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Adam Lambert sings Whole Lotta Love on American Idol (video)


Adam Lambert didn’t disappoint on Rock Night on American Idol this week, heading straight for a greats with a rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

On the Adam Lambert scale of interpretations, it was perhaps the least adventurous he’s been, but why mess with the greats! It certainly didn’t hurt him at all with the judges and the audience.

Randy said “This is the Adam that I love, dude…you are a rock star tonight…you and slash should make a record.” Kara said “you are more than a rock star you are a rock GOD.” Paula, “Your a whole lotta perfect” Simon said, “I thought the performance was a little understated….teasing!…it was one of my favorite performances you’ve ever done…nobody can top that now.”

Here’s two videos of Adam Lambert singing Whole Lotta Love on American Idol May 5. Note the quality in the first one isn’t great, but includes video footage. The second one is simply the whole song sung by Adam.

Update: here’s a better copy

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9 Responses to “Adam Lambert sings Whole Lotta Love on American Idol (video)”

  1. Barbara

    Adam is amazing! He sends chills through me everytime he performs. Last night was not exception. He is one the finds ever on American Idol.

  2. Adriana Rivera

    Adam you ROCK! I know you are the winner. I love you, baby! No one can top that.

  3. ryunkin

    The only problem I have with Idol is now I have to watch a super talent compete against two amateurs with voices that even as good as mine. To be honest, I wasn't going to watch Idol this year because the talent is always so thin. And then I heard Adam and Allison and decided to stay. Now that good old-fashioned Midwestern bigotry has knocked a Mexican out of the competition, will they do it to a gay man, even if he has the greatest voice in pop music?

  4. Max

    I gave it a shot. Never heard this guy before, but I have to say, with all open-mindedness, there's no soul in that rendition. Made me appreciate Robert Plant more than ever.

  5. shirley

    I'm a Keith Urban fan who watchws most of American Idol and was behind Adam all the way. Each week he brought new thrills to the audience with his thrilling renditions and amazing voice. I'm sure his talent will be recognized as one of our greatest stars. Go Adam!



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