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$900 Trillion Suit Against NYC ACS Actually Quite Clever

900 trillion suit ACS NYC

Yesterday, news that a woman was suing New York City in a $900 trillion suit began ping-ponging its way around the web, with most stories focusing on the insinuation that the woman behind the suit- Fausat Ogunbayo- wasn’t entirely playing with a full deck.

At first glance, it sounds that way- who would possibly think that a number several hundred times higher than the whole of the US debt would be an achievable figure? A $900 trillion suit? Is she mentally ill? And indeed, coverage of the story seems to hinge largely on whether Ms. Ogunbayo is suffering from an untreated mental illness, but if you’ve seen the mess that is New York State’s ACS/DSS/CPS divisions, you know that that’s probably only a very small part of the story.

At second glance, Ogunbayo’s strategy is actually fairly clever and well-considered. If her aim was to draw attention to what may be some severe violations in due process with her case, she has succeeded fairly well. News media don’t often pick up stories about child protective services outside ones that are otherwise sensational, such as a case of fatal abuse. A story like Ogunbayo’s- which seems to, at its heart, involve a wrongful removal- are almost never covered, and the woman has been without her children for several years. That her level of restraint is held solely to a rather ostentatious sum sought for redress is admirable.

A local Staten Island website originally picked up the story before it went viral, and it seems that while Ogunbayo may be mentally ill, that alone is not legally grounds to remove a child from a parent’s custody. However, once pretense is established to do so, getting a child returned to the custody of the parents or parent can be a Sisyphean task, and is a merry-go-round on which the plaintiff has been riding for years. SILive reports:

“Proof of mental illness alone will not support a finding of neglect,” unless there’s a causal link between the parent’s condition and actual or potential harm to the child, said the court.

In fact, the youngsters had “near-perfect” attendance in school and “were doing well, even thriving, academically,” while in their mother’s care, the appellate division said. In addition, the boys were up to date on their medical examinations and vaccinations, and their heights and weights were appropriate for their ages, said the court.

Still, Ogunbayo has been traversing the standard legal channels to get her children back since 2008. ACS, New York City’s CPS, has even been ordered to return her children- but instead, the agency has opted to attempt to file a new complaint against her. SILive says:

While the appellate ruling restored custody of her children to Ms. Ogunbayo, she alleges ACS has “refused” to return them… A city Law Department spokeswoman yesterday said the children remain in ACS custody, because the agency has filed a new petition in Family Court.

Perhaps Ms. Ogunbayo’s mental state is a consideration, but if the law says that is not in and of itself cause to tear her family apart, all agencies should respect the law as written. When you consider that the case has been drawn out for nearly four years- nearly a quarter of her kids’ childhoods taken from all three of them- does a $900 trillion suit to shine a light seem all that crazy to you now?

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178 Responses to “$900 Trillion Suit Against NYC ACS Actually Quite Clever”

  1. Billy Oh

    I believe she knows she will never get that kind of money, but it WILL cause attention to her story and be forced out from under the dust broom. 1/5 of Americans have some sort of mental Illness, some less severe than others. I hope she gets her kids back at the very least, though monitored for the kids' sake.

  2. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    Just wondering how she arrived at that amount? Pam 2/8/12

  3. John Dix

    Why monitored? The judge even said that she was doing a good job with them. There are thousands of children out there who's parents don't even do half of what she has done.

  4. John Dix

    Why monitored? The judge even said that she was doing a good job with them. There are thousands of children out there who's parents don't even do half of what she has done.

  5. Anonymous

    She should have the 9th district court in Cailifornia take her case. She would win their.

  6. John Quirl

    Just another case where government thinks it knows what best for you and people who have power let it go to thier head

  7. Vikki Wright

    I'm glad she did that. The "Child Protection Services" this Country, (and yes that means every State), has been out of control for many, many years. They are just "legal" kidnappers. They get away with this due to the fact that NO ONE wants to Challenge them, (unless you have tons of money & can hire high dollar Attorneys), no one wants to regulate them. It is a travesty what they do to family's what they do and they need to be stopped! Like the article said, not even the News Media wants to get involved UNLESS it is a high profile case, they will tell you that it is because of the fact it involves minor children, BULL!

  8. Kim LaCapria

    Most parents are willing to keep quiet and do whatever it takes to get their kids back ASAP, so it kind of goes on unabated, unfortunately.

  9. Yesenia Rivera

    The thing about this case (being a social worker myself) is that while she and her lawyers are talking so openly about their case, you will not be able to hear ACS' side due to legalities. Truth is that sometimes these things do happen–where cases go on forever and children are in placement–but until you know the true reason for ACS keeping her children in custody you are not informed enough to pick a side. Also, with all the money it takes to care and foster a child people would think twice about jumping to the conclusion that the state loves to take people's children away. The reality is that when parents cannot even provide for a child's basic needs and ensure their safety then its important that there be an institution to aide the family in learning the skills to do so and be able to seek services in the community to help them.

  10. Wayne Slagle

    Child rearing years are the best years and she has missed a great part of that. There is no amount of money that can replace it. I hope she gets enough money to make ALL the other states wake up.

  11. Lisa Upshaw-Haider

    We all know that Josh Powell had a mental illness. Look what he did to his children. I know children protective agencies are notorious for taking children away from parents who lack legal advocates. I would hope if her children are returned she should be monitored.

  12. Anonymous

    Lawsuits should be pre-screened. The damages requested should have a reasonable ceiling that reflects some rational evaluation of the losses. One lawsuit should not gain more attention simply because of the insane amount of money requested in damages. And US courts shouldn't be allowed to be tied up with frivolous suits or with suits with totally baseless claims. If a victim claims a lack of due process, they should be allowed to require a hearing at a supervisory level of the court – eventually to the supreme court if deemed necessary. But a lawsuit should not be allowed for a due process claim. Money has nothing to do with the problem.

  13. Vikki Wright

    Kim LaCapria your right, most parents do what they think is right to get the kids back, but then when they complete what is asked form them, more & more is put on, so it is an endless cycle. And a lot of Parents are intimidated into just letting CPS do what ever. Really the whole system is corrupt & it needs to be monitored.

  14. Tamara Lee Bennett

    Vikki Wright that's how they are able to keep their jobs; stealing kids from their parents.

  15. Patti Stevens

    As a foster parent for 8 years now I know that there is ALWAYS another side to the story but I applaud this woman for trying to make everyone take a hard look at our system! It is so broken and most times it only rules in favor of the parent or the state and the kids' rights are not taken into consideration. Mentally ill or not….she definately knows that no amount of money can give her the time back that she missed with her children and they will be traumatized for the rest of their lives. We need to take a hard look at the system and recognize that many people that do need their children taken away never see a CPS worker and some of the people that never see their kids again really just need some support. Granted…the system works for some but it is terribly broken!

  16. Anonymous

    Go back to your own country! We don't really need another loser suing for nothing since we already have enough of our own homegrown weasels. Go back home and send the US people who will help our society, not be a burden to it.

  17. Anonymous

    You are a Fking idiot, I would hate to ever have to walk within 30' of you.

  18. Anonymous

    You are a Fking idiot, I would hate to ever have to walk within 30' of you.

  19. Larry Wood

    That is all how it certainly should be and shouldn't be as you have stated. But that isn't how it works at all. Unfortunately the amount she is suing for will only work once at getting the attention she is and then some state or federal law will be enacted to limit such claims. Which means others will be kept on the merry-go-round while some families suffer at the hands of system filled with over-righteous even if well meaning megalomaniacs. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she had words with someone at CPS and this is now some personal vendetta by someone at CPS against her.

  20. Jeff Palon

    So if they gave her back her kids and she "blew up her house with them in it" then of course it would be "their" fault too, right?

  21. Larry Hartz

    I agree with you for the most part, WE will never know the WHY the kids were taken, HOWEVER a judge ordered the kids returned, I am sure the judge knows the hows and whys, and found that they were being taken care of. But the taking and returning of children SHOULD be black and white. There should be no "I think the kid might be in danger" , parents are responsible for their children. If a child is being neglected or put in harms way.. Sure give them a better home and life.. but if they will have a reasonably well childhood based on a minimum standard, WHY TAKE THEM AWAY?!?! (the standard above is academic and nutritional)

  22. Craig Burns

    If CPS is involved she is probably going to lose. The "Supreme Court" has recently ruled that CPS has government protection from any liability. That means they can take your kids for speeding with them in the car. They can then put them in a foster home and legally change their names. If you are saying no way… I've got some stories you probably don't want to imagine can happen.

  23. Craig Burns

    If CPS is involved she is probably going to lose. The "Supreme Court" has recently ruled that CPS has government protection from any liability. That means they can take your kids for speeding with them in the car. They can then put them in a foster home and legally change their names. If you are saying no way… I've got some stories you probably don't want to imagine can happen.

  24. Brandi Russ

    Really? "the system is corrupt", so what you are saying is that somehow an agent of child protection services found some way to profit from taking this lady's kids away? Come on folks, use a little common sense, something caused the case to be initiated, they didn't just randomly draw her name out of a hat and decide to take her kids. If the story was on an abusive parent who was able to keep her kids you would be raising hell because the agency wasnt doing enough to protect the kids. Get a freakin life, a freakin job and quit blaming your problems on the government.

  25. Kevin Cazad

    Tamara Scallion there isnt 900 trillion dollars on this entire planet unless we just started randomly printing money. The government cant even pay the 15 trillion it owes around the globe, 900 trillion is over a decades worth of our GDP.

  26. Yesenia Rivera

    Larry Hartz and just to add to that I have seen judge's order children to return home according to their "legal definitions" as opposed to combining that to the Department's "clinical reasoning" and the case returns in worse case than when it left. I think the take-away message is that you really can't anticipate everything that is going to happen. =(

  27. Aaron Sereboff

    They have the story all wrong. This was actually Dr. Evil from Austin Powers who is suing for 1 Million Billion Dollars….

  28. Jeremiah Patrick

    Vikki Wright I agree that the system is corrupt, but who should monitor it? Power breeds corruption. The CPS system needs demolished and rebuilt. It needs to be much harder for them to destroy families.

  29. Christopher Martino

    may be some one should moniter you. Just becuase someone has menal illness doesn't mean they can't funktion. my wife is mentaly ill and is a great loving mom to our son. who by the way is top in his class. slavery was out lawed i thought.

  30. Greg Hicks

    You're argument might have more merit if there weren't so many terrible parents in this country who only procreate because they are selfishly enjoying sex rather than realizing it's the creation of another human life. So don't knock Social Services because they're overwhelmed with horrendous parents and are looking out for, what they believe, to be the welfare of children.

  31. Ricardo Cardoza

    For the government to pay that much money it would have to print lots of money, which means, by the time she gets it, it wouldn't be worth as much.

  32. That's Groovy

    I agree with Wayne. This mother and her children have missed some very important, fun years. Their memories of these years away from each other, must be so sad. Their was one person that worked for the 'Child Protection Services' that caused these problems. Why not find out who that is, and hold them accountable for their actions.

  33. Jeremiah Patrick

    How do we all know he had a mental illness? What illness? His best friend said he was simply an exceptionally selfish man. Don't monitor this poor family. They've been through enough hell.

  34. Bonn Stevens

    I do look at it as just a pubicity tactic to shed light on what she believes to be a diservice. Look at it this way, a sane person wouldn't ask for $900 trillion knowing that they would be laughed at and probably get nothing, yet a mentally ill person probably doesn't even know what $900 trillion is. So good for her, she is getting exactly what she wants, national attention.

  35. Mike Del

    I see some of your points on how those sevices and do agree. But $900 Trillion? What attorney would even entertain such a suit? That would make this woman not only the wealthiest person but the wealthiest country. Some civil action may be just but nit such a silly amount.

  36. Jim Birchfield

    My first question is what's her immigration status? My second question is what rock did she have to turn over to find a scumbag lawyer wanting his name in the papers for filing such an ignorant lawsuit?

  37. Travis Bond

    Incredible! Parent’s rights continue to be stripped away by agencies who think they somehow know better than the parents themselves.

  38. Kiara Bennett

    Great article! Unfortunately, upon reading the original article about the suit, I also thought that she was one fry short of a Happy Meal. But reading this article, I can definitely sympathize with her and completely understand (and support) her reasons behind such an outrageous suit. CPS does seem to do more harm than good these days. So, good for her! Even if she gets 500 million dollars, this will still be a case that makes CPS think twice before not rightfully returning children. However, I do think that a mental evaluation would be helpful.

  39. Anonymous

    She was probably wronged… just give her only $1 trillion… call it even.

  40. Jeremiah Patrick

    Greg Hicks You're obviously not a parent. Guess we're all lucky you don't work for CPS.

  41. A Erich DiMatteo

    Chances are this women is unstable. The most disgusting part of this article is that mental disablility is not a reson to take kids. The harsh truth is child rearing is not a right and should be taken away from 75% of the population. Unfit parents ( and this comes from every background) are the reason this country is shit.

  42. Sarah Radi Dobrovolny

    I just love how everyone is jumping on her bandwagon. We have no facts in the story. We have no idea what she may have done to her kids in terms of mental or emotional abuse. Perfect attendance and up to date immunizations hardly means anything. Just because there weren't signs of physical abuse, it doesn't mean anything. I agree the system needs to be revamped in a major way but there are parents that are completely at fault and say they've done nothing wrong. People lie all the time and too many kids are put into the wrong hands. Without knowing all the facts, it's hard to believe this woman is completely innocent.

  43. Vikki Wright

    your right jeremiah, how would they rebuild it, BUT at the same time, it desperately needs to be looked into, or regulated more or SOMETHING so they can not continue to get by with kidnapping children And @ gregg, yes obviously your not a Parent or have known someone who has had to deal with the corrupt so called child services, or you just have your head in the sand, I hope it never comes to your "backyard", as I would not wish it on my worse enemy, but you obvious have no clue to whats going on. To Bonn, yes it is a publicity stunt, but it is working, National Attention needs to be brought to the dirty tactics these agencys use. Smart move on her part.

  44. Vikki Wright

    No really Jeremiah, he is one of the type that WOULD work for child services!

  45. Greg Hicks

    Jeremiah Patrick You obviously don't know me and yes, I am. My wife is also a teacher and deals with horrendous parents on a day-to-day basis. So if you would, keep your assumptions to yourself. Thank you.

  46. Greg Hicks

    My mother also has worked for DSS for over 10 years and I have interned there when I was in college over the summer. I know the crap they go through. Parents request welfare and then don't even bother to show up for their appointment. It's not uncommon. This situation might be an exception or it might not be, we're not getting the entire story. So please, don't generalize an entire organization just because everyone else agrees with you.

  47. Robert Miller

    Ridiculus! one more resone this country has gone to hell in a hand basket!
    Sure sue them but 900 trillion? give me a break!
    The woman should be commited for a head exam!
    just where does this woman think this money comes from?
    the woman is off her nut!
    The whole country has the easy buck dollar signs in there eyes.
    it used to be love and help they niebor now its screw they niebor at all cost.
    this woman should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  48. Greg Hicks

    Incredible! You're basing your opinions on an article that only is reporting on one side of the issue because you don't know any better yourself.

  49. Alexis Banks

    i agree, because there has been an issue with CPS for years, they take the wrong kids and leave the ones who need to be taken, in my county they never even followed up on complaints and young mentally challenged girl was raped and murdered by her brother and mother. I hope she gets a huge settlement in punitive damages so everyone reevaluates their policies

  50. Teri Foss

    Mothers get all the blame. It's the system that's wholly Orwellian-like that makes it impossible to be able to navigate one's family into a purposive and hopeful direction. Whether CPS, DSHS, or what-have-you, these agencies need to be called on the ground for their severe violations of even common decency, let alone the very mission they're supposed to be fulfilling!

  51. Teri Foss

    Heck, what chance do you think a parent has when not even the Appellate Court could convince them to comply by the law!?

  52. Ryan Bussell

    Would just like to state that my girlfriend is a social worker in Michigan and they do NOT take kids away unless it is court ordered. Only if sufficient evidence is shown can a child be taken away. They don't just do it for sh*ts and giggles. As a matter of fact, a mother threw her baby in boiled bath water (she boiled water on her stove and filled a bathtub) and they still STRUGGLED to get the kid pulled from the home.

    Generally speaking, the people that have problems with CPS are the ones that have had issues with them in the past. It's like police officers. People that don't break the law generally don't hate cops.

  53. Chris Williams

    To Vikki since I couldn't find the reply button lol. I agree with you on CPS being nothing more than sanctioned kidnapping, in this case it is clearly shown, even when CPS were ORDERED to return the kids, they not only ignored the order, but attempted to file new sanctions against the mother. And even when the parent does what they are supposed to, and meet all the guidelines, like you said, CPS just comes up with more bs to throw at them. Gotta make you wonder, are CPS really for protecting the kids, or for tearing apart families?

  54. Patricia Shultz

    I don;t know who Mr Hicks is but he sure don't know anything I speak from experince the DCF needs To BE Goverened they get away with way to much be cause They R DCS I had Grandhildren in the foster care sysytem in Californis Had a home study done on my home took all the Classes they wantd what was there answer we don't want them out of the state of California Thankful my grandchildren are out of DCS they r grown now but when they tell me some of the things they had to go through with They were told noone care for them or wanted them when in fact I was writing them each week telling them how much I cared for them asking that they be allowed to call me collect what was I told your grandchildren want nothing to do with you bulshit and I can not tell you the times I personally caught the workers in a lie I have a grandson to this day has problems because when he was 8 yr old they felt he had a behavior problrm put him in a instition tilll he rached 18yrs old no wonder he had problems thinking he had noone to love him now I have Grndchildren in La who R in Foster care the mother grandmother has tried so hard too get the children back and there is always something even to having a hearing and stating my grandaughter was there in person when in fact she was a state away and knew nothing about the hearing This is just a way for people to make money off of foster care childrennand if your rich you can get away with any thing I hope the lady in New York gets double what she is asking for yes there is children that should be removd from the home but there is so many that should main with th parent and DCF can spend some money on the family to help the parent be and learn to be better parents DCS THINKS THERE ABOVE THE LAW AND THEY NEED TO ACCOUNT TO SOMEONE AS THEY DON"T NOW

  55. J.r. Bray

    The only reason she is seeking that amount is to peak the medias interest. You can't figure that out? She would never get that much, but $100 million she possibly could.

  56. Jill John Guillory

    Rememeber people the judge said to return the kids but the agency refused which I think is a bunch of bs she should get her kids back but not the 900,000,000,000,000 dollars she is suing for that's way too much and out of bounds even for an issue like this, hell if the US don't have the money to pay off the national debt how would a company have a agency have it. Also yes the government needs to keep there noses out of peoples lives like this and quit micromanaging like they are.

  57. Tony Culpepper

    It doesnt say so in this article but she is representing herself.

  58. Anonymous

    Child Protective Services in the entire country is a joke. They protect the callers, most of the time it's a revenge call just to stir up trouble from someone the parent has ticked off. If someone truly believes a child is being abused they would have no problem coming forward. Depending on the worker you have go out to the house, it's either an over zealous control freak who thinks only his/her way is right or someone who just wants to get in and out and doesn't pay attention. The system is completely broken. While 900 trillion is out of the question, she should get a few million and her children back, and if I was her I would leave the state completely. Her children where perfectly fine until they came along. So she might have a mental illness, but it wasn't affecting her children.

  59. Eric Rice

    breaks my heart that "parents" always point the finger and blame everyone else. perhaps people should stop and think that everytime you point your finger, you have 3 pointed back at you… course who am I to say, I was the ward of the state for almost 12 years. my partents never took any responsibility for what they had done. instead blamed the state cause I was taken. then the foster homes I was put in for the next 6 years always blamed the state too for them beating me for being scared… then the adopted family that beat and raped me blamed it on the state…. sounds like you "parents" are are just wanting to point the finger… I got one for ya too, and its people like you that make sure I will never have kids, cause I don't want to take the chance of turning out like you! so keep the blame on everyone else… guess you can only read and not take any responsibility for yourself. that's what it seems that women is doing, and she cant be that mental,,,, ohhh wait,,, her kids were taken away! what's the rest of the story? who was there to see what happened to those kids? what was the social worker like? umm…

  60. Mark Smith

    "their…and you shouldn't confuse CPS issues with OTHER issues in which the republicans want to deregulate. It would be said if this case becomes an excuse for the rich to start dumping waste into our ocean because the government 'doesn't know what is best".

  61. Mark Smith

    From this point on, she can blame the decline of her children on CPS who has raised them for the past four years.

  62. Mark Smith

    You obviously didn't get it…but the irony is that you NEVER WOULD HAVE HEARD OF THIS CASE if not for that obscene amount..get it now? WOW!

  63. Mark Smith

    We don't expect imbeciles to actually understand why she asked for the amount that she did…but you woudln't even be replying to this story had she not. That doesn't shed much light on your intelligence now does it?

  64. Mark Smith

    You just stated the obvious. Of course she doesn't believe she'll get an amount that nobody can possibly pay. That was never the point. Would you be even commenting on this article had she NOT asked for that amount? People just do not get it. This isn't rocket science.

  65. Mark Smith

    Let me add this, if you were wrongfully arrested for a crime you did not comment, should YOU have to be monitored once the mistake is corrected? You need to THINK before you type.

  66. Mark Smith

    The bottom line is, and it amazes me after reading some of these comments, the amount she sued for was to get the media attention. This person is trying to everything possible to get her kids back. Four years is a long time to be without your kids. If CPS can't get through the legal wrangling any faster than that, they have no right to keep anyone's kids that long without due process. How would YOU like to be waiting on a trail for four years. What if you know you were not guilty? What if you were in JAIL awaiting that trial. This suit will open some eyes. They need to fix their system.

  67. Mark Smith

    However, jumping to judgment and saying CPS should NOT exist is a whole different story. They HAVE INDEED saved many children from abusive households and there are some lucky and thankful kids that owe their lives to that system. It would be extreme to use one case in which we do not know all the facts to abolish CPS altogether. Simply put again, like many others, their system needs to be fixed.

  68. Anonymous

    sad… not said, and lets not make a confusing argument juxtaposing the obviously wrong with something that is not black and white. Why would you think the rich would start dumping waste into the ocean because the government doesn't know what's best? Where have you been… the rich are the government.

  69. Brian Adams

    friend of mine was falsely accused of "touching" his daughter in Virginia of which it came out that it was all a lie. the CPS worker went around town telling other parents to keep him away from their kids because he's "dangerous". Then in court the CPS worker wanted the judge to commit a crime of which the judge refused.

  70. Greg Hicks

    Mark Smith Haha, brotha no one "awards" that title to themselves. Facebook automatically does that when you comment on a lot of articles using Facebook.

  71. Paula Odom

    When I first read this I could not get the image of Dr Evil in Austin Powers asking for "a hundred jillion bajillion dollars". Then after reading this it makes sense because it has called attention to the case and maybe shame them into giving her children back.

  72. Kim LaCapria

    Teri, I read a great piece in the Baltimore Law Review about this entitled, I believe "Reflections on Judging Motherhood." It absolutely is a very sexist system. It's a PDF, but worth a read.

  73. Kim LaCapria

    I have heard of a few cases in my area recently where school districts use CPS to essentially remove "problem" kids. (ie, special needs.) For two parent families it's bad, but single parent families really suffer.

  74. Matt L Croft

    Mark Smith geez, I see your name about 20x in the comments for this article. Are you trying to take Greg's title? (Wait, let me reread my post so Mark Smith doesn't jump on my for typos.)

  75. Anonymous

    Asking for $900 trillion? Yeah I believe the claim that she's mentally unstable without any doubt. Definitely. That alone explains why her kids were taken from her. She's off her rocker.

  76. Rick Watson

    Ok most economists estimate that there is only around 35 trillion dollars in the collective GDP's of every nation in the world, so the amount is really quite comical. Hiowever she seems to have a valid beef.

  77. Mark Smith

    andybrown225 Read it again…"said" was correctly used. "It would be said….that". Please dont try to play grammar police if you can't understand what you read.

  78. Mark Smith

    andybrown225 "doesn't know what is is best" is what would be SAID…when you change that I type, you simply made your own argument based upon you errantly correcting something that needed to correction. If yiou were not too busy trying to play grammar police and pretending you already knew what somebody intended to say, you would have actually seen this valid point. John Quirl is making the case that this article is a story of "just another case where the government thinks it knows better". The government PREVENTS dumping of wastes, so therefore the government indeed DOES know better. The argument being made here is to DEREGULATE because the government "doesn't know what is best for you". If the obvious example I put forth is so confusing for you to comprehend (as apparently was the correct use of the word "said") then perhaps this isn't something you are intelligent enough for which to respond.

  79. Pete Winnard

    Just considering this, Apart from the 'silly' amount of money being demanded, and for someone with a supposed 'mental illness', don't you think that this letter is extremely well written and something you would expect from a laywers office,, I know that myself I could not have written something that sounds so "legal' without the help of a laywer, so this woman sounds like she actually has some smarts and a possible legal background. The Fact she quotes the 'Civil right 42 U.S.C.section 1983' Shows that she's researched this and understood what it meant enough to quote it, how many regular people even know what this is?
    Taking this all into consideration I wonder what kind of mental illness this woman has, because apart from the amount of money being requested this letter seems like it comes from the mind of someone who has a lot of smarts.

  80. Mark Smith

    andybrown225 In fact, your comment along that the "rich are the government" demonstrates to me that you have taken the safe stance and avoid taking the proper stance into what is right in that the PEOPLE are the government. With your logic, CPS is the rich and therefore there is no use even trying to fight any issues relating to the government…I mean, they are the rich. We need LESS of you and more of STRONG-WILLED citizens of this country and you'll see LESS of what CPS and the "rich" are doing to this country.

  81. Sharon Catterall

    I have bipolar and clinical paranoia yet i am still eloquent

  82. Gilbert Rodriguez

    Doesn't sound crazy, it seems & sounds angry and justifiably so. That's understandable the lady & her Children have and continue to suffer irreversible and irreplaceable harm and loss that no amount of redress in money will ever replace and make right truly.

    Surely she will not receive that damage amount requested but it's easy to understand how she feels and there is legal and official backing that she has been wronged.

  83. Anonymous

    Once again this is a Fallacious argument. So, Powell had a mental illness. Yes, it was a tragedy. However, out of all the people that have had mental illness, how many have truly shown any tendency toward violence. It is equivalent to the argument of : " Charles Manson was white therefore all white people are murderers." It is an absolutely ludicrous statement that jumps to an extreme conclusion without any true evidence to do so

  84. James Johnson

    We are bankrupt, well for all intensive purposes as we are borrowing more then we owe in interest to pay off interest payments we can't cover on the national deficit. The point isn't that she'll receive that type of money but that she'll have her voice heard. Obviously no judge would ever award that type of settlement even if CPS was found guilty. It's actually a quite smart move based on her lingering case and static position of all agencies involved.

  85. Jordan Parsons

    Which mental illness. ADHD could be considered a mental illness. There are tons of mental illnesses that won't affect caring for others. I have ADHD I kind of know. I eventually want to have a family. Are CPS going to take them too. CPS should worry about the rape and abuse victims children who need the help. If Children were abused It would not be hard to tell.

  86. Patricia Shultz

    about 20 yrs ago in Florida I had a friend that had her 5 children removed because of things her ex husband was saying till they could as they said investagated the allegation ( which they later found was false) 1 child ran away and went back home the mother would call the worker every day asking about her children especially the one who had ran away from foster care she even send letters to her children she ask for visition with her children especially the 1 that had ran away back home to be told the children wanted nothing to do with her she would even ask if the child sitting at home got her letters to be told he would just throw the letters unopen in the trash can not 1 time did the social worker state she did not know where the child was or was missing the Mother fineally lost her cook called the worker a lier as her son had been sitting her her home for 3 weeks ten they decides to let the child stay at home and returned the other ones do I have any use for CPS NO

  87. River Fragments

    I think $900 Trillion is a gross understatement of what she id due. If someone tried to take my daughter away without just cause and due process, that's be my demanding price PER DAY, and I'd still fall short of getting justice. Granted, the $900 trillion is not possible, being the wealth of the whole world some 14 times over, but that's not the point. While it would be impossible to award the actual dollar amount, it is theoretically possible to create an arrangement where the judgement is met. She and her family can own rights to the entirety of the assets of New York City for a further several billion years, just like consecutive life sentances. Paying taxes on it would be an accountant's worst nightmare!

  88. Norma Lybarger

    thank you, Patti. None of us are perfect, but that does not mean that we cannot be good parents. This is not good for the children. They have been told for 4 yrs. that their mother is incapable of taking care of them-that she is "defective". Mental illness can be no more of a hindrance to taking care of your children than blindness or being wheelchair bound. While that may not always be the case, CPS has to be very slow to terminate parental rights and that does not seem to be the case here.

  89. Anonymous

    That woman needs to change her telephone number now that her paperwork with her tel# has been posted all over the internet.

  90. Thomas Rybacki

    $900 trillion? Who does she think she is? Dr. Evil? I think what happened to her was wrong, but that is an unrealistic sum of money. If it was me and I got that much, I'd probably make some changes in reference to Congress (i.e salary/benefits of Congressmen as well as term limits).

  91. Chris Simonetti

    James Johnson I couldnt agree more, it just seems she could of had her voice heard with a more reasonable amount, I think even a couple of million she would have set her point straight and she may have been granted it, giving her case goes well.

  92. Anonymous

    It is unknown what her mental illness is so don't assume it is bad. There are many mental illnesses including depression, now if you are telling me that because a parent is depressed they should be monitored on how they raise their kids you are being irrational.

  93. Tristin Solorzano

    I like her tactics but can she have built a little bit less money? I mean nine hundred trillion dollars is absolute ridiculous amount to ask for. She could have done for a lot less like maybe be $900 million and that would have still gotten her on the news. I wonder what her actual settlement is going to be?

  94. Tommy Maj

    ( We ) or People should protest in front of there building! There system is fully broken.. Most of there workers they hire, don't even have children. They have no experience with child what so ever. And its nothing that can be taught in school. They are Pure EVIL! at its best! Don't get me wrong they do Help some children. But every one child they help. They destroy and break up About 20 innocent family's. They highly over exaggerate any little thing. I did research on ACS for 4 month's. Its all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…and them keeping there job's. Foster Care is big Profit $$$$$$$. You can proof your innocent. if you have 8,000 to start with a good lawyer. They are they worst! I Don't know how some of them could look at themselves in the mirror. God does not like ugly! That is just one reason out of so many, why AMERICA is being destroyed from the inside out. Please People we need to wake up to what's going on in this in America and the WORLD.

  95. Robert Benitez

    Norma Lybarger They don't always have to be slow to terminate parental rights. You need to learn to see things from both sides. It's a lose-lose for them honestly. If they're too quick, like now, everyone calls them horrible and overzealous homewreckers. If they're slow about it and leave the children in a house so they can "be slow to terminate the rights" than a child could be left in a house with a now extremely angry parent who is aware someone is investigating them. I'm not even a worker for CPS or the government of any state and I can tell you it isn't as black-and-white as most of the people in these comments make it seem. They're jobs are hard. They do not purposely go out of their way just to ruin lives and take the wrong children out of the home. They have to make decisions on very limited information most of the time, and you can't blame them if they err on the side of caution. There are a lot of messed up people in the world today, and it is oftentimes hard to tell. Just because the kids are doing well in school and eating apparently healthy does not always mean they're in a good environment. I can speak from experience and tell you kids are very capable of succeeding in school and maintaining a healthy weight while still being in an absolutely horrible living situation. The media has very limited information, as do each and every one of you posting here. Refrain from calling an entire system and people broken, especially "the whole nation's" when all of your information comes from a few key cased reported by the media. The media are in it to make money, and do not always have the full picture. For every one case the media reports, imagine how many they don't. Take all of the reports of parents who hurt or kill their children that you see in the media. Those are ONLY the extreme cases. Imagine all of the cases you don't hear and know about.

  96. Anonymous

    If the people DON"T stand up and TAKE OUR country back from the imbecile politicians either by democratic process or violent uprising WE DESERVE every atrocity the government will CONTINUE to bestow upon us in their lecherous usurpation of our rights.

  97. Mel Njoys Cards

    Tamara and Vikki you do NOT even know what you are talking about. I went through foster care in Illinois and they SAVED MY LIFE. The social worker I had was incredibly overworked, underpaid, severely stressed, and gave a damn about every single kid in his responsibility.( Which is FAR more than I could say for most of the parents of said children.) He never slept but he also never missed a court date or home visitation and he worked on paperwork at home every single night and weekend!

    Yes, there are bad social workers, and some states' agencies are woefully in need of restructuring…but that is because in our country we DO NOT VALUE OUR CHILDREN unless they are fetuses (right wing pro-choicers). Once they are born, no one wants to spend any money on ensuring that kids in horrible homes can get the emotional and physical care and education they need. One of the cases my social worker had involved a mother who punished her 2 year old by IMMERSING HER IN BOILING WATER. Maybe if we gave a damn about our kids and put some money into the agencies and the salaries of the people working there we would have better agencies with enough qualified people working there to handle proper caseloads instead of 60 kids per SW, which is insane. $30k annually for a social worker in a draining job but millions for someone to hit a baseball. This country's priorities are horrid and no where is it shown better than in our lack of concern for properly funded and staffed social service agencies..

    Don't tar all agencies with the same brush. And NONE of them WANT to "kidnap" anyone. And you DON'T need a ton of money to fight them if that's what you want to do. You clearly know nothing about how these systems actually work.

  98. Vikki Wright

    Isnt it funny that the ONLY people defending Child Services are the ones who work for them or have relatives who do, or the ones who obviously does not have children? Goes to show you the amount of Corruption within the System and the misunderstanding of a lot of people that Parents who have their Children taken away have done something to cause such. In reality, a lot of times that is not the case, (sure I do agree that there are times when it is necessary, but most of the times it is not) & the public, at the least need to know what actually happens, instead of being so biased and thinking the Child Protection System does not need fixing. IT DOES!! Yes it is true that Children are not taking away unless the Court Orders it, BUT the Court is going on the recommendations of the Case Worker. The FACT is, CPS needs a major overhaul, and sure there are some workers who actually care & do right, (if they can without losing their jobs), this is NOT the only case involving CPS or CPS Judges in the news lately. That should tell us that it is a system that is BROKE!!

  99. Deborah Kamphaus

    So why were they taken, what instigated CPS in the first place and if mental illness were only factor none of us would have our kids. After a few years with kids we could all be certified as mentally ill. Need more facts before decision, if her trial has taken 4 yrs then she is right to sue the state. It should not take years to determine if you get your kids back and if they had right to take them in first place.

  100. Roscoe Frazier

    They took my children with false accusations and false statements from anyone they could on January 24, 2012, in Yuba City, California (Sutter County), also keep in mind. It was my wife's birthday. I got them back with bruises all over them and look like they got beaten. My children's hair was so nasty looking, we gave them a bath. That was two days later on January 26, 2012. I moved out of the county of Sutter county but they are constantly trying to harass me and my wife for the last 8 months, without a break in sight. On the day they took my kids, my son (which is my youngest) screamed for me and his mother all the way down the stairs as if he was getting beaten and kidnapped. He came back to our care hating the cops that helped the CPS take him away. I know how this woman feels, I even have a court case today but my teacher said if I went, I would get dropped, they went so far as telling the court I did not care about my education yet on my first semister of college, they sabotage my resources to get my college books from Calworks (welfare to work program). I had to use my entire federal aid to get into a home instead of getting the rest of my books so they wouldn't use that as an excuse to take my children again. What can you say to that? I am next in line. I will be suing for the same charges, however, I will sue for a more realistic amount; 8 million dollars+ if not more.

  101. Roscoe Frazier

    I want my portion, but not out of greed, I want to start a non-profit organization to fight against CPS and help parents prove their innocence; that way CPS can no longer use the government for their kidnappings and personal gain.

  102. Roscoe Frazier

    Also with my portion (which is deserved from the pain me and my family suffered), I want to start a restaurant/night club, and 10% of what is made will go to the non-profit organization so CPS can lose the power they have gained in the last 30 years. They will pay for their crimes, More people need to speak out!

  103. Roscoe Frazier

    They even went so far as to put down my roommate (who is not confined to a wheelchair), but they told the judge he is, which is nothing other than a lie. He can do very well with children, they violated his rights as a disabled person, just to take my children away. I have pity for their souls when god judges them, for heaven will have no place and their names will be unknown.

  104. Roscoe Frazier

    I've even blasted the information to the white house on facebook to get them to realize my life in whole, thanks to cps. No response. No news stations are trying to get a hold of me, its like they are accepting the fact CPS is right, and we the people, who gets their civil rights broken (U.S.C. 43 1983) every time they try to take our children away. I am broke because of them, and I expect to keep the fight going as long as breath is in my body. They will not get away with their attempts to kidnap my kids ever again!

  105. Roscoe Frazier

    Check my name and befriend me on facebook, you'll see my past post that I have done nothing but fight cps the last 8 months. Even my half brother lied to them just to see me suffer, and they believed him even if he is considered suidical and mentally ill; just like they are.

  106. Anonymous

    I'm glad that women done that $900 trillon still isn't enough for the time she lost with her children.Time with your children can never be replaced its priceless.

  107. Vikki Wright

    Roscoe Frazier Good luck with that, no Atty wants to touch it unless you have tons of money. I wish you well!

  108. Debra Hirn

    This article shows nothing of WHY they took her children only their interpetation of State law. As in any struggle there is always TWO sides to a story. AND if you can't tell she has issues by the amount she wants and has no lawyer representation…

  109. Ross Hayes

    If you have never worked for Child Protective Services then you do not know what a burden it can be to protect children from abuse and neglect. I was a CPS worker in Kentucky and the courts seem to be in favor of the children's parents even if the CPS worker and the parent's other friends and family agree that the children should be removed. Often people who complain about CPS and say it is "out of control" have had negative experiences with CPS. Proof of mental illness is indeed an offense to have children removed if potential harm will occur to the children. Maybe her children were doing well and had their vaccinations up to date and were doing well in school but I would bet that she has a social worker or another family member or friend that was helping her to take care of the children. If the courts allowed CPS to remove the children then you can be guaranteed there was documentation to prove some harm would come to the children because CPS would not want to be sued. The woman obviously found some attorney to take on the case to make a name for themselves 900 trillion dollars, REALLY! Many people say CPS is out of control but when a child is injured or dies who is the first agency to be blamed especially if the family was under CPS jurisdiction due to a case. Trust me that many families do not become involved with CPS because it is what can be proved in court that results in cases being opened. Sneaky drug addicted parents cheat drug tests to get their children back all the time and then lose them again and again when they get caught (happens all the time). CPS is like a revolving door. Maybe this woman is a functioning mental case but you can be sure that the courts would have given the children back if it could be proven the children would not be harmed in her care.

  110. Doug Ertman

    That amount is REDICULOUS! Is this chick even a US citizen? Just another case to muck up the legal system. Can you REALLY put a number on time spent with your children? Oh yeah, 900 TRILLION should cover it… f*cked up people!

  111. Bob Henning

    So exactly which Corrupt Government Entity shall we choose to monitor the Corrupt CPS Agency. I witnessed first hand my Wonderfull Wife attempt to get her Daughter Back, For YEARS. It was one of the most futile and Heart Breaking Fiasco I had ever witnessed.No matter how fully she complied with the CPS directives upon the next Court Appearance they would throw more hurdles in front of her, on and on and on it went. For Seven Grueling Years. We finally gave up once we realized that we were not a single step closer than when we started. It Mattered not that the court had asked her to spend 30Days in a Treatment Program, and they made certain that she was never able to say Hey She went through the Program and has been sober for Six Years at the time, Now it`s 15 years. It mattered not that we were Married and had good paying jobs and owned our Home. We had character references from Retired Generals ans a Couple Full Bird Colonels, it wasn`t even glanced at. Yet these Black women whose children had been in and out of the system for years would waltz in with their Public Defender, Tell the Judge my client is no longer on the street she has a room in Motel Hell and BAM the Judge would order their children Returned. I was absolutely BEYOND AMAZED that this Cluster FU-K was actually a Government Agency Paid for by us.

  112. Anonymous

    why do you people even comment when you know nothing about this case?

  113. Anonymous

    mark, that was pretty dumb for you to ask that question about being wrongfully accused of a crime…the KIDS didnt commit the crime here, CPS did…so with that being said, if i was accused of raping a woman and i was completely innocent, yes, i would hate to be monitored any time i went out to a club or was around women and would deem it wrong…but if CPS took my children away because i was mentally unstable and IF i was lucky enough to get them back, regardless whether its right/wrong/ legal or not, it would only make sense for them to have her children monitored…its obviously pieces of the story that no one knows or has reported about….NOBODY knows how she treated her kids inside of her 4 walls…..they may have taken her children from her for several reasons that they felt would strengthen their point or argument, EVEN IF it is illegal to take children away based on mental health issues SOLELY ALONE….and so what if her kids had good grades and almost perfect attendance….does that mean the mother had everything to do with that? no one knows if she has/had any help at all (not even so much talking about someone living there)….in a nutshell, there's obviously pieces of this story missing, it was NEVER about the money and i pray she gets her children back

  114. Anonymous

    Mark Smith stfu you annoying wanker….your use of "said" doesn't make sense. You just tried to justify your use of it by being a little more aggressive in your response and you think you'll get away with it. WHAT would be 'said' IF this case becomes an excuse for the rich to start dumping waste into our ocean because the government 'doesn't know what is best"? Please elaborate….Thanks for playing!

  115. Anonymous

    Mark Smith "commit" not "comment"………………stop being your "uber-intelligent" self here you "top commenter" you! lol

  116. Tee Ell

    Government should not have taken her children away from her. She did not break any law and she was providing for her children to the best of her ability and it shows–they were in good health, being feed, doing well in school. Who should be allowed to disrupt a family like this…If we the people do not stop Government from infringing upon our rights, then who will?

    I would like assistance filing a lawsuit for $900 Trillion against either the County of Los Angeles or the State of California for taking me and my siblings from my parents and keeping us from my parents (depriving us of so many of our constitutional rights and God given rights) in different state Institutions for practically my entire childhood. Go to:

    to read more. Start with Lofton vs. School Board Members of LAUSD and then read a few of the testimonies of their children.

  117. Teri Foss

    Kim LaCapria Thanks, Kim, I'll be sure to check it out. Motherhood is THE foundation of every society, whether it gets the credit or not. We've put it to the sidelines for far too long. Time to rev up women's rights in the form of "Operation Rescue Motherhood" — it's a dying art in modern society that's badly in need of resurrection!

  118. Robert Kriegar

    Greg Hicks Your ire is, at best, misplaced. Job security is a nice thing to have, and CPS is enjoying that tenfold. However, in no way are they excused from legal and moral responsibility because they are "overwhelmed". Perhaps they would find less time to be "overwhelmed" if they would, just out of the blue, follow their own guidelines, once in a while-or, even less than that, do as the court in this case has ORDERED them to do, and return someones' children to them, as the law would seem to require.

  119. Robert Kriegar

    Ryan Bussell Keep dreaming Ryan. Just because it is like that in Michigan does not in any way mean that it is like that in New York. If you don't know what you're talking about, perhaps you should hush up.

  120. Robert Kriegar

    Greg Hicks "please don't generalize an organization"??? Seriously? Then hows about you not generalizing half of the population? Want to give that the old college try for us? Hmmm?

  121. Robert Kriegar

    Mark Smith Hey, stupid-the PEOPLE have not been the government for a long time. Where the hell have you been? And comparatively speaking, CPS is RICH, because they operate on OUR bottomless pocket!

  122. Robert Kriegar

    So true-and the sad part of it is that it is possible that she has absolutely no idea at all what 900 trillion dollars even is, if she has a mental; deficit or illness that is so severe that they believe they ought to take her children away from their loving home-where even the court said they "thrived". That alone suggests to me that perhaps they are not "thriving" now!

  123. John Dix

    authentic_live_long You know what is dumb? Calling someone else dumb and being so wrong in your logic. It does matter if it is wrong, right, legal or not. We have a set of laws in this country. Break them go to jail or whatever the punishment is. If you don't break them then the government has no right to take your freedom or to interfere with your life. The kids were fine. The mother broke no law. That is what Mark was saying. He was saying the mom was taking care of her kids better then most and that CPS was wrong for taking them. What if they took your kids and were wrong (after reading your post I don't think they would be…but that is another matter)…should you have to be watched from that point on? even if you did nothing wrong?

  124. Mark Smith

    I'm sure if you were an ignorant know-it-all like yourself who thinks his little "yo, mr. wisdom" was somehow snappy, it would be easy just to conclude that someone didn't have an idea. But it wasn't your kids that were taken was it Bobby? I bet you're the first to ensure that everyone plays the game of life by your rules, no doubt. Now if you can stop being a two bit jabroni and making insolent assumptions of something you know nothing about, we can move on with a much more intelligent conversation…yo.

  125. Robert Kriegar

    I disagree with you entirely. And, on what basis do you infer that this is a "frivolous" lawsuit? The dollar amount sought? Further, exactly how does one quantify the value of the suffering and injury in the claims made in this lawsuit? How DO you put a dollar amount of your life, the lives of your children, their growing years, your parenting and/or due process? What, I ask you, IS he true value of those things?

    Be careful what you suggest-achieving it might kill the Constitution once corporations and lawyers get hold of those suggestions.

  126. Robert Kriegar

    As should be obvious to you, one has nothing to do with the other-as evidenced by the findings of the court.

    Even if it did, you cannot stop worldwide floods by removing rain-the collateral damage is too great. Further still, you do see that the protections of CPS did not save the children you refer to, do you not? No matter what steps you take, some with criminal intent will accomplish their goals. I'm not willing to live in Stalingrad to address that-are you?

  127. Robert Kriegar

    As should be obvious to you, one has nothing to do with the other-as evidenced by the findings of the court.

    Even if it did, you cannot stop worldwide floods by removing rain-the collateral damage is too great. Further still, you do see that the protections of CPS did not save the children you refer to, do you not? No matter what steps you take, some with criminal intent will accomplish their goals. I'm not willing to live in Stalingrad to address that-are you?

  128. Robert Kriegar

    Perhaps-but none of us are so dense that we cannot figure out that the truth often has nothing to do with it, but that what counts is what can be "proven" in court. "Proven" does not always equate to "true", and as you charge the parents, I, and others, charge CPS. The burden is not so great as you claim, just follow procedure, and be truthful, rather than coloring YOUR "facts" with your emotion or intent.

    CPS has nothing to lose but funding, and department personnel-while parents can lose their CHILDREN, their homes, their lives, their jobs AND their life savings. CPS has OFTEN been found to be in error, and very often in a way that could, and SHOULD be considered CRIMINAL, because the actions taken were outside of the duties and policies of the protection provided by the job-yet nothing…NOTHING is done about those things that in any way equate with the pain, injury or damage caused by them.

  129. Sandra Lee

    I wonder if anyone knows that there is a facebook page called Fight CPS. On that page there is an entry by a legal practice that says they specialize in taking on CPS.

    They SAY that they charge nothing for going to court with a parent. I am assuming that they get their pay from donations.

  130. Sandra Lee

    I think the publicity she gets will get a lot of attention. That should help a lot. It seems that these people do not want publicity, from what I've seen and heard.

  131. Promise Fulfilled

    Not exactly, Craig. Except in the case where they neglect to do a thorough investigation like in my case, and where it has been proven that no abuse has happened, like in my case. I am waiting for my court case to wrap up so I can go ahead and sue the pants off of ACS!

  132. Robert Kriegar

    Craig, I never understand how they get away with it, though, when it becomes clear that their actions are outside of their own rules. It simply astounds me.

  133. Robert Kriegar

    Craig, I never understand how they get away with it, though, when it becomes clear that their actions are outside of their own rules. It simply astounds me.

  134. Robert Kriegar

    Craig, I never understand how they get away with it, though, when it becomes clear that their actions are outside of their own rules. It simply astounds me.

  135. Robert Kriegar

    Craig, I never understand how they get away with it, though, when it becomes clear that their actions are outside of their own rules. It simply astounds me.

  136. Robert Kriegar

    Ryan Bussell

    "Generally speaking, the people that have problems with CPS are the ones that have had issues with them in the past. It's like police officers. People that don't break the law generally don't hate cops."

    1. Simply because they had "issues with them in the past", does not mean that their issues were misplaced with that agency, nor that the agency was in the right.

    2. Having "problems", or "issues" with police behavior and "breaking the law" are NOT hand in hand to begin with.

    I like the way you switch topic and direction, and take one erroneous statement and try to use that to segue into an entirely new erroneous accusation. You should run for office! Sounds like you would be a great POLITICIAN! (I presume you are a Republican, as well?)

  137. Carson Rhodes Thaler

    hello there…
    I had to deal with cps as a child when they removed my brother and I from our mother. I was placed in a family that tortured and abused me quite regularly. When those parents wanted to give me back to the system, the courts though it was a bad idea and sent me back home with them. I was finally pulled around age 9 when teachers could no longer ignore the bruises and scars. CPS and it's affiliates ignored my case and adopted me out to a family far away in northern California. These people had no idea what they were getting into and it wasn't easy for them. They are still my loving parents, but they didn't know how to help me…. I've been somewhat of a wreck over the years and by the time I was getting to a normal lively hood, they entered again, at the behest of false charges by my son's mother. Imagine the worst charges… they weren't true, but tell that to CPS… I caught them lying on several reports, and when I called them on it, they went hostile on me. They sabotaged my case plan, rendered me financially incompetent , punished me by taking my visits away and when it came to court, they lied, stole evidence, hid exculpatory evidence, amounting to several violations of my civil rights. I suspect the judges were in on it too. I have most of it on tape and and can prove my claims… in all the result was termination of my parental rights as a whole….. I went to the local D.A. and when I told them I may protest, one of the DA investigators threatened me, for which I have on tape as well, lol… sigh… I am looking to sue a few individuals and the CPS agency in question. I know you can't likely help, but I have to try. Finding help has proven difficult and I am beginning to suspect that this is somehow taboo for lawyers to take up. I need to know what the statute of limitations are on filing intent to sue letters, and if I need to sue them individually or together as a party. I have the packet from the Office of the Clerk from the Eastern District Federal Court of Sacramento. I intend to sue in Federal Court. I am also a cancer survivor that is now beginnning to have similar symptoms to the cancer that killed my mom. I never got to meet her. I need justice for myself and my son. I didn't do anything to deserve any of this. My fatherhood was just assasinated by my son's mother, who used a corrupt CPS to execute it. This is my life's cause. Please help…

  138. Clipper Ordiway

    Here is something I am researching: Common Law Grand Jury. "In addition to its traditional role of screening criminal cases for prosecution, common law grand juries had the power to exclude prosecutors from their presence at any time and to investigate public officials without governmental influence. These fundamental powers allowed grand juries to serve a vital function of oversight upon the government. The function of a grand jury to ferret out government corruption was the primary purpose of the grand jury system in ages past."

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