Amy Poehler And Nick Kroll: The Truth Behind The Break-Up

Amy Poehler And Nick Kroll are calling it quits after nearly two years, and while both performers have emphasized the comedy of life in their careers, neither one of them is finding the humor in their break-up. Poehler and Kroll have worked closely together throughout their two-year relationship, according to E! News, with Kroll guest starring on Parks and Recreation, the sitcom in which Amy starred. Kroll stars in a series of his own as Ruxin on FX’s The League.

Additionally, the former couple had been seen attending several celebrity events together, including the premiere of Adult Beginners, which stars Kroll.

“Unfortunately, they just couldn’t make the relationship work with their schedules,” a source said of the couple’s break-up.

The source revealed that scheduling conflicts were one reason Amy and Nick weren’t able to make a go of it any longer, especially with upcoming projects getting in the way of their relationship and Poehler’s parenting responsibilities. Amy shares custody of six-year-old Archie and Abel, 5, with her ex-husband, Will Arnett.

“They really tried, but it just wasn’t realistic anymore,” added the source. “They were spending more time apart than together.”

Ms. Poehler had talked with Howard Stern about dating after her marriage to Arnett had failed, telling the famous shock jock how intimidated she was by changes in dating brought about by modern technology.

“I hadn’t dated when there was texting,” Amy said. “I got married in 2003 and all of a sudden I was like, oh right, now you text somebody.”

Poehler also talked about the more casual attitudes toward dating, which left her feeling confused at times, citing one incident with John Stamos that left her wondering about the intentions of the Full House star.

“I remember I was at dinner with John Stamos,” Amy added. “I was like, ‘Oh, maybe this is a date.’ But I didn’t know!”

Ms. Poehler revealed that she generally befriends the men she dates, before any kind of romantic relationship develops, which was just how her relationship with Kroll began. Amy said that she and Nick had been long-time friends before they began dating.

“She wanted a comedian who ‘gets’ her,” a source told US Weekly of Amy’s relationship with Nick.

In a memoir the Parks and Recreation actress wrote last year, Ms. Poehler spoke of her romance with Nick Kroll.

“I have a boyfriend who knows how to settle me. He puts his hand on my chest and tells me boring stories,” she wrote. “On one of our first nights together, I woke up apologizing for my snoring and he pulled out two earplugs he had worn to bed so he could hear what I was saying. It was one of the most romantic gestures I have ever seen.”

[Featured image: Amy Poehler And Nick Kroll courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]