Social Media Marketing Trends Point To Increased Mobile Marketing Campaigns To Meet Customer Needs

Social Media Marketing Trends Point To Increased Mobile Marketing Campaigns To Meet Customer Needs

With five times as many mobile devices as computers, marketers have to adapt their marketing strategies, particularly their social media marketing strategies, to meet the demands of potential customers. Not only is it necessary to understand how to adapt advertising to be seen on mobile devices, but mobile apps add a new challenge as they offer a new way to stay in contact with potential customers and require an additional understanding in how to use the current technology.

Tech Shout reported that mobile phones have become so important to so many peoples’ everyday lives that there are now about 1.7 billion people with active mobile social media accounts. About 80 percent of Twitter users connect using mobile devices. Although social media marketing allows marketers a chance to work more creatively in creating campaigns, it also means adapting to the new platforms as different devices have different requirements.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, although the technology continues to evolve, it’s important to remember the human element in marketing on social media platforms. Relationship marketing is crucial to success because the Internet can be very impersonal, and many potential customers are worried about getting scammed.

They’re also tired of being sold to. They want to be educated, informed, and entertained. Mobile marketing makes it easier for marketers to reach potential customers through social media. Reaching customers isn’t enough though because it’s necessary to also make a genuine connection in order to build a real relationship. Relationship building build trust and opens the door to making the sale.

Marketers need to show their human side while covering their bases to get the most from their social media marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean that every campaign needs to be done on social media. Don’t neglect the rest of the phone. Text messages are another way to connect with mobile users in a way they prefer. Mobile users read and respond to text messages so this offers a solid way for marketers to get a high ROI with good open and click through rates.

Forbes reported that money is no barrier to creating great social media marketing campaigns, as long as marketers understand the platforms and who their audiences really are. Although having a lot of Facebook friends may seem like a lot of influence, it’s really not important if friends aren’t interested in what the marketer is selling. Depending on what marketers are selling determines which social media platform to choose and how the audience is located.

Social media platforms guide audience, and sites like Facebook and Twitter are more general. This means marketers have to find the right audience within the platform while niche sites, like LinkedIn, are more specific and make it easier to connect with the right audience. Marketers need to look for decision makers when looking for the right market and audience.

Content, audience building, and conversation are all important elements when it comes to building social media marketing campaigns, but it is not enough. The goal for marketers needs to be delivering value before trying to sell. Maria Dykstra of TreDigital said that 60 percent of content posted should come from third parties while the rest should be a combination of content and calls to action.

“Promote your own content just 30% of the time; 10% or less of everything you share can be direct calls to action.”

Social media marketing is changing quickly because of the changes in platforms. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram continue to change their algorithms, which influences what content users see. It makes it necessary for marketers to adapt to the changing technology as well as the changing needs of potential customers.

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