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Mark Ruffalo To Play Hulk In Six More Movies

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Are you a fan of Mark Ruffalo? The Hulk? Well, the actor has apparently signed a new contract which will see him playing the Bruce Banner and his green alter-ego in at least 6 more movies.

Ruffalo stars as The Hulk in “The Avengers,” which opens this weekend in the US. The film enjoyed huge success when it debuted overseas last week and Marvel is hoping that the excitement (and ticket sales) continues to grow this weekend.

Ruffalo said:

“The experience was great… I really had a good time. It was fun, and I love that group of people.”

The Hulk has been the center of two recent movies, “Hulk” with Eric Bana, and “The Incredible Hulk,” with Edward Norton but both movies failed to meet expectations. Marvel may, however, give The Hulk another run at the big screen with Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.

Marvel studio head Kevin Feige said: “When it’ll be, who knows… But the conversation’s definitely started.”

“The Avengers” features three superheros who have already had their own solo films. Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor, and Chris Evans will return as Captain America. Ruffalo’s six movie deal will likely include appearances in a new Avengers movie, but hopefully he lands his own solo movie as well.

Would you like to see Mark Ruffalo play Bruce Banner in his own movie? Are you going to see “The Avengers” this weekend?

Here’s the trailer for “The Avengers.”

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34 Responses to “Mark Ruffalo To Play Hulk In Six More Movies”

  1. Earl Van Winkle

    Ilove Mark Raffalo. He is one of my favorite actors and people. Ilove his layed back and down to earth atttitude. He not only very very handsome but he also seems like a decent family man. Iam glad he done the Hulk. Love ya Mark.

  2. Nick Lehmkuhl

    I liked the Edward Norton movie. The Eric Bana flick was BOR-ING. Of course the tv show had some storylines that dragged on a bit too.

  3. Dirk Walker

    Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors of all time. Sad he's not going to be the hulk but holy shit, 6 more movies featuring the hulk are locked in? That's awesome news. Atleast 3 or 4 must be Avengers / team ups. Things are going to get really awesome in the next few years.

  4. Robert Bodrato

    I like the Hulk look from Edward Nortons Incredible Hulk better… But they are saying the scenes with the Hulk in the Avengers are outrageous… I'm psyched

  5. Elvis Morel

    If you weren't a big fan of the Hulk before, you will be after you watch this movie! He goes absolutely bonkers in this one!

  6. Elvis Morel

    If you weren't a big fan of the Hulk before, you will be after you watch this movie! He goes absolutely bonkers in this one!

  7. Azalephi Siv

    helll yes.. his portrayal as the hulk in the avengers was superb.. kinda hilarious.. I would definitely look forward to his movies!

  8. Anany Ess

    I cant wait for this movie to come out! looks awesome!

  9. Constantine Karalis

    I felt that the Edward Norton bruce banner was a bit flat. Mark Ruffalo nailed it. The writing helped. He is Bruce Banner.

  10. Joel Caballero

    I think it's great that they finally have a Hulk/Bruce Banner in Mark Raffalo, although I saw the Edward Norton version and it was a little bit better than the Eric Bana version. DO NOT count the Hulk out. Still part of the Avengers/Marvel universe…

  11. Nicolas Mckay

    I thought Edward Norton was actually a good Hulk.

  12. Jaime James

    Loki – "I am a God!"
    Grab, smash, smash, smash, smash.
    Hulk – "Puny God."

  13. Jonathan Anderson

    Folks, folks…come on now. Eric Bana's Hulk had a retarded backstory, inconsistent size, and ran from everything. Edward Norton's Hulk had all the right traits, but was underpowered. It's not about the actor! It's about the CGI character he's portraying and how solid (AND ACCURATE!) the story is built around it. Screw it and get Peter David to write the script.

  14. Gary 'Diz' Walters

    I have to admit I wasn't happy at him replacing Norton, but I was wrong. The guy absolutely nailed it in Avengers! If you haven't seen it yet by the way you're in for a major treat!

  15. Lee Adams

    I saw it last week.. it's the first movie I've seen in years that I've wanted to stay and watch all over again immediately, and a huge part of that is the Hulk.

  16. Colby Dunlap

    He does. I had the same feeling but you grow to love him even without his own true movie. He fits in perfectly and is a huge fan favorite. Cheers everytime he/and the hulk hit the screen.

  17. Anonymous

    I loved all the Hulk movies! He has been one of my favorite characters growing up. I thought Eric Bana and Edward Norton were a bit stiff in the role of Hulk, but Mark Ruffalo (never heard of him before) is the best ever….

  18. Daniel Mise

    Edward Norton was and IS ten times the hulk Mark Ruffalo was in Avengers, and after watching Avengers I feel mark ruffalo didn't even begin to scratch the personality of the hulk like Edward Norton did! And having mark ruffalo to play hulk 6 more times?? I think I may put myself out of this misery!

  19. Daniel Mise

    Yes but wether its Edwar Norton or mark ruffalo, they are playing brie banner not the hulk. I still think Edward did a better job as Bruce banner.

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