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Cadillac To Release Self-Driving Cars By 2015 [VIDEO]


Ever heard of Super Cruise? If not, there’s a good chance you will as the concept of self-driving cars quickly find their way into our everyday lives.

General Motors-owned Cadillac has proposed that they will have the first fully autonomous car available to the public, and plan to do so by the year 2015 … only 3 years from now.

Cadillac has termed the main function of their developing self-driving technology as “Super Cruise.” This fully functioning aspect of their cars will make an attempt to use cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors to detect it’s surroundings, while the active GPS navigation will make certain that the car knows exactly where it is at all times while driving.

Cars such as Cadillac’s ATS and XTS are already equipped with features, such as their forward collision warning, reaction cruise control, front and rear cameras, as well as highly efficient GPS systems. However, Cadillac only see’s those features as building blocks for their self-driving cars.

“We see the semi-autonomous vehicle, or self-driving vehicle as the next stage in that evolution” toward full autonomy,” said Don Butler, VP of Cadillac marketing.

According to Cadillac, one of the main features still in development is the pivotal “lane centering” technology. When combined with the other pieces of the puzzle, this will allow the car to see the lines that make up driving lanes and ensure that the car stays centered while en route to it’s destination. Coupled with the GPS, the car with be able to be aware of the exact lay out of the road. The only exception is when the lines do not exist, or are not visible, in which case the driver will have to take the old-fashioned route and drive with both hands.

Will you be in line to buy one of these self-driving cars? If not, what do you find unappealing about the idea of a self-driving car?

Below is a video of the self-driving technology in action.

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14 Responses to “Cadillac To Release Self-Driving Cars By 2015 [VIDEO]”

  1. Anonymous

    Uh huh…in a perfect world maybe. Ever drive in the north? Lets see how it handles potholes, deer darting in front of you, raccoons, snow, ice, leaves, road construction, etc. etc. NO THANKS. Give me a stick shift and the open road any old day. Sheeeesh.

  2. Wei-Chuen Chen

    Don't you think consumers would be more interested in less cars on the highway? does that mean we can take our eyes off the wheels for more than 15 minutes? will it be able to park? the consequence of everyone owning a vehicle means more commute time which takes away time from work and life. if this technology is flawless, then mobile office/resting quarter will be the whole new trend.

  3. Anonymous

    just as Jeffrey replied I'm blown away that any body can earn $8225 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you seen this site.


  4. Alan Smith

    Wow, what fun. NOT! The electronics for this will no doubt be made by Chinese children making slave wages. Not exactly the stuff I would trust to drive my car. A GPS isn't 100% reliable. My Garbage, er, I mean Garmin tried to send me the wrong way down a one-way street. If you don't want to drive, ride the damn bus!

  5. Anonymous

    Now we can text and don't get a ticket and get on Facebook too…lol.

  6. Daniel Udo

    Very soon, hackers will be the most dangerous people on the planet!

  7. Cody Ned Romano

    This article has a few typos. It's "General Motors-owned" and "Super Cruse." (with the period inside the quotations). Otherwise, I thought it was interesting and well written.