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Kristin Kreuk Joins ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Cast

Kristin Kreuk has just joined the cast of the CW’s new pilot for a remake of the 1980s television series “Beauty and the Beast.”

Kreuk will play New York homicide detective Catherine Chandler who teams up with Vincent, a man who was turned into a beast during a military experiment, to take down criminals in the city, including the man who killed Chandler’s mom. Oh, and of course, they fall in love.

The synopsis for the original series reads:

“The adventures and romance of a sensitive and cultured lion-man and a crusading District Attorney assistant.”

As insanely cheesy as “Beauty and the Beast” sounds, the original series ran for 56 episodes over three seasons. It also won three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for Ron Pearlman who played the original beast.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Ron Koslow, who created the original series, will return as Executive Producer.

Here’s the opening for the original series.

What do you think of the “Beauty and the Beast?” Are you a fan of Kristin Kreuk? Do you think the “Beauty and the Beast” will make it past the pilot episode?