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‘Guild Wars 2’ Sales Break Two Million Mark


With all of the server load problems players were experiencing in Guild Wars 2, you probably don’t need to be told that ArenaNet’s MMO is a hit with gamers. Now we know just how much of a hit it really is.

Not long after the game launched, Guild Wars 2 had already hit the one million mark, which prompted ArenaNet to temporarily halt digital sales until it was certain that its servers were up for the task. Now, with digital sales open again, ArenaNet announced that sales have already passed the two million mark, and there’s no signs of slowing down.

“Reactions from around the world justified the time and care we put into developing Guild Wars 2 and making it into the game it is today,” said ArenaNet president Mike O’Brien in a press release. “And this is only the beginning. We’re continually fine-tuning the game to deliver the polished experience that our players expect, and we’re already working on new adventures and experiences to introduce into this truly dynamic online world.”

In comparison to other recently-released MMOs, those figures are strong. To date, Star Wars: The Old Republic has only managed to sell around two and a half million copies; Guild Wars 2 is already approaching that number within its first month.

As for whether or not that growth will continue is up in the air at this point. ArenaNet has been doing good by the community so far in getting all of the issues sorted out in a timely manner, but its longevity hinges on its end-game content. For now, the verdict is still out on that.

Our very own Wolff Bachner is nearing the level cap, and he’ll be sharing his impressions of the latter end of the game over the weekend.

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10 Responses to “‘Guild Wars 2’ Sales Break Two Million Mark”

  1. Esteban X Ramirez

    "Our very own Wolff Bachner is nearing the level cap, and he’ll be sharing his impressions of the latter end of the game over the weekend." Reaching the level cap in this game has no significance as to how much content a player finished. You can reach level 80 by crafting and gathering alone not to mention by doing PvP. Hopefully that reviewer will have done much much more than reach the level cap.

  2. Anonymous

    Love this game! It is probably the best game I have played in a long time!

  3. Josh Ciardelli

    It's longevity will more likely hinge on the pvp combat rather than end game content. Remember this mmo was designed around pvp. So far the combat system is far superior than any other mmo I've played. The ability to dodge along with fast action combat and really fun abilities make for an experience unique to guild wars 2.

  4. Justin Perin

    how many copies did arena net buy them selves to boost their numbers with no subs nothing to compare sale to real people that bought the game the number listed as their concurrent players seems rather low given the number they say sold yet to high for the number of servers they offer game on a whole seem suspect.

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