$400 Home Robot Can Assist With Cleaning And Chores But Is It The Future?

While most people still believe that having a robot at home is a thing of the future, one newly designed bot, called the Nobot N1H1 is seemingly about to change all that.

Being that the Nobot is affordable, coming in at under the $500 mark, it may just become the next greatest home invention, as it has potential to assist around the house in a variety of ways.

The remote controlled bot, which was designed in Dublin, Ireland, could be a great companion for the elderly, as well as a great aid for workmen and even dry cleaners.

According to his inventors the Nobot is a, “humanoid device, remotely operated over IP, created to do your chores!”

Aside from that, the company says, “We combine the robot unit with a marketplace of operators so that every Nobot owner has a humanoid minion on tap, whenever they need one to do their bidding.”

So, what makes the Nobot different and unique? Well, that is a question the Dublin-based firm also dealt with when they explained, “The core N1H1 unit is like someone dressed up as a robot, except they can be anywhere in the world and the Nobot is right beside you, or off doing an errand at your bidding.”

The Nobot is apparently different from other AI (artificial intelligence) bots as it utilizes the human brain along with the robot’s computer.

As the firm explained, “We have seen enough robot fail videos to know artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t easy. We also figured that there are perhaps a billion or more under-utilised minds in the world that could be much more powerful than any AI ever made.”

Adding, “Sure, they might not all become a chess grandmaster, but in terms of common-sense and the ability to learn quickly the human mind takes some beating.”

The N1H1 will also be compatible with household appliances making it a very interesting innovation for people who need to have that kind of control, with the possibilities and potential that the Nobot offers.

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