James Woods Survives Horrific Seven-Car Crash That Could Have Been Deadly, Is 'Lucky To Be Alive'

James Woods Survives Horrific Seven-Car Crash That Could Have Been Deadly, Is ‘Lucky To Be Alive’

On Monday, December 14, actor James Woods survived a terrifying seven-car crash on Colorado’s Interstate 70. It could have turned out a lot worse for the Oscar-nominated actor had it not been for his quick thinking and his “old tank” of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

James Woods was driving through the Glenwood Canyon part of Colorado’s I-70 on Monday, when another driver, who Woods claims was doing “75+ in an ice storm,” spun out, causing the horrific crash that involved six other cars plus Woods’. In an effort to avoid the crash, reports the Denver Post, Woods wrote on Twitter that he swerved right and hit a wall, which caused him to spin 180 degrees and hit the left wall “sliding backwards going 60 mph.” What makes the crash even scarier for James is that the wall he hit overlooked an enormous 100-foot drop into the Colorado River below. Luckily, he says, the guardrail held. He credits his survival to the “old tank” of a four-wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee that he was driving, tweeting that the “Jeep saved my life.”

Woods continued to tweet for most of the day Monday, saying that the horrific crash he had survived had thankfully claimed no lives and that he was “banged up,” suffering from a mild concussion. Woods also said that his car was a complete wreck, but that he was happy to be alive and glad that everyone else involved in the crash had survived as well, as it obviously could have ended a lot more tragic than it did.

James Woods also discussed in his series of tweets the treacherous nature of that particular part of the I-70, claiming that two hours after the horrific crash he survived, two big rigs jackknifed.

“That treacherous Glenwood Canyon part of I-70 going west. No shoulders, 6% downgrade. Two hours laters two rigs jackknifed.”

Woods, who originally reported the crash as a six-car pileup, later said that the police had told him that including Woods’ car, it was actually a seven-car crash and that James was the only car involved in the crash that didn’t hit any other car.

“I just crashed into walls,” the actor explained.

According to the New York Daily News, although Woods’ airbags didn’t deploy during the crash — James said he and the police had figured it was because he was sliding backwards across the ice when the car hit the wall — he wholeheartedly believes that were it not for his Jeep, the outcome may have been far more tragic. For now, though, Woods is taking care of his concussion and he is simply happy to be alive and grateful to everyone who helped him after the crash, even taking the time out to take a picture with Victor, the tow truck driver.

“I tell you one thing, I admire the fire and police personnel and tow truck drivers out there in storms on dangerous roads. God bless them.”

Woods, who is known for posting on social media about his incredibly conservative political views, thanked his fans and supporters for their outpouring of love after the horrific crash and says he is grateful to everyone who’s sent their thoughts and prayers for his speedy recovery.

“[I]t is very to me moving that you are all so caring. I’m doing great and plan to regroup tomorrow, but I’m deeply grateful for all of you,” Woods wrote.

This morning, two days after he survived the terrifying crash, James Woods tweeted that he was feeling a little sore and stiff today but that, ultimately, he was doing all right. This tweet followed another one by Woods of a beautiful snow-covered landscape, which he captioned “on the road again.”

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]