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Republicans game Google: Worst Failure Ever = Obama Administration


Republican activists have successfully “Google bombed” Google, managing to have the Obama Administration appear as the first search result for “worst failure ever.”

A Google bomb (or “link bomb”) is Internet slang for an attempt to raise the ranking of a given page in results from a Google search, often with humorous or political intentions. It is achieved by gaining enough links on the said term to the targeted page, although Google announced in 2007 that it had found a way to supposedly stop Google bombing taking place.

We’ve tried locating the source of the Google bomb without success, although word of the Google bomb spread through Republican/ Conservative sites and forums including Free Republic Saturday US time.

If you want to check it out, type “worst ever failure” into Google to obtain the result. Google has been pretty quick in the past to crack down on Google bombs, although given it’s the middle of the weekend as we publish this story, you might have until Monday before it disappears.

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8 Responses to “Republicans game Google: Worst Failure Ever = Obama Administration”

  1. hanriordan

    When I Google “Worst Failure Ever” I get this article, and it's only Sunday morning. Short-lived success

  2. jon_boy

    Funny that, given the disastrous previous administration, it's propensity for outrageous spending, secrecy, allegations of torture, and now the probe into Cheney's unethical behavior that ANY republican would want to utter the word failure after Obama has only been in office for such a short time. Oh, if irony were a sword. Once again, they favor the irrelevant (his “girly” pitch at the all-star game, whether or not he's a christian, being born outside the country, the lapel pin, etc, etc..) over the substantive. It's the Palin, Us -vs- Them mentality… I love watching the far right destroy the Republican party… wow.

  3. johnxsmith

    And like the democrats never did that to President Bush

  4. johnxsmith

    And it never got made into a story about how the democrats did that to bush on Google

  5. Dick

    Typical left wing horse shit, bitch about the Obama google bomb but not ONE word about the same thing done to Bush. Why don't you cocksuckers crawl back up the Democrat Party asshole that farted you out?

  6. timnemec93

    Saying “the worst failure ever” is almost a contradiction. Worst is to be the most worse out of everyone, and failure is someone who fails. So technically if you say “worst failure ever” you are implying that the person is the worst at failing. Which is a good thing. Because if they're bad at failing, they must be doing stuff right

  7. ainwyo

    Bitch, whine, lie, and moan.

    But if LIBERALS DO IT then its A- OK


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