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Basketball Wives Newcomer Kenya Bell Reportedly Being Sued for Spousal Support by Ex-NBAer Husband


Basketball Wives’ newcomer Kenya Bell is quickly discovering that increased fame and fortune isn’t all its cracked up to be.

According to TMZ, Kenya’s estranged husband and former NBA hooper Charlie Bell is suing the reality TV star, claiming he’s been low on cash ever since the league dropped him last year.

Charlie, a former Golden State Warriors guard who now plays overseas in the Italian Basketball League, says his IBL money is nowhere near the coin Kenya is pulling in, and thus, it’s her turn to take care of him.

TMZ reports that Charlie — who reportedly has over $1,000,000 in the bank — is “only” making $100,000 a year now, while Kenya makes three times that amount on “Basketball Wives” in addition to sales from her recently released single Fly.

In response to her estranged husband’s suit and demands, Kenya Bell has denied that she earns $300,000 on the VH1 show and shot back that she is entitled to a piece of Charlie’s reported million dollar savings.

Basketball Wives season 4 finale airs tonight (May 28) at 8pm on VH1.

Viewers can then tune in on June 4 and June 11 to catch the two-part Basketball Wives Reunion Special to see what the cast of the show has been up to since the cameras stopped rolling.

Despite rumors that the reality series was being cancelled after this season, Gloria Govan, one of the show’s lead stars, recently tweeted that filming for Season 5 of Basketball Wives has already begun.

Are you a fan of Basketball Wives? Are you planning on tuning in tonight for the Season 4 finale?

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42 Responses to “Basketball Wives Newcomer Kenya Bell Reportedly Being Sued for Spousal Support by Ex-NBAer Husband”

  1. Doris Rowley

    there are no grown ups on basketball wives they are all acting like children. grow up

  2. Paris L. Wilson

    We can say that there is too much violence on the show but we still tuned in, we can say that it's degrading and shameful to watch but we still tune in, this show will be in the ranks of the Sopranos if it keeps on it's same track, and everyone will tune in.

  3. Michelle Gardner-Hooper

    I was a fan of Basketball Wives AT FIRST. But now OMG. When channel surfing the things I see make me ashame how wild, ugly and rude can these women be. I'm no longer a fan.

  4. Erin King

    I'm still trying to figure out why it is called "Basketball Wives" when none of the women are currently married to basketball players.

  5. Michael A Blackmon-Ham

    Women with no class, bad mouths, and expensive weaves portraying the stereotype of black women.

  6. Kimberly Alexander

    What an embarrassment this show is! Black women acting like damn fools, just what people want to see.

  7. Anonymous

    there are no grown ups on basketball wives they are all acting like children. grow up my roomate's ex-wife makes $79/hr on the laptop. She has been out of a job for 9 months but last month her pay was $8641 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Go to this web site CashLazy.*com
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  8. DeAnna MzDeeva Shields

    Hmm, Kenya cuts him with box cutter during marriage last year, right? he can see revenge opportunity…I'm thinking judge may grant him that support! Oh oh Kenya, Karma Karma!!,

  9. Andrea Austin Moseley

    Thanks VH1 for keeping family first and showing exactly how role models should be. How these women act, the ones with kids should be investigated by the state. They can go out and party, get drunk, then beat the crap out of each other while their kids are at home being raised by someone else. Heck they are not even wives! Need to change the name of the show to 'Basketball Ex's and Hoe's'! A show that is a disgrace because Shaunie O'Neil got screwed on!

  10. Charles Alexander

    Truth be known they're nothing but hood rats with no home training.

  11. Luxurious Tasteewet


  12. Wes Hopper

    I love how people have to sue to get people to take care of them these days… If only we could all take care of ourselves.

  13. Anonymous

    Please you are making $100,000.00 per/year! When you attended college I am sure he took math classes. I am sure they offered math 101, so you should know how to budget and count what you need to live on. I assure you most can live off 100K per/year…living within your means like most of us do.

  14. Anonymous

    I will not be tuning in. They are a sad representation of women…and especially women of color. As long as we continue to support this show and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are giving our consent to their bad behavior. Besides, these networks are getting off cheap with this type of programming. They take unknowns and put a camera on them doing embarrassing things and exposing the most pathetic parts of their lives like foreclosures and reposessions. If the producers had to fill the hours with quality tv with actual actors, they would lose quite a bit of their profits. I say make the networks work for their money wiwth qualaity programming.

  15. Suzan Stossmeister Miller

    watching these women that do nothing but cuss and fight and do things that we try to teach teenage girls not to do and these women should be roll models its so sad.

  16. Saronda Rowsey

    Sorry VH1 but you guys need to take tips from WEtv. Now they know how to film a reality show that doesnt come with all the negativity (BFV, MaryMary) and it's still a hit.

  17. Tashea Smith

    Its not fun too watch anymore.. Their too old to act like that, its embarrassing

  18. Christine Vargas

    I'm with Rebecca down there…I used to like the show, but reality or not it's a POOR POOR EXAMPLE to young women who watch that show & want to be an Evelyn or a Tammy. Women, young ladies, girls shouldn't act like that period like they're still in the hood bullying & trying to jump is that. Most of these women are reaching 40 or in their 40s with some exceptions & I'm no longer a fan either.

  19. Majestic Georgee

    I'M SO DISAPPOINTED IN TAMI, SHE SO DESPERATELY WANT TO BE IN THE STUPID CIRCLE THAT SHE HAS LOST HER SENSE OF RIGHT FROM WRONG.SHE IS HAPPY ABOUT JENN AND EV'S BEEF SO SHE COULD BE CRACKHEAD EV's friend.u are nothing but ghetto am not surprised u both get along fine, Ev and Jenn are from two diffrent worlds so it ok that things fell apart.but please MRS NOZY Tami please talk only when u are addressed.u have no business in Jenn and Evs beef.the only person who could make u find urself which is Royce, u trew her under the bus for the stupid friendship of Ev, that wil ruin u if it has ruined u already.u better wake up and smell the coffin, cos just as Ev spilled Jenns business so will she spill urs when u both fall apart.last word, u all don't know the true meaning of friendship and loyalty.that's the lesson from Season 4 basketball wives.shame on you all.Shaunie, u are a mess!

  20. Anonymous

    you witches need to watch the show and see how STUDPID YOU REALLY LOOK. I will never let my daughters watch this show. the cast u old ass women making 300.000.000 a show do something positive with your time like visit a girl school give some cash back to the community do something beside acting like some UGLY RUDE WEAVE WIG WEARING GHETTO WHORES.

  21. Kerry Vaughn

    As a African American woman, we do not need anymore reality shows that make us look bad. It is ridiculous. We no longer need to blame the evening news or the media for their perception…. We give it to them every evening on any given cable channel. I am sick of it. People lets think more about other and how they view us over $$$$. You've sold your soul!

  22. BlackCoffee NoSugar NoCream

    I just wish their drama was drama fit for women in their late 30's or early 40's… What they do seem so childish now.. On the other hand, I can't wait for Mobwives Chicago! Now that's reality T.V.. A little be too real!

  23. Anonymous

    Stupidest show out there. I cant believe people even watch that crap , if I want to watch a bunch of women argue and stab each other in the back all I have to do is go to work.

  24. Anonymous

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  25. Anonymous

    my co-worker's sister-in-law earned $20691 a week ago. she is making money on the computer and got a $413100 condo. All she did was get lucky and put into work the steps reported on this web site.



  26. Desmond Gray

    Before anybody get p…ed off at me for saying this, i've seen some of the episodes of this sh*t, and most of them I wouldn't waste a second getting to know them, their personality speaks for themselves.

  27. Jennifer Denise Lewis

    I view this show like I view going to the movies. Its entertainment, plain and simple. If you don't like it, don't watch. And you are seriously out of touch if you thought these women were concerned about being role models. Don't let your kids watch this show then…I can think of worse things your kids could be watchin…like porn!

  28. Anonymous

    Everything isn't for everybody I actually like the show. Call em hoes, ex wives, girlfriends, baby mamas, gold diggers, whatever. This is not suppose to be a self help show.If your seeking help turn to DR.OZ or Dr.Phil. ITS ENTERTAINMENT. People take reality shows to seriously. Get over it folks.

  29. Mari Mason

    Oh well… anything fora dime and it's not just black women, either. All women, except Asians and Indians. I see on these "reality" shows… Remember Baseball Wives and the Real Houseives of whatever… white women are no different and Basketball Bitches has two Hispanics on it, so it's not just black women. No woman should act the way these lunatics do, especially like TAMMY, the worst of all of 'em!

  30. Aaron King

    grown women acting like 13 year olds. its amazing this dumb show is allowed to continue on. beautiful well dressed women acting like low class tramps. tammi and evelyn need to spend a couple weeks in jail with real bad ass women.

  31. Aaron King

    sad to see black women act like damn fools without a care in the freckin world! high school has been over for these women since the late 80's and early 90's. its time to grow the hell up, or get arrested like everyone else for assault. they need that reality of what a jail cell is like for once.

  32. Marjorie Myers

    Watching the show is equivalent to going to the zoo, and watching all of the wild animals attack each other! You know it's awful, but you just cant seem to stop looking!

  33. Laura Alexander Dawn

    I think this show is degrading to black women and it' s in very poor taste. It's hard to watch a show that all the women do is cuss and fight over stupid stuff. What that old saying" Sticks and stones" ex-basketball wives need to think about it.hmm

  34. Georgia Brown

    I still watch, because i love seeing them make an ass of them self. Total disgrace to black women. I let my daughter watch as an example how not to represent her self as a young lady,i am proud to say that's an example i cant teach her.

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