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‘Seinfeld’ Monologue: John O’Hurley Shares Unaired J. Peterman Monologue

Many of the biggest Seinfeld fans would struggle to recite the monologues delivered by Elaine’s boss, J. Peterman from memory.

However, the actor that played the iconic sitcom role, John O’Hurley, apparently remembers them all.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, O’Hurley explained that a lot of Peterman’s crazy monologues ended up on the cutting room floor.

O’Hurley was still able to recite one of the J. Peterman monologues that never made it into an actual episode during the interview more than 17-years after the series finale first aired.

According to John, the monologue was initially filmed for the 18th episode of season 7, “The Friars Club.”

Rob Schneider made a guest appearance as Bob, the allegedly hearing-impaired assistant. Elaine ended up with a tough assignment due to Rob’s disability, so she and Jerry Seinfeld tried to prove that he was faking it.

During one of her attempts, Elaine thought that telling Bob how badly she wanted him would work — and J. Peterman overheard her conversation from the hallway.

“I thought they were having a little tête-à-tête office time. And so I decided I was going to play Cupid and try to encourage it.”

The monologue that did not make the final cut in the Seinfeld episode was apparently J. Peterman’s speech to Elaine, which led to his decision to buy Bob and Elaine tickets to the circus.

“Elaine, I too am no stranger to love on the clock. As a youngster, my father apprenticed me to a honey factory in Belize. The chief bee keeper was this horrible hag of a woman with gnarled teeth and a giant wart that she called a nose. Wooh! She was not attractive, even by backwoods standards. But love is truly blind, Elaine, and as the days went on, working closer and closer together, that sweet smell of honey in the air, I knew I had to have that horrible creature. And I did. So you and Bob have a good time tonight.”

John O’Hurley was featured in over 20 of the 180 episodes of the hit NBC sitcom “about nothing.”

In his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he claimed that many of his monologues were cut due to the show usually running over time during filming.

“The show was always 10 minutes too long and the easiest thing to do is say, ‘Well, we just have to cut the Peterman monologue.'”

When asked to identify his favorite memories from the Seinfeld set, John O’Hurley’s choice actually had nothing to do with J. Peterman or Elaine.

His favorite moments were watching one of the main Seinfeld cast members, Michael Richards, prepare for his iconic moments of physical comedy each time he would enter Jerry’s apartment.

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