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Rand Paul Says Michael Bloomberg Wouldn’t Get Many Votes As Independent Because He ‘Doesn’t Have Much Respect For Second Amendment’

With less than a year left in President Barack Obama’s second presidential term, the running to become the 45th President of the United States is starting to heat up more so now than ever before. This run seems to be more animated compared to previous runs, given how animated certain presidential hopefuls are. We have Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and many others. Yet, the two stand-outs are easily Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Both are aggressive, both are adamant in what they believe in, and both are seemingly fearless.

Though the aforementioned candidates are collectively interesting in what they want for the United States and its people, neither of them are independent. That may change very soon as another prominent political figure may enter the race as an independent. Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, wants to run for presidency. Such news is garnering plenty of chatter among political and social circles but many believe Bloomberg does not stand a chance. One such person is Republican candidate hopeful Rand Paul who says Bloomberg probably wouldn’t get many votes because he “doesn’t have much respect for the Second Amendment.”

Rand Paul recently made his views known on Michael Bloomberg during an impromptu interview, as reported by The Blaze. Apparently, Paul does not believe Bloomberg has a chance because of Bloomberg’s views toward the Second Amendment, gun control, and the fact very little is known on Bloomberg’s policies if he were to be president.

“Another gun control advocate who doesn’t have much respect for he Bill of the Rights in the race, but we already have Hillary Clinton and Sanders who don’t have any respect for the Second Amendment either. I am not sure he would get a whole lot of votes really. I don’t know that what he offers is really that distinctive.”

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To be fair, very little is known on Michael Bloomberg’s prospective presidential policies. However, his track record pertaining to gun control, gun rights, and the Second Amendment is well-known. A recent case pertaining to this matter is the Bloomberg gun control initiative. On January 19, 2016, Bloomberg acquired the required number of signatures to have said initiative in the upcoming November general election, as reported by Ammo Land. The Secretary of State needs to validate all the signatures over the course of several weeks before it is brought up. However, if it were enacted, the initiative has the potential to criminalize all currently legal private transfers. Making matters worse is the fact should such an initiative become law, it would be unenforceable. As a result, the government will likely push full gun registration.

As of this writing, this is the only political move Michael Bloomberg has made pertaining to the 2016 presidential run or to gun control, gun rights, and the Second Amendment. Given he just recently announced his independent run, most of his policies will be heard by few people until he begins getting his platform out there. Until that happens, all we know is his aforementioned stance, which Rand Paul thinks will not do anything for the success of his bid for the presidency.

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