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Saudi Arabia To Purchase Nuclear Capable Missiles From China [Video]

Nuclear Capable Missiles

An unintended consequence of Iran’s march towards a nuclear weapon was that the other big boys in the block would feel the need to arm also. Military sources are reporting to Israeli intelligence website Debka that Saudi Arabia has begun its journey on the way to a nuclear weapon’s capability. The Saudi’s are currently in Beijing negotiating to purchase Chinese nuclear capable ballistic missiles.

Debka has also reported that the deal to purchase the Chinese Dong-Fen missiles has already been agreed to and that they would set up a base near Riyadh to make good on the deal and produce more should they be required. The site reported last year that Pakistan already has struck a deal with the Saudi kingdom to deliver a nuclear weapon on demand from the Pakistani aresenal to be fitted on one of the missiles.
Riyadh has embarked on this path after seeing the complete impotence of the West in negotiating with Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program. Iran has been working on building its own nuclear weapon since the 198o’s and regardless of sanctions or any other diplomatic tool used against it, Iran continues on.

On one of Saudi Arabia’s other borders sits the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. Yet another example of a tyrant completely undeterred by Western intervention. As recently as June 30th the U.S. has not been able to agree on a plan of action on how to deal with the bloodshed.

Saudi Arabia has been poised for action against Iran since the European Union agreed to an oil embargo against Iran. Iran has promised that in the face of aggression it will hit Saudi and other gulf countries oil shipping routes and even move to close the vital Straights of Hormmuz. The United States has moved the Fifth Fleet into the gulf in order to protect the shipping routes.

Watch a video about the Saudi missile purchases supplied by Debka.

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4 Responses to “Saudi Arabia To Purchase Nuclear Capable Missiles From China [Video]”

  1. Miyegombo Bayartsogt

    Obama is so obsessed with waging class warfare against American citizens he hasn't time or space in his head to concern himself with nuclear war. Threat of atomic Armageddon pales compared to the presidents lust for apocalyptic redistribution and fairytale fairness.

  2. Tirdad Kiamanesh

    what about Israel? why you totally ignore the fact that Israel has nuclear bombs and their relation with Arab worlds is fragile? if UN force Pakistan, India and Israel to destroy their nuclear bombs , Iranian government wont have excuse to make them. But now not only Iranian regime but also any country in the region has logical reasons to expand their nuclear power.

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