Stuart Varney

Stuart Varney: Fox Host Goes Ballistic, Ejects Anti-Fracking Activist Off Show

Things got hot and heavy when a Fox Business News host exploded on a guest during a “Fracking Fears” segment. British economic journalist Stuart Varney kicked Gasland director Josh Fox off his show when the activist accused him of being a liar, citing a Mediaite report.

As the Varney and Company show got in full gear, the two men began deliberating over the Obama Administration’s supposed division in the fracking debate.

Note: According to Dangers of Fracking, “Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside.”

Varney’s exchange with Fox comes on the heels of a recent report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA). In short, it said that studies show that fracking is not detrimental to human health and does not cause the drinking supply to become flammable. However, this runs counter to Fox’s documentary, which claims that it does. Moreover, he says the study was not “intended to be comprehensive.”

Stuart Varney and his guest went back and forth over the merits of the study and the optics of how the president is handling the controversy. “You think this administration wants to frack? That’s news to me,” Varney said.

The gentlemen continued a somewhat ginger sparring match over the widespread fears of fracking. Then, things took a turn when Fox questioned Varney’s mixed message. Fox reminded his opponent of comments the host reportedly made off-camera during a commercial, which conflicts with his on-camera position.

Allegedly, Varney, a homeowner in upstate New York, said he would not endorse fracking on his property. This caused a firestorm to erupt between the two alpha males that would end when Stuart Varney terminated the interview after ripping him over his accusatory remarks.

“Why would you not frack on our own property and then prescribe it for other people in America?”

“Because I’m in the watershed,” Varney responded.

“You are absolutely wrong. I do believe you are lying right now.”

“Lying? The interview is over, young man. I am not lying. I did it myself. Thank you. Goodbye. You are out of here, son. You are out of here. Don’t call me a liar. Don’t do that, son. Cut. That’s it. Thank you very much. Will you please leave?”

You guessed right; what came next was Stuart Varney tossing his guest off the show. Check out footage of the fireworks.

[Photo via YouTube screenshot]