Guild Wars 2 Reaper specialization

‘Guild Wars 2’ Developers Reveal The Necromancer’s Elite Specialization, The Reaper

When the first expansion for Guild Wars 2 releases, new elite specializations will be available to players at the level cap. Heart of Thorns will add plenty of content to Guild Wars 2, as well as change many things within game. However, elite specializations are one of most anticipated features of the upcoming expansion.

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet detailed the Necromancer’s forthcoming elite specialization. The Reaper specialization will let the Necromancer wield greatswords, use shouts, and use the chill condition to control foes. The Death Shroud mechanic is different for Reapers in that they turn into Shroud Knights, making all abilities melee-focused while in the Shroud.

These new elite specializations are a big part of the expansion for Guild Wars 2. All professions will have access to a new elite specialization. These new specializations give the profession a new weapon, a new mechanic, new utility skills, a new healing skill, and a new elite power. A recent article from the Inquisitr detailed these new systems, including those coming to traits and skill points, when Heart of Thorns launches.

Guild Wars 2 Reaper specialization
A Reaper in Guild Wars 2

Along the road to release, ArenaNet developers are unveiling each Guild Wars 2 profession’s new elite specialization on a week-to-week basis. The Mesmer’s new Chronomancer option was revealed two weeks ago, and the Guardian’s upcoming Dragonhunter specialization was shown just last week.

The Mesmer’s Chronomancer will have access to a shield in the off-hand and well skills that can be placed on the ground. Time manipulation and duality are a big theme for the Chronomancer. Resetting their cooldowns will be a big part of what a Chronomancer can do through the profession’s new F5 shatter ability. For instance, activating the new Continuum Split sacrifices all illusions in order to split off from time itself. Anything done between the initial activation and the follow-up activation of Continuum Shift is reset.

The Guardian’s Dragonhunter specialization will grant access to the longbow weapon and the ability to place traps. As long-ranged support, the Dragonhunter aids allies with altered virtues and powerful arrows of light. All three of the Dragonhunter’s mechanic abilities are different from a simple Guardian’s. For example, Virtue of Resolve is no longer a heal that immediately releases in the area — instead, the Dragonhunter grows wings and jumps to area to heal those nearby.

There is currently no release date for Heart of Thorns, but Guild Wars 2 players are hopeful that it will release this year. All eight current classes will receive a new elite specialization, while the new Revenant profession added with Heart of Thorns will also have access to an elite specialization. Which announced elite specialization sounds the best so far?

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