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Introducing the Best Buy Vending Machine


Next time you forget your headphones on travel day, you may be able to just stop by the vending machine. The Best Buy vending machine, that is.

Amidst the overpriced snacks and beverages, Best Buy has rolled out this automated electronics dispenser at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the Dallas Morning News discovered. Inside everything from blank discs to headphones and even a full-fledged iPod awaits you — if you don’t mind, of course, paying the presumably inflated price.

Wonder if there’s a button to get an unhelpful store associate, too.

(Image: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport via Dallas Morning News)

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6 Responses to “Introducing the Best Buy Vending Machine”

  1. Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins

    I actually spotted these at the Houston airport on the way back from the SummerMash thing in Austin. The prices are more or less akin to what's in the actual store, I'd imagine (I remember an iPod touch being around $490 something for the high storage version). It is extremely odd to see a *Vending machine* with pricetags in the hundreds of dollars.

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