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Time cheats on Time 100 vote to avoid giving the prize to 4chan’s Moot


When the result isn’t going the way you want it to, there’s only one thing to do: cheat. And that’s what Time Magazine has done in the voting for 2009’s Time 100.

As we reported yesterday, Moot, the founder and owner of 4chan was topping the list with 275,000 votes with an average score of 75/100. Today Moot has 280,000 votes with an average score of 53/100 and is in 3rd place…but not before going lower, as the pic above that is currently doing the rounds demonstrates. The likelihood of Moot obtaining 5,000 additional votes in 24 hours and droping that much rank, while at the same time Jon Stewart doubled his total votes is impossible. Note also that the places are ranked by score, not total votes, but how you’d drop down that number out of 100 with 5000 votes from 280,000 is again impossible. Moot has been hobbled.

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12 Responses to “Time cheats on Time 100 vote to avoid giving the prize to 4chan’s Moot”

  1. Ryan

    They probably subtracted the total of votes from users who had just created an account during a certain time frame, and voted only for moot and didn't bother to provide any input for any of the other candidates. They don't buy Time or provide quality feedback for Time anyway, so… why would they cater to 4chan users… at all?

  2. Mister X

    They removed the votes because all of 4chan is running bots to autovote Moot for 100 points and everyone else for 1 point.

  3. NekoTerreh

    If a ton of people are going through the effort of auto-voting for moot to win and automatically down-voting everyone else, wouldn't that make him influential in the sense that people are driven to the extent if using whatever means to get him to win?

  4. Anonymous

    You missed the fact that moot went from over a million votes down to under 300k. They threw out a bunch of votes.

  5. /b/

    does anyone on 4chan do anything constructive with their life or do they all still live with their parents and jack off to the sci fi channel? these socially inept cave dwellers are annoyances and ruin the internet. theyre just pathetic losers in real life get to act “tough” as faceless handles.

  6. derp

    >do anything constructive with their life


  7. Person

    I completely think that if so many people are going to the efforts to vote so much for him


    that makes him definitely the most influential.

    If national leaders or celebrities can't generate CLOSE to the same response, it's obvious.

  8. for-great-justice

    It's a damned shame. Honestly. If people believe that he should win that badly, TIME shouldn't be rigging votes.

  9. CP

    Hey, 4chan has enemy chans.
    Long story short, TIME has placed itself in the crossfire.

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