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Jail Time Predetermined by Astrology Signs, Says Police Study


Are you an Aries? I’ve got bad news for you. You’re going to jail. The Chatham-Kent Police Department divided their inmates by astrology signs and found that people born under the sign Aries were more likely to get arrested.

According to the National Post, 1,986 people have been arrested by the Chatham-Kent Police Department so far this year. 203 of those people were born under the sign of Aries.

In a news release, the Chatham-Kent Police Service said:

“To provide an interesting astrological perspective, an algorithm was applied to all the arrestees’ dates of birth.”

Const. Michael Pearce, a police spokesman admits that the list may not by the key to a “Minority Report” crime system.

“You can’t really read too much into it. I don’t comment too much on the Zodiac stuff because I don’t want any backlash about it. I am not drawing any conclusions about it.”

But just because the police don’t see the value in such a list doesn’t mean that the pattern isn’t there. Georgia Nicols, who writes the National Post’s horoscope, said that it isn’t surprising to her that Aries are arrested the most.

“Aries is the sign of the warrior. Aries rules the military. Aries jump in head first, and love adventure. A lot of people in the newsroom are Aries.”

So are Aries more drawn to crime? It’s hard to say. Adolf Hitler was an Aries, but so are Celine Dion and Al Gore. Some of the most ruthless killers in American history also don’t align with the report from the Chatham-Kent Police Department. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was a Gemini, which ranked 8th on the list, and Ted Bundy was a Sagittarius, the sign that had the least amount of people in jail.

So are astrology signs linked to criminal activity? I have no idea. And either does Dr. Anthony Doob, a professor of criminology at the University of Toronto. Doob said:

“I have no idea whether people born at particular times of the year are more likely to be arrested than anyone else. You would have to look at whether there is some consistency across time. My guess is that that, just from listening to the radio, there is not a whole lot going on anywhere, so someone produced this data.”

Do you read your daily horoscope? Will your sign lead you to prison?

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17 Responses to “Jail Time Predetermined by Astrology Signs, Says Police Study”

  1. Jim Klug

    Another example of poor writing and logic skills coupled with sensationalism! So, this was just for one year, right? Logically, one zodiac sign will have the most and one will have the least and the others will be scattered between them…which means absolutely nothing at all, since it's a single year example. A great example of Infotainment "News" that panders to the uninformed and logically challenged.

  2. Chris Mitchell

    The article says Hitler was an Aries. He wasn't, he was a Taurus. He was born on 20 April 1889 at 18:30, by which time the Sun had moved out of Aries and into Taurus.

  3. James Marsh

    Wikipedia has it. Can't fault them these days. Terrible astrology to go by sun sign alone, but if there's a trend, we might as well sit up and listen.

  4. Richard Schroeder

    Yeah, none of them are two standard deviations or more above the mean and none are two standard deviations or more below the mean. It is probably just a random distribution.

  5. Carol Hunt

    I am not surprised. Aries is so impulsive. My Mercury is in Aries, and my fingers are crossed. We just do not care about the rules.

  6. Sergio Zambrano

    Those statistics show the chances 1/12. But the preciser calculation can be taken from free websites today (let alone the precision of a custom made report by a professional astrologer) with a presission of 1/12*12*12*10*10*4*365… at least! (planets in signs, in houses, houses in houses, aspects between planets, day of the year…) and you could determine who and what day they will go to jail, with as much presision as a weather report, and as well as a weather report, you listen to it or not, you read it or run it in the computer or not, it is still there.
    In fact, as a weather report, if you look back to the day that it rained…it was right there in the forecast, whether you read it or not. :)

  7. Alan Wyrick

    Take this with a BIG grain of salt. IMO this is misuse and abuse of astrology – and a potentially dangerous one. Someone may say up front "No, I don't believe in this" or "I don't actually rely on it" but still, in the subconscious it's active on some level and planting seeds with "news" articles like this can have an effect. . . . . . in the same way that irrational prejudice seems to. Astrology can tell you a lot, but it's more complex than simple Sun sign associations – there are WAY too many other factors in a chart to take into consideration – AND you have to consider background too – the person who owns the chart. Ask the police about people who get on the wrong side of the track early regardless of their astrology. You'll probably find that most of them tend to stay there = having more arrests.

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