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KONY 2012 Maker Invisible Children Nailed By Charlie Brooker [VIDEO]

This is a little old in Internet terms – indeed, it aired just hours before Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized.

But heck, I thought this was worth a post: British comic Charlie Brooker’s take on Invisible Children, the not-for-profit group which created the KONY 2012 viral video.

Brooker is one of those who openly questions the Invisible Children group (we can safely say he’s not in the Ben Affleck camp).

It’s a debate that raged for most of last week: while Invisible Children’s spending habits and approach to film-making might be questionable, is a simplified film the price we must to pay for much-needed heightened awareness?

Brooker always makes for good viewing simply because he’s willing to look beneath the glossy surface of media products – no matter how outwardly noble they may appear. At the same time, some people find that level of cynicism itself to be unproductive.

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Finally, be warned – this is a Charlie Brooker video, so to those unfamiliar with his style, it’s probably not safe to have blasting out of speakers in the workplace. There are some big boy and big girl words that your boss may not wish to hear.