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Lucy Gordon, Actress, Dead in Apparent Suicide

Lucy Gordon, Actress

British actress Lucy Gordon has died in what police are calling a suicide. Gordon was found hanging from the ceiling in her Paris apartment Monday, published reports indicate. Gordon would have turned 29 just two days later.

Lucy Gordon, Actress: 1980 – 2009

Lucy Gordon’s career appeared to be on an upward slope: She had played a reporter in 2007’s Spider-Man and had a part in the critically acclaimed Frost in 2008. Two other movies in which she appears, Cineman (a French comedy) and Serge Gainsbourg (in which she played the part of Jane Birkin), are both listed as being in post-production on the Internet Movie Database.

The exact circumstances leading up to Gordon’s death are not yet clear. Police tell media outlets that she “had taken her own life in terrible circumstances” and that they are “not seeking anyone else” in the investigation. A friend of Gordon’s (who, by some accounts, was a boyfriend) reportedly told police he was in the home asleep and found Gordon hanging when he awoke.

Friends of Lucy Gordon have suggested the actress was “deeply affected” by a recent friend’s suicide. Her agents are quoted as simply saying she “ended her own days.”

An autopsy is now pending.

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15 Responses to “Lucy Gordon, Actress, Dead in Apparent Suicide”

  1. Dave F Ryan

    It is not surprising to me to learn of Lucy' Gordon's death. She is among meany women in her profile who over the last twelve or so months have left life with the tag of suicide. There has been the deaths of Rushlana Korshuniva in June of 2008. Joseph Vilsmaire and Dana Vavrova who both died in Febauary 2009.Tanja Liedtke in Augast 2007. Mark Pristley in August 2008, to name tfive of a list gained as part of research into death. These tdeaths like many are what I call non return spirits. They are no suicides A suicide death will happen on the same day of birth, born on a Tuesday, then they will leave life on a Tuesday. With Luch she was born on a Thursday and died on a Wednesday or a two day pattern which, like several actresses on the list, have been removed from life and at first, their deaths looked like a suicide. Theses people left very close to their birthday (Most deaths occure within a time frame of six to eight weeks of a birthday) Lucy like many of the others who died, are non return spirits. They have come , acchieved entertained many and left us with a glimps of what we need to strive for to die as a non return spirit, or what the church would say, gone to Hevan. People are born to live a number of lives and connect with the source in whatever way they feel comfortable with, on doing that and reaching a high level of connection with other earth bound physical forms, they on having reached the number of years through their alloted lived, leave as either natural, removed, taken from or as a suicide. We don't control life, it controls us, we are here to move towards the future in a way that leaves others happy and please we are here with them. Lucy like many others, is in spirit, one happy woman having left this world's people happy that she was here through her modling, acting and the captured images on dick or film. She will not be the only death to leave this way, there will be others. (The so called three's). SHe died because there was no more for her to do here in physical life, someone else will come to do what work is to be done, Be thankful that she was here and has entertained you in whatever way she had.

  2. atelise

    Dave that is fascinatingly interesting!! please expound or where can we correspond. Love your take on this….

  3. *

    She obviously wasnt happy with something in her life. Poor girl. It has probably been eating away at her inside. ;(

  4. bubba

    I got no pity on any idiot who takes there own life!

  5. nahs

    dying is easy,suicide is the simple answer.These people should know that living is the real challenge.Please stop finding meaning in an act of cowardness and desperation.She took the easy way sad but it is her loss.

  6. Sam

    I've been pretty deeply depressed before, never truly suicidal but I suppose I would fantasize about it. Mostly I'd just wish I'd never been born… thank god that's over with.

    It's very, very sad that she felt the need to end her life, but I agree with others that it was an extremely cruel thing to do; hanging herself for her boyfriend to find. Even if he was AWFUL to her, it wouldn't warrant etching something like that on someone's brain for the rest of their life.

    Sad, but she's gone… I feel much worse for him, and her family (and friends). They're the only ones who are suffering now.

  7. Nicole

    That's very sad but I feel truely sorry for her family. It's a shame she didn't get help when she felt so sad.
    Regards and best wishes to her family and friends.

  8. steve

    bubba you're an idiot and have no idea what it's like you sorry sod.

  9. Tilly

    Hi Dave

    I can appreciate your perspective. Are you familiar with Saturn Return?
    I am saddened by her death and even puzzled by the method she chose.
    I find it odd that her former cast mate Heath Ledger had also passed during his Saturn Return too.I am not sure we will ever hear the truth regarding his passing. Was this the person she was mourning?

    RIP Lucy & Heath

  10. luvmybrownboy

    Yes Dave that is interesting. As a Buddhist practoner, yes, we come around more that once if we have made proper cause to reappear. But, for sure we create “karma” by word, thoughts and deeds. I cannot judge this sweet girl, but send my prayers for her enlightenment. And hope next time around, she will be able to redirect her suffering, and expel this painful karma in her lifetime.

  11. Susan Outsidethebox Reid

    oh shut the fck up commenting on stuff you havnt experienced, none of us have ever been thet low, yeah low but not that low so shut it, fckn knowall!

  12. Diane Fernandez

    To sad..ifelt like I wanted to die many times but chose 2 live and fight , so young to believe she had nothing to live 4..RIP Lucy.

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