With the Feds taking down Megaupload here’s some other file-sharing sites that could be next

The ripples following the takedown of Megaupload by the US government is still rippling through the tech industry with many wondering who could possibly be next.

Considering the fact that the US government feels that it doesn’t have to respect any country boundaries as long as the can convince the governments of those countries that it is in their best interests to go along with the US there are any number of similar businesses as Megaupload that could end up in the sites of the US Department of Justice.

Already we have seen sites like FileSonic and SileServer turn off the ability to share files with other people on their services and the other day we reported about how Uploaded.to had shut down access to the site to anyone from the United States.

So who else could possibly face the wrath of an entertainment industry paid for government.

Well according to Sean Ludwig at VentureBeat there are possibly 15 other companies that might be worried about what the future could hold; because it’s not like being located in a country other than the U.S. is going to make any difference.

It should be noted that the majority of companies on the list are equally as shady as Megaupload was which by all intents and purposes should put them directly in the cross-hairs of the DoJ.

Chances are that now that the DoJ has tasted blood by successfully taking down Megaupload we will be seeing a lot more actions like this against other companies in the same line of business.