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Ronda Rousey vs. Cristiane Justino: ‘Cyborg’ Once Again Beckons UFC Champion ‘Rowdy’ To Meet At 140 Pounds

Ronda Rousey is recognized as the best female fighter in the MMA world today. Though, pound-for-pound, she is phenomenal in the Octagon, it is recognized that such a title has a lot to do not just with fight record, but the fact Rousey is in the most popular MMA promotion in the world, UFC. There are MMA fans and experts that argue that the true best female fighter in the world is probably Cristiane Justino, A.K.A. “Cyborg.” First and foremost, Cyborg is the fighter responsible for “retiring” Gina Carano. Not only that, Cyborg is currently undefeated since her second fight with fourteen straight wins (though one was turned into a “no contest” by California State Athletic Commission).

For years, MMA fans wanted the score settled with a Ronda Rousey vs. Cristiane Justino match, and now it is possible with Cyborg officially signing with UFC. However, Cyborg is a featherweight at 145 pounds while Rousey is a welterweight at 135 pounds. If Cyborg wants to face Rousey, she will need to lose ten pounds to get to the welterweight division. Now, reports show that Cyborg is once again beckoning Rousey to “meet halfway” at 140 pounds.

According to Fox Sports, Cristiane Justino appeared on Friday’s episode of UFC Tonight for an interview with co-hosts Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian. During the show’s duration, Cyborg admitted that she was getting a bit tired of hearing the name of her rival in a joking manner.

“It’s annoying. I hear every day, Ronda Rousey, Ronda Rousey.”

This ultimately led up to the familiar beckoning Cristiane Justino is known for giving Ronda Rousey at the end of the interview: fighting at 140 pounds.

“Let’s go fight. Let’s go meet at 140 pounds.”

Cyborg’s beckon is more of a sign that she truly wants to fight Ronda Rousey in a match to truly settle the score on who is the best female fighter in the MMA world. As a matter of fact, Cyborg has placed emphasis that it is more important to fight Rousey than to be a UFC women’s champion.

“For now, me fighting Ronda Rousey is more important. I have a belt already. I don’t need another belt.”

It should be noted that Cristiane Justino isn’t trying to ditch her recent signing with UFC. Cyborg understands that if she wants to compete in the most prominent MMA promotion in the world, she’ll have to get down to 135 pounds, since there is no women’s featherweight division. As reported by MMAjunkie, Cyborg is doing what she can to get down to 135 pounds safely through a professional nutritionist. And if Cristiane Justino does make it to 135, she is gunning for the title too.

“All fighters want to be in the UFC one day. It is a big event, and everyone wants to be there. Of course, I want to be champ one day in the UFC.”

For now, Cristiane Justino’s move to 135 pounds will happen after her upcoming championship fight. Cyborg will defend her title against Faith Van Duin at Invicta FC 13. Their fight will happen on July 10, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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