Sean Garrett should have been more careful at tax-time

Hip-Hop Producer Sean Garrett’s Wages Garnished To Cover Tax Debt

Hip-Hop big-wig Sean Garrett is going to be taking a cut in pay in order to cover some pretty dramatic tax debts.

According to documents filed by the Georgia Department of Revenue, Garrett owes the government taxes for 2006 and 2007. Until he covers his back-tax debt with the IRS, a portion of every dollar he earns is going to Uncle Sam. So just how much does the music mogul owe? About $732,553.57, reports TMZ.

The government isn’t too keen on waiting to collect its due, so it has ordered Broadcast Music International, a firm that collects royalties for artists, to keep all of the money going to Garrett and instead deposit it into a government bank account until his outstanding debt is covered.

In addition to being a producer, Garrett is also a rapper and singer. He has worked with many big names in the business, most notably Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Ciara. Earnings from such high-profile clientele will probably help Garrett pay his debts in short order.

Sean Garrett, (real name: Garrett Hamler) isn’t even close to being the only celebrity to find themselves in trouble with the IRS. Most recently, fellow rapper Nas was in a similar scrape. According to ContactMusic, his predicament ran up into the millions – $6 million to be exact – from record sales in order to cover his own tax shortfalls.

Of course, though he’s not a rapper, we all remember Wesley Snipes’ well-publicized tax-kerfuffle.

So what do you think, should celebrities be a little bit more conscientious come April 15th? Let us know in the comments below.