullins, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, said:

“These kinds of images have no place in political discourse ā€” period. They are offensive, tasteless and should never have been posted anywhere, let alone a local unit’s Facebook page. The Republican Party of Virginia condemns this sort of imagery in the strongest possible terms.”

The photos had been on the page for several months, but it wasn’t until a luncheon event with Republican Senate candidate George Allen on Monday that they started receiving criticism. Allen was campaigning in the state at a luncheon the Mecklenburg County Republican Committee promoted and ProgressVA, which supports Allen’s opponent Timothy M. Kaine, found the photos on the committee’s page. Allen said he had prior knowledge of the photos and has condemned them.

R. Wallace “Wally” Hudson, chairman of the committee, didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Hudson said,

“If that group is that sensitive, I’m sorry, they’re just not human. It’s not American. If they’ve got a problem with it, we’re not going to change what we do.”

Hudson also said he was still waiting for a phone call from the state’s main party, and that “they can do what they want.” He also admitted that he posted the majority of the photos himself, and that critics were playing the race card.

“We know our regular readers, who are good conservatives, they’re gonna get a kick out of it. The rest of them, if they don’t want to see it, they don’t have to look at it. We don’t consider any of it racist,” Hudson said.

President Obama as a thug Obama depicted as a caveman

What do you think of the group’s photos?

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19 Responses to “Virginia Republicans Show Off Racist Photos Of Obama [Photos]”

  1. Sharon Blum

    These are disgusting`and racist. Just shows that the Republicon party is indeed the party of old , pale, stale racist bigots!

  2. Stewart Lawrence

    Lot of peeps outside VA area prolly don't realize that's a riff on the Geico commercial though

  3. Mitchell Baxter

    There's nothing racist about riffing on the Geico commercial. The Left has no arguments or philosophy anymore, so the last refuge is crying 'racism.'

  4. Stewart Lawrence

    In polls more American voters say that Obama and the Democrats have played the "race card" than the GOP has. I guess the Dems are just the party of the young ageist dark-skinned anti-White bigotsl

  5. Vicki Perry

    Yes! One more time – showing their true colors. Disgusting pigs. This is someone you would like to see run this country and take care of your children?

  6. Stewart Lawrence

    I agree. In America, it's all a Giant Spectacle. Everything. Unless there's a Ross Perot or Ron Paul forcing the two parties to talk about real stuff, without the spin.

  7. Stewart Lawrence

    I think the big difference now compared to past years is that race and racism are factors in the campaigns of BOTH parties. I am still looking for that poll that measures American voter attitudes and which finds that Democrats are more likely to make race-based appeals. Its not a Fox poll.

    Republicans often use racially coded language, but the Democrats preferred strategy is to slander the GOP and anyone who supports conservative policy views as "racist." A really good example is the view that opposing illegal immigration and wanting to see a "crackdown" law like Arizona's makes you a nativist anti-Latino racist bigot?

    The fact is 70% of Arizona, and 70% of the US supports that kind of law – even as they support leniency for those illegals already here. There's legitimate disagreement over how far to enforce US immigration laws, but.
    the US Supreme court, while striking down parts of the Arizona law, has upheld its core. That doesn't keep people from saying it's a racist law and people who support it are racists. I guess that now includes SCOTUS?

    Race is the big fault line in American politics, but really overt signs are not the main way it expresses itself. But when it does, there are PLENTY of white Democrats who are capable of the very same thing – in West Virginia, Ohio (birthplace of the Klan) and many many other places. The idea that this kind of overt racism is a GOP problem is a MYTH.

    Why do you think a convicted white felon just won 42% of the DEMOCRATIC vote in the West Virginia primary. Similar high results in other states in the South. Yes, there's a lot of irrational racist sentiment at the base of the Democratic party, and liberals who think their party is so squeaky clean better own it.

  8. Judith Peart

    people are racist by choice individually not necessarily by group. but these pictures were displayed by one that's for sure!

  9. J Greg Harris

    Until the GOP has more minority support then that will change.

  10. Philip Moseman

    People that talk about the left and the right, I take it, still have a lot to learn from a reading of "The Sneetches."
    The photos themselves do not depict racism, they could show the same content if Obama was not black. Who thinks the second photo is that of a thug? I would call that racist, in our watered down version of the term.
    Seriously, is this a joke? Is everyone messing with me or are we serious?

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