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Wiz Khalifa Sued for $2.3M Over Hit Single Black and Yellow


Rapper Wiz Khalifa is being sued for $2.3 million over his hit Pittsburgh Steelers anthem “Black And Yellow.” has uncovered the lawsuit, which claims that Khalifa, his producers and label stole the concept for the hit song, which has now reached triple platinum status, from Pittsburgh-based performer Max Warren’s copyrighted 2007 song “Pink and Yellow.”

Named in the copyright infringement lawsuit are Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, production duo Stargate, EMI Music Publishing, Warner Music Group and others.

Max Warren, who raps under the name “Maxamillion” is seeking $2,375,000 in damages.

In response to the allegations against Khalifa, TMZ reports that a source close to Wiz revealed that not only has Wiz never heard the rapper’s alleged 2008 track, “Pink N Yellow,” he’s never even actually heard of Maximillion at all.

“Wiz has never heard of this guy … it’s just a plot that happens all the the time to rappers to get money,” the source said. “This is just some no-name rapper who wants to get paid.”

TMZ also spoke with Max’s attorney who told them Wiz should be well aware of who Max is, being that the two have spoken about a potential settlement, although Wiz’s people weren’t open to the deal.

Do you believe Warren’s claims that Khalifa stole Black and Yellow?

Check out both Maximillion’s Pink N Yellow and Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow songs below:

Maxamillion – Pink N Yellow:

Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow:

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36 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa Sued for $2.3M Over Hit Single Black and Yellow”

  1. Walt Ski

    The 2 songs sound nothing alike and I'm wondering if Maxamillion paid AC/DC for the guitar sample lol.

  2. Malcolm Campbell

    Hopefully Maxamillion is a better litigator than a rapper because it sounded like someone threw AC/DC over Dora the Explorer and decided to rap to it while under the influence…

  3. Constance Thomas

    The only thing I find alike is that they both used 2 colors to sing about! Since most of us can't understand the lyrics anyway, and most of the rap music sounds the same, who cares?

  4. Elaine Flores

    then who sings black and orange? that song is the same as black and yellow! and as far as Maxamillion's song goes, it does somewhat sounds the same, not as fun as the others, but it does sounds the same. it's just matter of who started the song first!

  5. Fran Shipp

    I never heard of Maximillian but this song sounds nothing likewiz's song, Get a life Maxizero!

  6. Crystal Leigh

    The two songs are NOTHING alike. Sounds to me this Maxipad character is a bit jealous of the Wiz… Get off it. And really? Who raps about PINK anything, cept for Niki Minaj…

  7. Tim Hummel

    well these are the only two rap songs I've ever heard that mention money, cars, jewelry, bitches and getting fucked up so maxamillion has every right to be compensated for wiz's thievery.

  8. Travis Franzen

    I don't like either of them but I do have to say that I really agree that all maximilion wants is to get paid by a lawsuit from someone better than he is, its a sad world when people can sue because of jealousy, if that really worked I would be a billionaire by now.

  9. Grant Salac

    If it is copyright, it is either accidental or a complex scheme by wiz. They are both boasting about something they love by repeating two colors and with a different beat. Tough call.

  10. Katie Lynn

    Ok … Maybe the used "blue and yellow" should sue both bc there song was in 02/03 .. This is ridiculous. Looking to get paid.

  11. Rolly Danner

    Maxiamillion is a little bitch that just thinks he came up with some wack ass song and he is jealous that wiz made a better song than him period.

  12. Bakari Addo Bem

    actually max does have a case, if u have a musical trained ear u will hear similarities in the chorus. stuff like this happens all the time, when its so many musicians, its hard to not copy someone without knowing. but best wishes too both of them though.

  13. Bryan Hoglund

    These two songs do not sound alike… + Pink & Yellow is TRAASH! If he wins the lawsuit that's a fucking scam. I'm not even a fan of either song but this lawsuit is bullshit.

  14. Daymeion Gossard

    Ok to get 1 Thing straight Wiz Khalifa is a hell lot of a better rapper than that so called maximillion which Noooo one has heard of at all n how did Wiz steal that maximillion u f$&@ing lier I'm supprised wiz didn't kick ur ass n that's sounds nothing alike at all what do ever so yaa that's what I gotta say tho

  15. Dylan Keller

    Wu Tang is for the children. If anything we owe the children. AND Children are the future. So… if anything we owe the future. Thank GOD I'm not getting sued by the future. I'm broke as fuck.

  16. Branson Wade Dewitt

    If wiz stole this song then lil Wayne needs to be suied because he stole the beat and remixed green n yellow and wiz didn't get mad bout that this Max dude needs to stfu he trynna get paid this is robbery forreal

  17. Chris Scharmann

    They are both wack, but I don't think Wiz stole the song concept. specially since Maxamillions is allegedly from 2008, but on youtube it was uploaded this year. lol

  18. Kris Mackie

    Technically, if Maxamillion had there song copy written before Wiz then they might have a case. The sounds used and melody was slightly changed along with the wording and chorus of course but at the end of the day this does happen and most Artists and Music Producers just sit back and wait to get paid while the song being commercially played on Clear Channel Radio stations (on heavily rotated playlistings which are similar to one another) etc. I Ironically think that Wiz came out of no where with 'Black and Yellow' whiles his songs before that weren't good at all so it is ironic overall.

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