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Madonna’s bicep muscles like “a body builder”


Poor Madonna.

I can’t name one song she’s done since that one with Justin Timberlake and even that’s just because he said “Ma-DO-nna” every few seconds in the song. Otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed. But I have seen about 80,000 pics of her freakish arms in the past few weeks. Girlfriend tries so hard to be relevant, but I guess the moral of the story is that there’s only so long you can cling on before you have to be what you are.

Anyway, the ex-Mrs. Guy Ritchie’s scary, veiny arms have been broken down for us by the Daily Mail. And Madonna’s trainer, Tracy Anderson, has been quick to deny responsibility for her veiny, (“they were there before!”) sinewy appearance that has become so apparent lately. Consensus on Madonna’s shocking arm muscles seems to be down to yoga and a macrobiotic diet, whatever that is. And if that’s the case, I’m glad I’ve managed to stick to an all Hitachi Magic Wand workout and strict Cheeseburgers and Tikka Masala diet for years.

From the Mail, an analysis and a pic:

The old Madonna, with her previous trainers, would do weights and Ashtanga yoga – the most vigorous form. I think this is what gave her those eye-popping arm muscles, not her current regime.

Madonna takes it very seriously – she does not often splurge. She reportedly said at one point: ‘I’m not going to get fat. Deal with it.’

I think Madonna’s aware of the public reaction to her arms, but I don’t think she knows what to do about it. In order for Madonna to get her lower body the way she likes it, and her abdominals the way she wants, maybe her arms will always be a little too thin.


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7 Responses to “Madonna’s bicep muscles like “a body builder””

  1. Verity

    Well, Madonna might have been in bodybuilding and body weights through all her years since she obtained such kind of bionic muscle toning more particularly her biceps and a protruding veins.

  2. shelzo

    dont you love it!

    its ALWAYS the fat ones who pay out on the skinny girls.

    Bag her as much as you can but admit this. Shes still beautiful, she can still sing and shits got a SHIT load more money than your fat arse.

    DEAL WITH IT hahahaha

  3. Kim_LaCapria

    Clever. You're totally right, I've been bereft my whole life because I can't cultivate the dessicated chicken wing look. :)

  4. Claire McCarthy

    I am so excited to see Madonna tonight… but these arms are totally freaky.

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