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Robin Williams Dead? How The Internet Rumor Mill Kills Off the Same Celebrities Time and Again

robin williams dead

The rumor that actor and comedian Robin Williams is dead is just the latest in a long line of Twitter death hoaxes or users conflating information to reach an erroneous conclusion, and usually, a mix of the two.

Every few months, it seems there is a spike in “Robin Williams dead” searches after a spate of Twitter activity claiming the actor has died. And Robin Williams is far from the only celebrity frequently killed off accidentally by Twitter users, or on purpose by web trolls seeking out lulz or traffic.

So is Robin Williams dead? No. Neither is Mel Gibson, who has been pitched off an imaginary cliff at intervals by the internet death hoaxing webizens. Nor George Clooney, who was purported to have fallen off the selfsame cliff in New Zealand. Or even Rick Astley, Miley Cyrus, Reba McEntire or Tom Cruise, all celebrities who have been prone to the death hoax urban legend.

One of the things that makes the “Robin Williams dead” rumor and those of its ilk so “sticky” is the fact that it comes from an undated, unverified web tale that may will mistake for an actual news story. So while some elements of a story like one that would run were Robin Williams dead remain (location, details, comment), a date is suspiciously left off, allowing the rumor that the actor has died to pop up every six months or so and confuse many people who are new to the story.

robin gibb

But it appears another unrelated circumstance has reignited the rumor that Robin Williams died- yesterday the music world lost Robin Gibb, a Bee Gee and a fellow 70’s star. Those too young to remember rollerskating to “Stayin’ Alive” or watching Mork and Mindy on the TV might have searched for a dead Robin from the 70’s, turning up one false story about how Robin Williams died in place of a truer one and giving the rumor credence once again.

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22 Responses to “Robin Williams Dead? How The Internet Rumor Mill Kills Off the Same Celebrities Time and Again”

  1. Ive Vazquez

    wow………………………… dead huh….. then why did I see him this weekend. alive and Perky………. with a young Lady on his arm..

  2. Marie Anne Granata Bernal

    They say it's a hoax.. that he fell yesterday from a cliff in Australia and died at 4:21 am… People don't have anything better to do,…

  3. Marie Anne Granata Bernal

    He's filming a movie CAlled The Look of Love, and it's place is in LOs Angeles.. Not even Australia.. so..

  4. Denise Donnelly Zomisky

    Dead dead or career dead? I don't get what these idiots get of of spreading junk like this. Remember when Jon Bon Jovi was dead? Lol!

  5. Dez Lopez

    Robin williams isnt dead people juss dont have a life an like to spread rumors… grow up!!!!!!

  6. Tony Whittington

    Robin Willians dead? Let us hope it just a rumor, just as the rumor from a prostitute Dania Suarez of Columbia who rumors ov having a "part hardy" night with Secret Service Agents. My thought is WHOSE Secret Service? US or Columbians? COME ON Folks – are THAT naive? Rumors sell magazines as those tabloids at checkout stands in little stores. Next we will read Robin Williams found partyed out to much with his new wife and "Robin W." spent the night in a Mexican jail with alian Martians and Columbians who trashed a motel while on vacation in Mexicanwhile being to wild during his honeymoonwith new wife (NOPE not the whore from Columbia). Than on page 3 likely on another tablood is the Columbian Prostitute Dania Suarez (who accused Secret Service of having a wild party with her) likely may be still in jail to dry out from to much drinking; still – meanwhile in same article, alien Martians affirm in martian language they made a child with a Columbian Prostitute (prostitute = Columbian word for whore [you pay to have fun with, likely because you are to ugly to have a decent woman]) and the child will be running for political office 2030. OH COME ON FOLKS – If even I can write this crap – and you all believe it – you get what you deserve – RUMORS. HMMMM – maybe I should start my OWN rumor mill trash paper or magazine. OH WAIT – I can't. I don't have enough lawyers! You see people – other people – have lawyer people – that take your money in court – when you start rumors that hurt other people. So – SOME lawyers are just as prostitues too (hehehehe hahahaha) ;D.

  7. Rage Mode

    trolls belong on dora, not on the web! if they want to traumatize somebody, let them have a go at dora, but leave robin alone! and that goes for every other!

  8. Rage Mode

    marie anne theyre trolls! of COURSE they dont! theyre like idiotic youtube daredevils, they crash n burn!

  9. Kathy Clark

    Thank God its not true. I was very upset. Wow! Ppl are so hateful.

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