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Video: Neda Iran, one life lost for a greater cause


“Nada Iran,” a young girl killed by security forces in Iran has become a martyr for the protesters who are still fronting the streets every day.

Footage of Neda, who has become know as Neda Iran (Neda is “voice” in the local language, hence the translation of roughly Voice of Iran) shows her on the street, bleeding and dying after appearing to have been shot by Iranian Government security forces. Her death has been widely reported and discussed on Iranian blogs, and is only this morning coming to the full attention of the West.

As the situation worsens in Iran, the sad truth is that Neda Iran wont be the last to fall in the valiant struggle for freedom.

Here’s the Neda Iran video. A strict warning: the Neda Iran video contains deeply disturbing images:

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52 Responses to “Video: Neda Iran, one life lost for a greater cause”

  1. Joakim

    This is just horrible.
    My faith in humanity is fading…

  2. Ele

    It's so frightening, to see a person dying in front of your eyes and not being able to do anything. And she is so still, so quiet, she just takes a last look at her dad, and than awaits death to embrace her. Brings me to tears and anger.

  3. Sandy

    My heart is with young Nada for her bravery and committment in making a stand against corruption and for the personal freedoms of the people. In facing down the overwhelming odds against change in a country that seems to be teetering on the brink of a revolution; Nada forfeitied her life. She will be remembered as a martyr for change and her ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten. God speed, Nada.

  4. SpeakBella

    My heart breaks for this young girl and her family. This video was too awful to watch. I support the Iranians in their quest for change.

  5. Chris Cole

    This is disgraceful. Obama has let Neda and other brave Iranians die by not forcefully and immediately speaking out to support them. He is a weak man and a coward and throughout the world, any persons who seek freedom from tyranny are not the friends of this American president. I hope Mr. Obama sees this video and understands that Neda's blood is on his hands. Disgraceful!

  6. azin

    she is still alive in our hearts…lets remember her beautiful face as it was not the last moments full of blood.I'm sure she prefers to stay in our minds with her nice and clean face and her beautiful smile.she is the most beautiful girl in our minds.

  7. fariba

    iam in fire… when i look in that eyes… how? how they can do this?
    iam in fire….when my dear “NEDA” want say somthing to us , but she can't speak and she just looking..
    just looking…and then…. she close that painful eyes…and gone.. she gone………..for ever.
    WHO KILL “NEDA” ??????

    FOR WHAT ??????????

  8. madcherry

    how people can be so fkin crule … just for politics .. they are to blind to judge that they're still hummns been to bad … they are whorse than anything in these world shame on on u haters

  9. b.b

    Another life lost because of this corrupt regime,Neda will not be forgotten she is the beacon of light others will follow to end this war mongering, cheating, regime.To throw out the old guard is a must!!..they are clinging to power by their finger nails, they are keeping Iran a thousand years in the past, this cannot go on the young people want change very badly and if the old guard wont change then it will be forced on them by young people like Neda..The authorities need to remember what happened to Sadam and his cronies, it's only a matter of time NEDA and others killed will be avenged i have no doubt..R.I.P..NEDA..our thoughts are with you.

  10. rosheen

    An idea can be the most powerful thing, espeacly when the idea is to crush the hand that holds you down, For Neda the street where she was shot this street should be named Neda Street, and may all justice show light. USA and Britain watch with their diplomacy and china and russia shake hands with scum of the earth, our aryan homeland has been taking, we must take it back and be rid of the ayatollahs for good. free iran to all persains, for Neda and Cyrus the Great take our aryan land back.. help help help
    Rosheen. Scotland

  11. Name

    Nadas death pains me deeply. To watch this young girl die, in the street and in front of her father! Killed for nothing more than asking for her freedom. What shame to the Iranians in power. How cruel!!!

  12. Steve

    I feel so disturbed and guilty for stumbling upon and watching this footage. I have to write a response. How can our government stand idly by and watch such atrocities. The Iranians are displaying more inspiring and widespread protests than Iraq ever did; for the cause of freedom. We cannot afford to be passive and apathetic toward any people fighting for the cause of Democracy. To me, that young lady will always be the face with the name Nada (Never Allow Democratic Apathy).

  13. Steve

    I feel so disturbed and guilty for stumbling upon and watching this footage. I have to write a response. How can our government stand idly by and watch such atrocities. The Iranians are displaying more inspiring and widespread protests than Iraq ever did; for the cause of freedom. We cannot afford to be passive and apathetic toward any people fighting for the cause of Democracy. To me, that young lady will always be the face with the name Neda (Never Endure Democratic Apathy).

  14. geeWhizzin

    Neda has given her life to Iran
    Iran must make itself free
    The US cannot liberate any country from it's oppression
    Only the people of that country can

    Always be diligent, never trust big business / big religion / big government…they are all tied in together

  15. desertzoner

    Shocking to see a life ebb away. May her soul rest in peace. May this video move the cold hearts in Iranian Goverment to be more humane. May it also inspire the Americans to stand up to their goverment ,against their killings in Iraq, afganistan and else where in the world.100,000 Iraqis killed since American Occupation of Iraq.May the media have the balls to post similars videos from Iraq anf afganistan,

  16. alimortazavipedare2dokhtar

    من خيلي متاسف هستم واميدوارم كه خون اين دختر معصوم با تشكيل كميته اي بين المللي از حقوق بشر پي گيري و مسببين ان به دادگاه تحويل گردند نگاه ندا به اينده اميد وارانه است .

  17. Johnny71

    This is one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever seen. Unbelievable to see a young defenseless girl cut down in her prime like that. I read that the Iranian government prevented the family from having a memorial service for Neda. Incredible. I'm sure that people there will something special to remember those who were killed in these protests. I'm amazed at the bravery of these people. Hope they're on their way to freedom.

  18. peaceluvr

    Inhumanity Towards Humanity is the Greatest of All Evils. Neda? Your Spirit Has Inflamed The World Thruout & Your Death Shall Not Be In Vain.

  19. CalburnO

    Your opinions span thousands of years,and its a shame our understanding of numbers goes to waste. Pray for Iran,my friends.

  20. linda626

    just really makes me cry.. so sorry for her and her family.. so , soo wish I could help.. usa mom

  21. linda626

    don't speak your language but feel your pain.. am so so sorry.. usa mom

  22. keyboard_cowboy

    I am not the biggest supporter of Barry O, but how are you going to sit there and blame any of this on him? When a government starts to actually KILL its own people, that is a breakdown of that particular government. No one else is to blame.

  23. keyboard_cowboy

    What does the Iran government killing their own people have to do with Obama? It seems the weak cowards are the powers in Iran, not the U.S.
    Funny how when everything is going to hell everyone wants the U.S. to step in and take care of it, but once we get there, everyone hates us. I say let them destroy themselves.

  24. keyboard_cowboy

    And we should help a people who hate us and want us dead? A few scant months ago, you were all calling the U.S. devils and wanting us out. Not that the crap hits the fan you want our help?

    Maybe we should sit this one out for once and let the ingrates tear themselves apart.

  25. uzzzz

    u cant have any fillings to say such things.. yes power is in bad hands right now in iran.. and its them who dont want help from anywhere…you can love someone and that person can change so u can change too…. its not about loving or hating or other political matters wich will comes out latter. its about timing…. yesterday we lost alots of our young people who were someones sister mother father and sons…. and they were brave.. they showed out their anger infront of dictator rejim.. they had nothing to fight with…. they knew they are going to die….. . everyone hate this rejim in iran but the weapon is in rejims hand and the people who wants them are 10% of all…. . evryone here want peace… and they need help… they want change…. (( and if u think its nothing to do with obama or others.. u are living somewhere safe.. and u dont care about humanity..and dont know anything about helping….))

  26. uzzzz

    no one hates US here in iran or other countries. its madia u are talking about …not people….and i'm sure there are alots of good souls out there who undrestands… . And bout u.. u are one of those bad asses. who hates people… bad people lives evrywhere.. if u were iranian.. i'm sure u would be ahmadi ne jad's reletives or something like that….

  27. keyboard_cowboy

    That little skirmish we just had over there cost my son his life! We were asked to help and got treated like less than nothing and cost me the only thing in this life I ever truly loved! My wife … dead. My son .. dead. So no, I have no more love. My love is dead.

    No one made a big spectacle out of my 19 year old giving his life for something he didn't understand. What makes her life more important than my only child's? He died while these same protesters were shouting anti-US slogans all over the place. Just like back when I served much in same capacity when I was young.

    Everyone hates the U.S. until they get in over their heads, then we are expected to make sacrifices and swoop in and save people who don't care one whit about us? Afterward, we will still be hated anyway. And where was our aid back when we had to fight for our freedoms when we began our country? Didn't see anyone back then, did we? We rose up and overthrew the regime that controlled us and made those poor suckers our lapdogs! Time to stop blaming the U.S. for everyone's problems and man up and do what you have to.

  28. uzzzz

    first of all i'm sorry for ur family u lost…i mean it…and at least i'm glad u like ur goverment this much… and i wish we could be like u .but we are not.. 30 years ago our people protested for freedom ..veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery big protest it was… .they had king …they changed everything… .. they wanted to live in peace.. but they were wrong… it was a trap… .it cost 30 years of peoples lives…. till now… people cant take it any more… its like u want to shout but no ones hear u…. Y THIS GIRL HAS TO DIE LIKE THIS INFRONT OF HIS FATHER. BECAUSE OF NOTHING!!!! JUST A VOTE?!(( in this movie his father was telling her to keep her self to geather ..they will go to hospital very soon and she will get better.. there is no worry…. and exactly in that moment she died..)) WHAT A F*****N GOVERMENT IT IS?!!!! . and what u saw is just one of them who killed during these days….

  29. uzzzz

    if u have a broken heart i cant say more…. cause u have pain in ur chest and nobody was there for u when u needed.. thats what u thinks and i was not there and alot didnt know how it was ..but for sure it was very hard for u… maybe if i had a case like u in my life i would've say ur right…BUT MAYBE………………. . people are different.. i heard the news and i saw the movie .. i cant do any thing no matter i'm iranian or not… i cried like its happening to me myself…………. IRAN NEEDS HELP…

  30. ewilder

    …and rightly so. We can not put our faith in humanity. It will always fail. Place your faith in the God of the scriptures. There you will find peace and understanding in this chaotic world. Everything that is happening right now we were forewarned about in many passages. All is pointing towards the return of Jesus. It is coming just as He promised. We can either deny who He is and suffer the consequences or we can put our faith in Him and what He says and enjoy eternity with a loving Father.

  31. legion1982

    Its not for politics its to keep power

    “Nearly all men can withstand adversity; if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

  32. rosheen

    sit this one out , or arrive late like in ww2, who needs your jew run country and one of the most policed countrys in the world.

    the USA can go to fuck thats what we say in scotland, the persians gave the world the first man the oldest first civilization where the garden of eden was, the only place that had water and a river then migrated, the USA WILL ROOT SOON ,,SORRY

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  33. alannemchek

    the best understanding and description very intense!

  34. gpatrick

    Try to think outside the Persian region. You talk like you were there several thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden. What makes you think you are entitled simply because of heritage. God blesses all men with the earth's bounty, not just those from Persia. Many have decendants that live in the USA from that region, when you curse the USA and other countries, you curse your own brothers and sisters because you only understand hatred. I am not a Jew, but from what I have seen of the Jew's they are peaceful, from what I have seen from Islam, they are violent.

    When I saw the protests starting over a week ago on the Media, my first instinct, was “Good For the People of Iran”, God Bless the Iranians. And a couple of days later, I saw a protest of the Iranians Cursing “Death to the USA and Death to Britain.” Well, I don't know why you hate me and I don't care if you hate me, but I have no empathy for someone who does, instead, I will simply look the other way as opposed to walking in front of Washington, DC and shouting “Death to Iran”. I refuse to give you the violence you want from me as a US Citizen.

    Good Luck to you, may you learn someday that you are not better than anyone else on this planet.

  35. khansa23

    you are a asshole …for saying that…not caring about life…innocent life Nada,,again ASSHOLE!..You define it..

  36. frederickmannino

    I am but only one American, but I support your cause. And many many more do I promise you. I know my family will support you, and my fellow Mississippi brothers and sisters and my fellow Americans of all colors and creeds, male and female, will support your quest for freedom from slavery. Why our president won't speak out loudly makes me angry and ashamed. He is missing an opportunity, but he thinks only bad things are opportunites. More Americans support you than our President will ever make known. Believe and fight for your rights under God. I will pray for Neda. She is with God. God's Speed.

  37. Jean-Pierre

    I live in Lebanon and was born in a torn-out country. Although I have seen so many horrors, I cannot get myself to be used to it (one never can). Neda will always be considered the sister and daughter of all the lebanese. May God bless her and ease the pain of her family.

  38. lynneclemence

    Oh dear, the world really is in trouble! As long as even just a few people like this remain, shouting their ignorance manically from the rooftops, there isn't much hope for the rest of us. Superiority complex? Moi? It's soooo ironic that those with the …umm … “problematic personalities” often shout the loudest and most at the rest of the populace. Try looking in a mirror and start sorting out the world's problems with the person you see first.

  39. theresa1

    Roseen, I understand your pain, we all feel it, but what makes you think that we, as individual citizens of the US can do anything more than talk on this site like you are…we have not more power in this world than you do. We are individual people like you, regardless of our ethnic heritage, color, religion. We are all equal in God's, Allah's, or whomever else you chose ot worship. Let us pray for peace instead of adding to the hostilities. There is only one person who can help the people of this world…and assure equality…and it is he and only he…God Bless the people of this world…and those who die for senseless futile attempts at freedom, because, in truth, freedom doesn't exist.

  40. g

    Alternatively, we could respect the fact that these people are trying to voice their political opinions, and young spectators such as Neda should not become victims for merely being on the street of her home town…

    As useful as 'keyboard_cowboys' blunt stereotypes of Iranians are, it doesn't solve the issue that innocent people are being injured and killed, yet no one will step-in to help achieve truly peaceful demonstrations.

    R.I. P Neda

  41. godieinafirerosheen

    well rosheen.. heres to hoping you and you skirt wearing faggot brethren die horrific fiery deaths.. the sooner the better… hate to break this to you, but “god” has nolove for a waste of life liekyourself… now go back to f**king sheep.or w/e barnyard animals you dirtbags molest mowadays..

  42. godieinafirerosheen

    oldest culture in europe?? so whats your point?? doesnt make you any less of a d-bag..

    and alot of good it did ya… Britain owned you for a goodpart of it.. at least we were able to beat england when we were, at the time,, the *newest* culture around..

  43. JHK220

    you do not represent americans… keyboard cowboy… tool

  44. keyboard_cowboy

    Actually, YOU'RE the asshole. That little shithole of an excuse for a country murdered my ONLY son and I am supposed to give a shit about this person, or anyone else? Not gonna happen.

  45. Roger Kilgore

    There are pictures of her and her father before this incident.Obama didn't want to get involved with the protest in Iran but did involve himself in Honduras by removing all support for that country when that country followed the rule of law. Get it?

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