Dallas Cowboys Rumors Running Back Adrian Peterson Trade

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Five Running Backs On Cowboys’ Available Running Backs List With Adrian Peterson Trade Dead

Well, it finally appears as if the trade talk rumors for running back Adrian Peterson to end up with the Dallas Cowboys is dead. Now, the Cowboys have to head into the 2015 NFL season and be happy with Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle in their offensive backfield. If they’re not, there is a list floating around of five veteran running backs that they may look at bringing into the fray.

According to Sports World Report, Ray Rice likely won’t take the field in 2015 and no teams are jumping on the train to sign the free agent either. Rice being brought onto any team’s roster would improve it, but could also bring a lot of baggage and backlash.

A trade with the Chicago Bears for Matt Forte is seeming less and less likely for the Cowboys as well. While it would make financial sense for the Bears to get something for him before he leaves in free agency after this season, it doesn’t seem like they’re ready to let him go yet.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones has said that there is a short list of veteran running backs that could be options for the team. If they decide to add a back during Offseason Training Activities (OTAs), it would likely be one of these five free agents.

  • Pierre Thomas
  • Steven Jackson
  • Ben Tate
  • Felix Jones
  • Chris Johnson

If any of these players were to be signed, they wouldn’t be brought in as a starter or serious offensive threat, but support for McFadden and Randle. All of them have had a number of years in the NFL and are in no position to really be a featured back.

Pro Football Talk reports that the Cowboys actually held tryouts for a number of running backs heading into OTAs and those included Felix Jones, Ben Tate, and Daniel Thomas. Chris Johnson has apparently reminded the Cowboys that he is out there.

As for Adrian Peterson, Yahoo Sports reported that he was in Texas over the weekend and there for the AAU girls basketball program. He went to watch his AD Elite AAU team take on a traveling prep squad from China.

The Minnesota Vikings running back was more than happy to take pictures with those who asked, and some fans even told him that they wished he would play for the Dallas Cowboys. Peterson would do no more than smile, nod, and simply say “thank you.”

Adrian Peterson playing for the Dallas Cowboys appears to be a trade that is dead in the water even if rumors persist. The Cowboys have a number of running backs that they could still bring in for help, but for now, it won’t be the All-Pro from the Vikings.

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