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Christians say Victorian Bushfires Gods revenge for legalized abortion


Some Christians in Australia are saying the deaths of now nearly 200 people (and possibly more) in the Victorian bushfires was an act of god in retaliation for the state’s abortion laws.

The Victorian Parliament legalized abortion last year, although like all parts of Australia, abortion has been practiced for years, state funded, even where it was technically illegal.

According to Catch the Fire Ministries (CTFM), a part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God group, leader Pastor Danny Nalliah said he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had last October relating to consequences of the abortion laws passed in Victoria.

From the release:

He said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb.

Yesterday (Monday 9th February 2009), the front page of the Herald Sun newspaper reported “The Darkest hour for Victoria”.

A few months ago the news media should have reported “The darkest hour for the unborn” but unfortunately the “Decriminalization of Abortion bill” went through parliament and was passed, thus making many people call Victoria “the baby killing state of Australia”, Mr Nalliah said.

He said on November 7th last year we had sent out an email to our national network and a posting on our website carried an urgent post titled, ‘STOP PRESS. URGENT PRAYER NEEDED REGARDING AUSTRALIA, ESPECIALLY THE STATE OF VICTORIA’ following a dream he had on the 21st of October 2008, which he shared with his team on 22nd October.

Following is an excerpt from the dream which was published in the article:

“In my dream I saw fire everywhere with flames burning very high and uncontrollably. With this I woke up from my dream with the interpretation as the following words came to me in a flash from the Spirit of God. That His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb.”

Nalliah was the center of controversy in Australia when he was prosecuted in 2004 under Victoria’s religious vilification laws for attacking Muslims. He is also a previous Senate Candidate for the Family First Party, running second on the ticket in 2004.

(release via ABC)

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25 Responses to “Christians say Victorian Bushfires Gods revenge for legalized abortion”

  1. L@Ghatto

    I'm trying to find their website so I can tell them what I think of their total & utter selfishness in even Thinking those thoughts at a time like this!! How can any 'Christian' offer garbage & hate like that to the survivors & victims of the Bushfires? This is another pivotal moment when humans should band together as a world community, not speak words of dross & inhumanity! This is not Christianity or any 'religion' worth the name, this is plain power & self-righteouness that drives these people. I'm disgusted…

  2. Adrian

    As a Christian, I am absolutely appalled by this story. Like most people throughout Australia and indeed the world I weep not only for the victims and the families affected by these bushfires (we were nealy affected by these fires ourselves) but also for these fundamentalists who obviously are so far out of touch with reality. I honestly believe that God himself is weeping over this tragedy and for the loss of people He loves.

    God does not cause these disasters to happen, but He does care.

  3. knightwise

    The best quote I can give you is the following.

    ” Science flies you to the moon, Religion flies you into buildings”

    This kind of religious babble is no longer something that belongs in this century.

  4. Rosie

    This a misuse of “Christian”, This person cannot be a Christian.
    Christ said “Love one another as I have Loved you, by this shall all men know that your are my deciples.”
    This person does not worship the God of Love that I worship..

  5. Martin Neumann

    To try and gain media coverage (and in such a way) on the back of such a horrible disaster is in the poorest taste and insulting – These fringe groups are nothing but wacked out idiots with crazy agendas crying for attention. Sad.

  6. tony

    All Religion is based on Hate of other Races whether it be jews hating Moslem vice versa Catholic hating Prostetant.Its it also has caused Mass Wars and Genoicide through hate.Time it was put in the Stockpile of Garbage of Yesterdays Century's.So us non Religious People can live our Lives Loving Everyone and Nature as Global Warming is opun us.

  7. Tarius

    I find this somewhat disgusting.. I do not agree with abortion but the claim that God is avenging the unborn through killing people is rediculous. I am a christian but I completely disagree with this.

  8. bobo

    i read that these fires were intentional arson. maybe it's these nut cases?

    if “christians” knew anything about their religion they wouldn't make so much bullshit up. it makes them look horrible

  9. Jal

    Andrian, “God does not cause these disasters to happen, but He does care.”
    Rosei – “worship the God of Love that I worship..”

    Are you people serious? A 'god” (that with a very small “g”. i.e. any being who supposedly has the power to stop death (ie conquer death) but does not is, is not a being that cares nor loves, and is as evil as they who committ the evil / wrong. Please wake up, there is no god (deity), its all in your minds, a phsychological coping mechanism. wow its 2009 and we still have people who would pray to a god for help and comfort to a god that chosen not to save buring people unless implored to do so – wacky……

  10. Jal

    Rosie dear, your so called all powerful “god' , permited these deaths to occur. he had the power to proctect, and chose not to. oh, wait i almost forgot, “he had his reasons for not doing so, and we just dont understand them”. wakey wakey. If you come across this god of love, tell him to get his act together becasue there is a lot of hurting people down here and if that fail just remember what dorothey said “kick your heels 3 times and you can go home again”.

  11. Sandgroper

    This guy's a bigotted deranged nutcase. He's a heartless human manifestation of a devil that will say anything to further his agenda. He condones mass murder. His deluded flock will wake up in shock and desert him..

  12. Donald Smith

    You headline is offensive to Christians. It should read ” FUNDAMENTALIST Christians say Victorian Bushfires Gods revenge for legalized abortion” or “CHRISTIAN SECT say Victorian Bushfires Gods revenge for legalized abortion.

    Ask the leaders of every major Christian group and you'll find they reject this statement. I believe this kind of journalism is an attempt to try to say that extremists are in every religion in order to diminish concern over the widespread radical views of Muslim leaders. It says, “Look look, there are radical Christians too.” Well, there are, BUT they are so few among Christian leaders while among Muslims they are so many.

  13. Donald Smith

    That is the point of the story. Multiculturalists want to find radicalism in Christian ranks in order to diminish the reality of widespread radical views among Muslim leaders. They want us to believe that all religions have radicals. This is technically true, however among Muslim leaders radicalism is widespread and among Christians it is rare.

  14. PHutchinson

    It is typical of many fundamentalist Christians to justify these destructive events as the wrath of god.
    But whose god???
    Not my god???
    If there is such a god who is so willfully destructive and diabolical, christians might need to rethink whom they are worshipping.
    Even the gnostic christians believed that the god of this world was an evil god and brought about all manner of evils and suffering on this world and it's people….

  15. Sandgroper

    ” BUT they are so few among Christian leaders while among Muslims they are so many” -this statement is laughable. It took only a “few” and not “so many” arsonsit to wreck havock on a scale unprecedented in Australian history. Arsonists like these, no matter what colour, size or shape or even if Elvis is God to them, and people who lend poetic or divine justification to their actions should be treated as threats to national security.

  16. Shattered

    Don't use this disaster as a platform to air your views on a totally unrelated subject. HOW LOW!

  17. Bob Cotton

    I am a pastor who knows Danny Nalliah very well. I consider him a friend and supported him absolutely during the villification trials and I thank God for his strength at that time, however this latest media release of his is nothing but an insensitive and unwise bout of madness.

    I contacted Danny immediately after seeing the article on his website and rebuked him for it. I have written letters to Danny through his website on other matters that were clearly out of order but they are never published.

    In the past I have publically supported Danny and therefore I feel compelled to publically disassociate myself from him as I can no longer support him in the light of his lack of wisdom and discernment relative to the bush fires and other recent endorsements that he has given to madmen and crooks like C Peter Wagner, Todd Bentley, Che Ahn and the like.

    I have suggested to my congregation that they consider unsubscribing from his newsletter and withdrawing financial support to CTFM.

    I believe that Danny started out with honesty & integrity but has somehow lost the plot along the way.

    It grieves me to write this letter and I express my deepest sympathy for those suffering in this terrible crisis and those whos pain has been increased by Danny's shameful declaration.

    Bob Cotton

    copy to CTFM website.

  18. Sandy Wong

    What a sick B##*###d “Catch fire Ministry?”Whose leader dreams of fires?Hope the Task Force is having a bloody good look at Him!!!!!!!!!Lock Him up anyway who needs that sort of Mongrel loose in society.Religion is the root of all evil when people can twist things to suit themselves and then use this site to start a Muslim Christian argument. We all bleed red blood,we all leave white bones.My already heavy heart on the devastation death and injury caused by these fires is even heavier at some of the comments written here.To the peopel of Victoria, the dead, the injured , the greiving, the fire fighters , for the animals know that this man is alone , totally alone in what He thinks and says and anyone who supports His comments needs locking up with Him.The other 99% of the world feels and weeps for you.
    A Rural Kiwi

  19. Dr Fred Ottinger

    Danny could well be right – none of us understand why these fires have happened. People need to be a bit more open minded to different ideas rather than just condemn what they don't understand. Danny is not being heartless – he has shown great compassion towards the victims of the fires.

  20. bev

    god is there!!!! god does not make these things happen these thinks happen because of people making there own choices this is not a result of god not caring this is a result of people doing stupid things.

  21. bev

    god doesn't make these things happen yes he can stop them but he also lets us make our own decisions maybe with most of the fires istead of blaming god you should blame the people that lit them god is good to those who are good to him how do you know the end of the world is not coming because that going to be total destruction maybe you should take alook at the bible one time and you would know everything you said goes against what is written in there because christians don't belive that!!!!! just because one man says something you can't lump all christians into that!!!

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