Ed Sheeran’s Next Good Deed: Presents Signed CD To Grieving Family During Concert

Ed Sheeran can do no wrong lately.

Social media recently exploded with the news and viral footage of Ed Sheeran crashing a fundraising event in the best possible way, when he joined 13-year-old solo singer Sydney Bourbeau on stage during her rendition of Ed Sheeran’s own song for a fundraising event.

That incident occurred during Ed Sheeran’s downtime just prior to his Edmonton concert last Sunday. A couple of days and a five-hour road trip later, Ed Sheeran’s concert tour brings him to the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon, where he has moved on to the next good deed on his list.

Tuesday night saw Ed Sheeran performing to a sold-out crowd at the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon. But one fan was at the forefront of Ed Sheeran’s mind last night, and that was Teagan Williams.

When Teagan Williams heard about Ed Sheeran performing in Saskatoon, she contacted local radio station C95 to tell them about her family’s recent tragedy, News Talk 650 reported.

Teagan’s brother, Brett Williams, died in January, 2015, from a prescription drug overdose. During the times that Brett had been well, he and Teagan had bonded over their shared love of Ed Sheeran’s music.

“We would listen to him [Ed Sheeran] so much. Every day to school, from school, driving around the city.”

Brett had previously been in rehab in an attempt to overcome his problems with addiction, and Teagan said to the Star Phoenix that Ed Sheeran’s music had helped Brett through some tough times.

“It helped my brother out of a really tough situation. Being away from home in rehab, he was constantly listening to Ed Sheeran.”

On the morning of Ed Sheeran’s Saskatoon concert, the radio station surprised Teagan and her family with backstage passes. Teagan and her family then had the opportunity to meet Ed Sheeran and to tell him what his music had meant to her brother.

“Once my brother accepted help, he went back and it was Ed Sheeran that had actually got me and my brother to be close again.

[Ed Sheeran’s music] reminded him of me and his girlfriend and stuff like that. It connected us as a family.”

Brett tragically passed away from a drug overdose one day after committing to going back to rehab. Teagan said that her brother decided to get high one last time before returning to rehab, and tragically overdosed.

Ed Sheeran took the opportunity to present Teagan with a signed copy of one of his CDs, which Teagan plans to place on her brother’s headstone.

“I thought that maybe if I could get this CD signed and have it with him, that he’d know that I was always thinking of him.”

Teagan admitted that she is concerned about vandals stealing the valuable signed Ed Sheeran CD, but went on to say that having the opportunity to commemorate her brother was most important to her, and was worth the risk of the CD being stolen.

[Photo: Joerg Koch / Getty Images]