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Shawn Johnson Bikini Pics making the rounds again (PHOTOS)

shawn johnson bikini pictures

Shawn Johnson bikini pics are making the rounds again after the Olympic Gold Medal winner came out on top on Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars.

Shawn Johnson Bikini Pics

shawn johnson bikini pictures shawn johnson bikini pic

Shawn Johnson’s Bikini Pics were originally leaked on the internet back in August of 2008, right as she and her friend Nastia Liukin gained fame after winning Olympic Gold Medals in Gymnastics in China.

After Shawn Johnson won on Dancing with the Stars, a few people on the internet began saying she was fat because of how she looked in her costume, but today, if a woman has an ounce of weight on them they’re considered by some to be obese. Me? A jiggle here and there makes things real.

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17 Responses to “Shawn Johnson Bikini Pics making the rounds again (PHOTOS)”

  1. yo

    the thing is shes not fat, if you look shes got a 6 pack

  2. Cliff

    fat? the only reason she looks big is because that girl is all muscle, which i find both attractive and intimidating at the same time. is that weird?

  3. Robert

    Shawn looks cute, adorable for a 17 year old girl. She looks sexy.


    HOT DAMN!!!! Sssssssssmmmmmmmoooooookkkkkkiiiiinnnnnn HOTT!!!!……..this girl a fine …so very fine…GOD bless her and all her accomplishments

  5. Name

    For all of you saying she is “fine” your wrong….Try beautiful and gorgeous

  6. #1 FAN

    Hi!! only read this if you are shawn johnson .

    I AM YOUR #1 FAN AND EVERYONE ELSE IS LYING and my cuz is ur 2nd biggest fan. i know everything about u exept if your going to 2012 or not. BYE AND U ROCK

  7. Pinky

    No way! She was considered “fat”? Just because she’s not a twig doesn’t mean that she’s obese. Look at those abs! :O

  8. Anonymous

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