my first hardcore song

8-Year-Old Juliet’s First Hardcore Song is Awesome [Video]

Last night, “American Idol” embarked on its 11th nationwide search for the next hot star. But tomorrow’s celebrity singer isn’t lurking in a long audition line. She’s screaming her 8-year-old head off on Youtube. Juliete’s “First Hardcore Song” is destined for the top of the charts.

Juliet and producer Rob Sharpe take you inside the twisted mine of an 8-year-old in the new single, “My First Hardcore Song.” Juliet screams about how she loves her dog, how her pet fish smell, and it ends with a diabolical stuffed animal mosh pit.

Juliet sings: My Name is Juliet and I love my dog Robert and my pet fishes but they stink. I love Robert! Let’s open up this pit!!!”

Here’s the most violent (and cutest) hardcore song you will ever see.

What did you think of 8-year-old Juliet’s first hardcore song?