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Pepsi’s Lawsuit Defense: Mountain Dew Would Have Dissolved Mouse Carcass

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Pepsi Co. is being sued by a man in Illinois who claims that he found a dead mouse in a can of Mountain Dew, but Pepsi says that it’s impossible. Why? It’s not because Pepsi has such high standards when it comes to work place cleanliness, but because a mouse carcass would have completely dissolved if it was placed in Mountain Dew.

Yep, Pepsi is pulling the ol’ “our product is so acidic that it would be impossible for an animal carcass to survive for more than a few days” defense. It’s genius.

Pepsi didn’t say that the Plaintiff, Ronald Ball, lied about finding a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew. The company just said that his story was ridiculous. If there was a mouse in the can, according to Pepsi, Ball would have found a “jelly-like substance,” not a whole mouse.

According to the Madison Record, Plaintiff Ronald Ball claims that he found a dead mouse in a can of soda that he purchased from a vending machine. Ball took a sip of the soda, tasted something foul, then spit out a dead mouse.

The Atlantic Wire reports that Pepsi’s lawsuit defense is “a winning-the-battle-while-surrendering-the-war” sort of strategy. Pepsi may have proven that Ball didn’t “spit out the soda to reveal a dead mouse,” but they also proved that Mountain Dew has more in common with battery acid than soda.

Ball is seeking more than $50,000 from his lawsuit. Ball claims that he sent the mouse to Pepsi when he filed the lawsuit in 2009 and that the company destroyed it, presumably, by letting it sit in a can of Mountain Dew for a few days.

Do you drink Mountain Dew? Will you continue to drink Mountain Dew?

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42 Responses to “Pepsi’s Lawsuit Defense: Mountain Dew Would Have Dissolved Mouse Carcass”

  1. Amos Healy

    I will continue to drink Mt Dew and other such products.
    I will refrain from soaking daily for long periods of time in such soft drinks.

  2. Ken Crandall

    Are you serious? Get a job, and stop making up reasons to sue People or Companies. Lazy ass.

  3. Carey Bolin

    Some people will try and do anything for free fast cash. Shows how stupid some idiots really are. BTW, I have been and always will be a Dew Drinker for life.

  4. Billy Glass

    I wouldn't doubt it I had a 2 liter dr.pepper having pieces of small cardboard paper in it before I opened it they was suppose to have send me more but d a hole never did. should have sue too.

  5. David Davis

    Too funny….it's the old "Strange Brew" – how to get free beer trick.

    If you haven't seen this movie…IT IS WHERE THIS GENIOUS CAME UP WITH THIS! See it it's too funny.

  6. Donald Cureton

    I drink a busch light can of beer and discovered some lumpy grainy substance in my mouth, I spit it out and discovered they were hops that apparently did not make it through the filtering process……yummy…..good thing it was my fourth beer…….all I did was pop a top again and the next one was fine……

  7. Bill Smith

    I am so going to find a mouse now and just pour mountain dew on it to see if it eats it alive. That would be friggin awesome to see.

  8. Russell Weiner

    I am a Quality Control Technician for Pepsi-Cola in New York the cans are rinsed and sanitized before they enter the filler its impossible.

  9. Miles Noe

    Ive drank MT dew for the lat 30 years of my life until recently. I decided finally that I probably should be taking better care of my body and stopped all soda about a month ago. That combined with stopping smoking has been tough, but not as bad as you might think. I would love a MT dew right now, but I know if I do grab one, its back to the 3-4 a day like I used to. Maybe in 6 or 7 months from now Ill be able to have one every now and then and not worry too much about it!

  10. Robert Lee Louviere

    If you placed said mouse inside a stomach, would it dissolve? How can our stomach dissolve a mouse and not destroy the stomach? It's like the time I was told not to drink from filtered water bottle that has gotten hot since the plastic could leech into the water. I would have been amazed to find out that they transport water cold! And the public's IQ drops 10 points.

  11. Scott Hurley

    Do not drink mountain dew… Its diabetes in a can/bottle…. Even if there was a mouse in it, I still would not drink it…

  12. George Hendrickson

    All soft drinks cause diabetes and other health problems as well as obesity. Soft drinks also eat the enamel off of your teeth. Ask your dentist. I stopped drinking soft drinks 20 years ago and I'm in better shape than most I know my age. Soft drinks are like drinking battery acid with tons of sugar in it. There is no life in those artificial beverages. They WILL kill you.. If Mountain Dew can turn a mouse into jelly like substance, imagine what it is doing to your body, especially your liver.

  13. Junior Oliver

    I'm shore being 45.i would of found something in a can or bottle.see I love pepsi and also injoy mt.dew.this is some money seeking, losers trying to get fast cash…45 never found nothing.think on that, he shore ant a thinker or

  14. Norm Higgs

    Yup – I will continue to drink it. Just not going to bathe in it. Somehow, I think my stomach is far, far more corrosive and acidic than mountain dew is.

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