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Drunk Driver Sentenced To Wear Sign Saying He Killed A Man

Michael Giacona "I killed Aaron Coy Pennywell" sign

A man accused of killing another driver in a drunk driving accident has been sentenced to wear a sign describing his crime for all to see.

39 year old Michael Giacona from Houston, TX has been ordered by Harris County Court-at-Law Judge Michel R. Fields to wear a sign that says, “I killed Aaron Coy Pennywell while driving drunk” during four consecutive Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the scene of the accident.

Last June Giacona’s van ran a red light crashing into Pennywell’s Mustang at the intersection of Huffmeister and Spring Cypress, throwing the 20 year old Pennywell from his car. He died at the scene of the accident.

Giacona served 90 days in prison. In addition to the prison sentence and having to wear the sign, he must also wear an alcohol monitoring device on his ankle and prominently display a framed photograph of the destroyed car in his living room, according to a report by the Houston Chronicle.

A friend of Pennywell’s had this to say about the sentencing:

“For killing one of my best friends I don’t think it’s enough. Going to jail only 90 days and then you come out here and carry a sign for four consecutive Saturdays, it’s not enough for taking someone’s life.”

Judge Fields expressed concerns about placing Giacona on shock probation stating:

“I have looked at the state’s exhibits and, and quite frankly, I am concerned about you and this decision to place you on shock probation. You make me nervous, and the reason you make me nervous is I believe what the witnesses said about your behavior that evening: That you were, even after killing someone, still looking to get more alcohol. This is not your first DWI.”

The video below is from an attorney who disagrees with the humiliation in this type of sentencing for those accused of DUI’s.

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40 Responses to “Drunk Driver Sentenced To Wear Sign Saying He Killed A Man”

  1. Niki Wilson Clark

    Definately not a harsh enough punishment. I lost a sister to a drunk driver, some people act as if it's ok to drive drunk or even funny, but it's not. She was only 16 years old when she died. Remember FB friends, even one drink is one too many. Get a designated driver or call a cab.

  2. Gerard Scott Waite

    90 Days in prison and only four consecutive saturdays is not enough, He should never be able to get his drivers licence back. He should also go to counceling.

  3. James A. Sands

    NO, NO, NO! Being intoxicated is not an excuse which absolves you of guilt after 90 days of public display, which may or may not be humiliation (who knows what this man feels?). Harsh penalty, which includes fines, some financial reimbursement to the family and jail time, at least 5-10 years! Just my thoughts!

  4. Cindy Araya

    Only 90 days in jail for killing someone? And only has to wear a sign for 4 consecutive Saturdays? That is it? Is there no justice in this world anymore?

  5. Velvet Michael

    No flipping way! This man needs a much stiffer sentence then this. He needs to go to prison, and then when he is allowed out he needs at least 5 years of probation, and part of his probation can be to stand on the corner with his sign as well as wear the ankle bracelet, do community service, and give talks at schools about the dangers of drinking and driving. He should also have to give a very public apology to the family of the person he killed and pay them restitution. I don't care if he is being humiliated at least he is still alive. This just isn't right.

  6. Janet Warner

    I think that is completely appropriate…a life was lost. Driving drunk and running lights is in-excusable in this day and age. There is WAY to much education…like smoking…you KNOW the consequences…your choice if you choose to still do it..but ya gotta pay…but you are not paying with your life.

  7. Patrick Saltsman

    I think most of us at one time or another have been guilty of driving while legally drunk, I admit have done it so many times, it is not right to put innocent peoples lives at risk, and I will never do it again, my good friend just got 15 years for a DWI and he did not kill anyone, this guy got off scott free for real.

  8. Cheryl Brown

    why not just slap him on the wrist and send him home. This is no punishment at all. If I shoot a man and he dies, do I only get 90 days in jail and then wear a sign, I think not. This is an insult to the dead man and his family.

  9. Ben Novotny

    The problem with the lawyer in this video is that his educational background is not clear to us. So, we honestly don't know if he is an expert in the field of psychology, while his title in society, lawyer, suggests to us that he is in fact an expert at law and nothing more.

    I see a few complaints about the 90 day sentence, but I think having to live with killing someone for the rest of your life when you're sober is more than enough punishment…

  10. Scott Martineau

    Like anyone will ever drive by, read & give a damn !! This is America, land of " I don't care unless it has an immediate effect on my life !! "

  11. Gail Oldfield

    I think it's too light of a sentence. A life was lost, he should never be allowed to drive again. Standing on a corner holding a sign like that is a distraction to other drivers. I would rather see him spending that time in the ER seeing all of the accident victims that are brought in.

  12. Janet Warner

    The sentencing part..but the question was…was it to harsh for him to have to stand there at the scene with a sign

  13. Mary Danforth

    He's had DWI's before, and looking for a drink right after after he just killed someone? What is he doing on the street? He will end up killing again and who will be to blame. I will blame the judge who let him go almost scott free.

  14. Gail Oldfield

    I didn't see the question but the answer is not harsh enough and not a good idea.

  15. Laura Jean Walker

    well my brother was killed in a drunk driving accident he was riding as a passenger and the driver had stolen the vehicle had a suspended lisence and he only got 10 days in jail and 5 yrs probation that was 1969 I would have thought they would have gotten a little tougher on people but I am sure it has to do with how much money this guy spent on his freedom just like anything else that involves government if u got enuff money u don't pay for your crime sad very sad.

  16. Laura Jean Walker

    well my brother was killed in a drunk driving accident he was riding as a passenger and the driver had stolen the vehicle had a suspended lisence and he only got 10 days in jail and 5 yrs probation that was 1969 I would have thought they would have gotten a little tougher on people but I am sure it has to do with how much money this guy spent on his freedom just like anything else that involves government if u got enuff money u don't pay for your crime sad very sad.

  17. Ruthie Thomas

    This article didn't say anything about a fine or if he lost his license since, according to the article this was not his first DWI. What is with this Judge?

  18. Angie Dunn

    Yea, sounds like he knew someone. Things that make ya go hmmm…..Cause imo I think he belongs in Huntsville!

  19. Aimee Boswell

    This guy spent 90 days in jail and gave up 4 of his saturdays. And yet there is a woman who is facing 20 years for feeding whales. Kids serving 5 years in prison for having an ounce of weed or another woman gets 4 years in jail for breaking and entering! WTF is wrong with this country!

  20. Gina Ojeda

    I think the bastard should be thrown out of a windshield…despise drunk drivers.

  21. Paula Qualls Gurley

    This makes absolutely no sense. This wasn't his first DWI, and it won't be his last. He killed someone and still wanted more to drink! Both he and the judge need a prison sentence. After that, they both need a sign. The judge needs one that says "I excused a killer for no reason".

  22. Brenda Roth

    If he were truly sorry for what he has done………. nothing about it would be wrong……. if he is truly trying to make amends for TAKING ANOTHER'S LIFE! And I am a one time and ONLY ONE TIME offender…… I can only thank God that I hurt no one for being STUPID enough to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while drinking!

  23. Kay Fogleman

    Janet,do you REALLY think that punishment was appropriate ?? Your as sick as that drunk driver and that pos lawyer that thinks the sentence was too stiff !!!!

  24. Kay Fogleman

    This lawyer in the video is as sick as the SOB that gets behind the wheel and drives! He makes his living defending and getting these drunks off with little or no punishment. He makes me sick! I don't know how he can live with himself knowing that the drunk he just got off is going to go out there and drink and drive again, and again, and again! I think the judges and lawyers should be held accountable when someone they put back on the street drives drunk and kills someone! Killing someone with a gun is NO worse then killing them with a car!

  25. Debbie Farmer Chris Day

    thats sad…u can get jail time for stupid stuff but only 90 days in jail for doing what he did…. boy what is this world comin to….GODBLESS THAT FAMILY

  26. Jamie Wilson

    The first thing I think of when hearing this story is, "What the heck is this judge thinking." This man should be in prison for the rest of his life. This is not his first offense, either. What should happen is, write an apology letter to the family and he should have to apologize on t.v. for the whole world to see. Then he should be put in prison with a pciture of the wrecked vehicle and a picture of the person he killed. He should also have some counseling. This is what I think his punishment should be. He is getting off way to easily. He probably knows someone or maybe the judge was bribed. It happens.

  27. Jessica O Hernandez

    My nephew (18) was just killed (2 wks ) ago and the driver of the car did not stop to help him…no details about her confession have aired but if she gets a sentence like this we will be raising hell…

  28. Janet Warner

    Kay, the question had been, do you think that is to harsh, making him stand on the street corner with a sign. No, I do not think it was. Do I think he should have had a longer jail sentence…yes.

  29. Bobby Owen

    Well, he's out in the open, a perfect target for a drive by. If the victims friends or family have any stones.

  30. Henry Malcom

    Wonder if I had been the one DUI and kiled the same on the same roadway at the same hour would I get to tot a sign saying I killed a man? If you think I'd be in prison for the rest of my life click on like.

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