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Junkyard Prophet Angers School In Iowa

junkyard prophet

Christian band Junkyard Prophet was supposed to play some music and talk about bullying during a visit to Dunkerton High School. Instead, Bradlee Dean and other members of the band used the stage to give their views on homosexuality, abortion, and told the female students that they should be submissive to their husbands.

School superintendent Jim Stanton said the group played an enjoyable concert that had “a very strong anti-violence, anti-drug, anti-alcohol” message, but after the concert the group went a little too far.

According to Opposing Views, Junkyard Prophet held “breakout sessions” after the performance. The band told the girls that they should be submissive to their husbands and that they should save themselves for marriage, and talked to the boys about homosexuality. The band reportedly told the students that gays die on average at the age of 42. Dean said:

“It’s a destructive lifestyle… It’s just the facts.”

The WCF Courier reports that some of the students felt harassed during the presentation and many didn’t agree with the message.

Stanton said:

(Junkyard Prophet expressed) an opinion about intolerance that’s not in line with the beliefs of the Dunkerton Community Schools… We promote tolerance for one another. We will continue to celebrate diversity in our student body.”

Junkyard Prophet described their “breakout sessions” as “a legitimate and challenging presentation.” Dean said:

“We’re not here to change your values. We’re here to serve your values.”

The New York Daily News reports that the school is trying to get back the $2,000 fee they paid Junkyard Prophet for the event.

Here’s a music video from Junkyard Prophet.

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47 Responses to “Junkyard Prophet Angers School In Iowa”

  1. Kallin Sharon

    Is this band's name "quiet riot?" What in the hell is this band doing in a school – are they saying/singing/preaching? Not a great way to make it in the news – dudes. You (the band) might need a new PR person, but chances are you will not make it, unless you want to play some songs for the KKK. NEWS FLASH – your 15 minutes of so called fame are over.

    Also, great superintendent there, why doesn't he concentrate on real stuff, like teaching the right thing? Jeez, great leader in a school system (NOT); and he (or the taxpayers) paid for this? Take the 2 grand out of his salary, as this jerk did not do his homework of all things. Do we have to get Donald Trump in to fire him? How about a little common sense here, no religion, brainwashing or preaching (you know that church & state thing – history 101). Guess this band's opinions belong oh so rightly — in the Junkyard. The rest speaks for itself. Putting the Freedoms of Speech aside, there is a time and a place for everything.

    From Lady Gaga:
    From the Song "Born this Way"………
    Give yourself prudence.
    And love your friends.
    Subway kid, rejoice your truth.
    In the religion of the insecure.
    I must be myself, respect my youth.

    Don't be a drag, just be a queen.
    Whether you're broke or evergreen.
    You're black, white, beige, chola descent.
    You're Lebanese, you're orient.
    Whether life's disabilities.
    Left you outcast, bullied, or teased.
    Rejoice and love yourself today.
    'cause baby you were born this way.

    No matter gay, straight, or bi,
    Lesbian, transgendered life,
    I'm on the right track baby,
    I was born to survive.
    No matter black, white or beige.
    Chola or orient made,
    I'm on the right track baby,
    I was born to be brave.

    Be yourself!

  2. Bruce Fisher

    Wait, the lyrics you posted read that gay, straight, bi, lesbian & transgender are the same as black, white, beige…isn't that what he said the lyrics say? Are these sexual preferences not choices where as race isn't? I'm confused? And a quick yahoo search does show studies that confirm his statement of an average death of a gay male is around 42 (female at 49)…..Are you saying it's abnormal for a "band" to take a time to talk to the audience during a concert ma'am? What exactly is brainwashing about the facts (or are their mistakes in his words)? Not arguing, just curious to further understand your points.

  3. Kallin Sharon

    Bottom line – is that we are all the same, HUMAN. BTW lyrics taken from "Born this Way", only a number 1 hit by Lady Gaga. Watch the video. This guy was trashing gays and saying women should be submissive to their husbands and other primitive stuff, and he pissed all these high school kids off and made people feel bad. This world we live in is tough enough and everyone should except people for who they are and not their colors, sexual preferences. Also, he/they said other things like men are better than woman shit, that's all. Everyone has their opinion, however, to make people feel that they are unequal is not right or just, notwithstanding his opinion. Hope you are not confused now, tx.

  4. Jerry Rhodes

    Being gay is WRONG! Read your Bibles! And there is no such thing as "Christian gays," because the Bible teaches that being gay is WRONG! Peoploe have a right to their opinion, and are entitled to their opinion. If it doesn't fit into the schools curriculum, then why'd they hire the band? The band is just teaching God's word! AND if Chruch and state are supposed to be seperated, then why did the school hire the band? The school should NOT get their $2,000 dollars back from the band. The band showed up, the band played, and people got a little preaching in the process! I see NOTHING wrong with that! nGod's word is being spread, and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

  5. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher 1) Were those sources reliable? A basic understanding of academia is essential when reading such studies. If the data doesn't hold up to criticism, it is not reliable data. 2) Being gay or straight is not a choice. To say otherwise reveals you to be either uneducated or purposefully obtuse. 3) Race doesn't technically exist. Brush up on basic science, please.

  6. Dave Dewey

    The Bible also teaches you to stone disobedient children to death. Um…so…I guess you're not a Christian if you're not doing that? Who gets to decide who is and isn't Christian?

  7. Elizabeth Laborde-Postovit

    Who knew the word 'gay' came up in the bible? I'd love to see the page number for that reference…

  8. Jerry Rhodes

    Elizabeth Laborde-Postovit The Bible says that a man should be married to a woman. Obviously meaning, man and woman.. not man and man, woman and woman.

  9. Mike Shortland

    god don't need u me or the bible to say rod o anything dumbasses gods so great he made people to be against his will hmmmmmmmmmmmm or……….. your an idiot.

  10. Dave Dewey

    Jerry Rhodes : "And there is no such thing as "Christian gays,""

    Holy crap, you just decided who is and is not Christian. That means you are God.

    Without even bringing into question whether or not God exists, your statement is nonsensical on its surface.

  11. Dave Dewey

    "AND if Chruch and state are supposed to be seperated, then why did the school hire the band?"

    This is a non sequitur. Church and state are separated. It is illegal for staff to promote Christianity within a public school. Why did they hire the band? Well, that's a different, unrelated question. They probably hired the band because they are unaware of their legal obligations as educators. Their ignorance of the law cannot CHANGE the law.

  12. Anonymous

    Dave Dewey -Stoning children?..really?. which bible are ya reading? the James Manson version?

  13. Bruce Fisher

    Dave Dewey 1) It takes 1/10 of a second to yahoo multiple studies that show the same 42 yr old figure, did "I" conduct the survey personally? nope. However: 2) Being gay or straight is not a choice? Last I checked it was a "preference" isn't it? It is labeled a "desire" true? 3) Races don't exist? you mean I'm not white or brown or black? Do we not still show "polls" on national news television with the same divisions? …. what would you define as "basic" science? I imagine one could go back 5-10 yrs and get a "basic" science book and find all these "terms" we are discussing but I seriously doubt you or I could pick up a "science" book of today and find any of them (curiously) …. maybe I'm not being sharp enough errr… obtuse enough in my understanding of the terms

  14. Bruce Fisher

    Dave Dewey / Elizabeth Laborde-Postovit fyi: 1 cor 6:9 9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, Lev 20:13 13 If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

    (also use to be the word gay was used to describe a "happy/joyful" person, homosexual is in the Bible which in your case would cover "gay")

    And before you ask, No, I didnt write this, God did. Your opinion does not fit with what God says, it's your God given right to "choose" to disagree but let's not err on what the Bible says clearly and continually.

  15. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher, you're right. Let's not err on what the Bible says. PBSportz, you might also want to pay attention, because this is direct from scripture. Oh, and Bruce? Remember: God wrote this.

    Deuteronomy 21:18 If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:

    21:19 Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;

    21:20 And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.

    21:21 And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

    Ok, now, as you said, Bruce, this is God's word. You can "choose" to disagree, but let's not err on what the Bible says clearly and continually: if your child does not listen to you, you must take him to the elders of the city and have him stoned to death. You MUST kill your child if it doesn't listen to your voice.

    I mean, look: I'll follow the rules of your holy book if you START to follow them first. I don't think you even begin to understand how many Biblical rules you DON'T follow every day.

  16. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher Yes, fine. Gay men have a lower life span. This actually is true. It's also irrelevant.
    Red meat also lowers our life span. Should we outlaw red meat?
    Women live longer than men. Should we outlaw men? Look, if you want to argue for homosexuality being bad, you have to make a relevant and meaningful argument. MANY things lower your lifespan. We can't declare them all "evil."

    "Last I checked it was a "preference" " You clearly don't understand how WORDS work. "It is labeled a "desire" true?" Wow, seriously, you really don't understand how words work, do you? Not EVERY single word you see or hear is meant to be taken at literal face value. Saying that it's a sexual "preference" doesn't make it a choice. That's just a word people use to describe sexual desire. Look, we also desire food, does that make it optional?

    And, no, race is a term that serious scientists don't consider anymore. Again, basic science. You see, in science, new discoveries are made every year – every day, in fact, and, yes, the terminology changes.

  17. Bruce Fisher

    Dave Dewey Love it, I got you to read the Bible, not let's see if you can google the meaning of the word "continually" (over and over).

    1) Show us Dewey where the Bible says over and over to stone a son (the word "child" curiously isn't used) opposed to where it says over and over homosexuality is a sin? you claim it says it "continually"
    2) also show us where this law has ever been carried out in the Bible? (where a "child" was stoned)

    3) You have even cited stoning is based on "not listening" to a parent. Dewey, is that really what it says? Not listening? or is it referring to a son who is beyond correction? Just food for thought, if this "son" was brought before the council and the argument wasn't accurate would they have stoned this "son"?

    4) remind us again where/how this condones homosexual behavior or changes the 42 yr old statistic?

    Now, you appear a well read fellow and I have gotten you to look up the verse you choose to debate…would you care to go a step further and research whom this command was given to, the circumstances and the reason?

    (lastly and almost comically do you think a "child" could qualify as a drunkard :-) )

  18. Bruce Fisher

    Dave Dewey Wods as you pin them, can be hurtful or uplifting, informative or misleading. Sadly in our day Dave, their are all simply "grey" with no set meaning or purpose. Most of us are allowed to choose the foods we eat and I admit many of my choices aren't extending my life at all. In the world we live in brother…who wants to purposefully extend their lifespan? :-) good debate sir… good debate. God bless you and have a purposeful week. I look forward to speaking again sir.

  19. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher, are you questioning God's word? Good! I got you to question the Bible. If one part of the Bible is clearly wrong, then maybe the other parts are, too?

    Look, you're obviously not comfortable with this verse. You suggest that "if this "son" was brought before the council and the argument wasn't accurate, would they have stoned this "son"?" Um, first, why are you putting "son" in scare quotes. The Bible says "son," that's what it means. Also, where in this verse – where at any point in any of these verses – does it say that the council will consider the truth of the parents' accusation? It says that the parents will call the child glutton and drunkard and the child will be stoned. NO WHERE does it even suggest that the child will have a chance to defend himself against his accusations.

    And you ask where it says over and over again to stone children? Hm.
    Psalm 137:9 9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants
    and dashes them against the rocks.

    Killing children is a common occurrence in the Bible.

    This happens A LOT. God does it PERSONALLY. Killing children is practically his hobby.

    "You have even cited stoning is based on "not listening" to a parent. Dewey, is that really what it says? "

    Um…yes. Fucking read it: Deuteronomy 21:18 If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father…

    That's what it says. It says if the child will not obey your voice, stone him to death. Are you questioning the word of God???

  20. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher Debate? You didn't debate. Did you notice the part where I asked you a question and you didn't answer it?

    Your argument is: Homosexuality lowers a man's lifespan, therefore it is wrong. Is this a fair summary of your point? Ok, my response is that red meat ALSO lowers your life span – is eating red meat wrong?

    The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong. The Bible, however, does NOT say that eating red meat is wrong. How could this be?

  21. Dave Dewey

    "I admit many of my choices aren't extending my life at all."

    Oh, so you want the freedom to make bad choices in life, but homosexuals should not be allowed the same freedom to make bad choices? Hm. That's weird. It's almost as if…as if…you just want to tell people what to do while setting up one system of rules for them, and a simpler, more lenient system of rules for yourself. Huh. That's…that's really weird.

  22. Dave Dewey

    "nor men who practice homosexuality"

    What about men who have finished practicing and do homosexuality professionally?

    I mean, it says "practice" right? So maybe it just means people who are studying homosexuality? People who are taking lessons at it? I mean, if we get to question whether or not "son" really truly means "son" in the Bible, let's question other words, too!

    "they shall surely be put to death"

    Yeah, but in many cultures, "death" is a euphemism for "orgasm." Maybe what the Bible is REALLY saying is that "those who practice homosexuality will surely have an orgasm"?

    I mean, it's up for interpretation, isn't it?

  23. Bruce Fisher

    Dave Dewey Here's hoping Mr. Dewey never has kids. Your understanding escapes me. I'm just not as educated as you and therefore not capable of reading… the rest of the verse… and understanding what the situation actually is. My apologies for reducing your language, you appeared well spoken.
    Kudos on your understanding of God's Word, the circumstances, traditions of the time and of course context. Again I say, have a blessed and purposeful week.

  24. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher "Here's hoping Mr. Dewey never has kids."

    Fuck you, I HAVE children. Here's the catch: I DON'T FOLLOW THE MORALITY OF THE BIBLE. And you know what? I keep Christianity OUT of my house.

    And, yes, the "circumstances, traditions of the time and of course context" are different now. It's the 21st century. Stoning children is not ok. Homosexuality is. This morality does not come from the Bible. So…you admit that the Bible is wrong on stoning children, yet you refuse to admit that the Bible is mistaken about homosexuality? What criteria are you using to decide??

  25. Kallin Sharon

    You know Dave, it's like you said – "many of my choices aren't extending my life at all." True, the pen is more powerful than the sword, however, INMO, one of the most important lessons on this earth is – no one should judge another. Whether you debate any biblical words or this common sense humanity principal, you are entitled to your opinion. However, let me remind you – you do not set the rules in this world. You statements indicate that you have already judged people and classified them in a negative way. Are you living in the past dude? I don't set rules for society like most people on this earth. Why should you? Back to the original subject matter now …. if what is printed is true, the MO for this band playing was to talk about bullying right? Who would have thought that their comments or views actually instigate bullying, not stopping it!!! Are you related to Rush Limbaugh?

  26. Anonymous

    Jerry Rhodes Remember the story of Lot? Apparently the Bible also says a lot of things like it is OK for a girl to get pregnant by her father, as long as he's good and drunk first.

    and don't forget about slavery, or the passage where Elisha had got use two she bears to kill 42 kids for being disrespectful,,,in other words, they were being kids.

  27. Anonymous

    Yea, this Bradlee Dean looks like someone who is qualified to be counseling teens about moral behavior, sexuality & Biblical directives. I am curious who put these delinquents up to this nonsense. The superintendent and principal clearly are lax in their discipline to allow such intimidation of the student population & yes, bullying to occur as part of an anti-bullying rally. What a gross contradicton!

  28. Anonymous

    Why do they think is it up to strangers in a random "band" to enter a school and corner the kids to chant purity songs? You guys are a bunch of perverted sexual predators using your "christian band" as a cover to get near kids and speak with them about bedroom topics. Spread your message to people in a legal setting with WILLING participants without calling everyone else bigots- clearly the bigot word is useful for this junky "band".

  29. Anonymous

    JR…God's word wasn't spread, it was misrepresented in a twisted fashion. If these kids in the band want to circulate their warped interpretation of the Bible, a public school anti-bullying rally is hardly the place to do it. Not everyone buys into their brand of Christianity, so they should spew their ignorance within the four walls of their own church. Most of us aren't interested in listening to their droaning.

  30. Chris Vogel

    So typical of religious conservatives: either you do what they say–no matter how ridiculous or malicious–or they try to destroy you. Still better than the old days; modern secular governments do not permit their traditional responses to difference: torture and mass murder. This is a great comfort for those of us they are trying to destroy. Shame about the children they damage, though.

  31. Jerry Rhodes

    pcarle60 Gods word wasn't spread? You don't listen to Christian music do you? Christian is knowing and excepting God, knowing his word. God is "LOVE!" What more a better place than a school to spread God's word! And at an Anti-Bullying rally. Even better! Tis true that some people don't buy this brand of Christiaity, then they didn't have to attend right?

  32. Dave Dewey

    Bruce Fisher , I want to make it very clear when I say: Fuck you. I already have children, and I don't allow Christianity in my house.

    You sit there smug and comfortable in your ignorance – oh, the Bible is perfectly moral, you say. Oh, that stuff about killing children? That's all in the context. It was a different TIME man.

    Bruce, do you honestly believe that murdering your own SON without a trial was EVER at any point in human history ok? I need to pay attention to the CONTEXT?! What context could possibly justify STONING YOUR SON TO DEATH?

    No, Bruce, YOU need to read the actual WORDS as they are written. You don't get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible are valid and true. How much archaeology do you know? How much anthropology do you know? You talk about context, but do you even have the barest idea of what the Bible's original context WAS? Are you even aware that the enslavement in Egypt NEVER HAPPENED? There is no archaeological evidence for it WHATSOEVER, meaning it was a myth, a story, a fable that the ancient Jews told themselves to make them feel better about themselves.

    And you talk to me about CONTEXT?

    You want to claim, free of context, that the Biblical morality on homosexuality is universal and applicable to the 21st century. THEN you turn around and claim that the Biblical morality on MURDERING CHILDREN WITH STONES AND BEARS relies on context and is NOT universally applicable to the 21st century.

    But I thought your god was infinite, and infallible? All knowing and all seeing? So you're telling me, that when he wrote about homosexuality, he got it right; but when he wrote about murdering children he got it wrong? Your god doesn't sound so all knowing, does he?

  33. Dave Dewey

    Jerry Rhodes "then they didn't have to attend right?"

    It happened at a public school. The administration made them attend. So, no, they did have to attend. That's why it's ILLEGAL, that is to say, a CRIME against the Constitution for school administrators to abuse their power and force their religion on students.

    "What more a better place than a school to spread God's word!"

    Gee, how about a fucking church? Or your own home? Or anywhere that it's legal and moral to spread God's word other than a PUBLIC SCHOOL? A public school is perhaps the worst POSSIBLE place to spread God's word because. it. is. illegal.

  34. Nancy Schmidt-Chenier

    Cherry-pick all you like. The same chapter of Leviticus that calls a man sleeping with a man an "abomination" says the same thing about eating seafood, eating cheeseburgers and wearing mixed fibers. I hope that T-shirt you're wearing ain't a ploy blend.
    As far as the New Testament, Jesus had WAY more to say about greed than about sexuality. Why the venom against gays?

  35. Anonymous

    Jerry! You are probably with the band so shut the hell up! Being gay isn't wrong and if it was your way or the way these douche bags want it to be this world would be full of hate, think about it jerk off. There would be so much crime if being gay was a sin, people are people end of story. God is not a hater in fact I heard many times in church HE LOVES ALL HIS PEOPLE! Get over yourself dude your just looking stupid! As long as we accept jesus in our hearts he is there for us. Not just because YOU are being a H8TER! FYI you look like a pedophile! : /

  36. M Lynn Lee

    Jerry Rhodes looks like your lifestyle could use some work in the diet department. The same Bible you quote for your ignorance also says to stone to death a disobedient son, are you prepared to do this? Who is thy neighbor, Jerry? Only those who believe as you do? Does scripture (no caps on purpose due to your use of it) not say to love thy enemies, for even the pagans love their own, so what good does it do for you to love those who do good to you even the pagans do that. I can promise you the pagans do far better. You are all becomming lost in a battle that does not matter, your battle is to be fishers of men, not degraders of men or women!!

  37. Jerry Rhodes

    First of all there is NO need for name calling! And NO I am NOT a hater. I just read my Bible that's all. Being gay is wrong. And if you'd read your Bible you'd know that! A man is supposed to be with a woman, not man/man, woman/woman. And no for your information I am not with the band. God does LOVE all peoploe, he just hates their sin. If you'd read your Bible, you'd know that too! I will definately pray for you!

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