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Deion Sanders Owes Wife Huge $10 Million House in Divorce Settlement

deion sanders

Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar are ending their 12-year marriage. The former NFL star announced the divorce earlier this year and now the terms of the settlement are being leaked. Due to a clause in the prenuptial agreement, Deion will have to provide his wife with a house worth around $10 million.

TMZ reports that a provision in the prenup states that Deion Sanders has to provide his wife Pilar with a home equal to half the value of his current home. Since Sanders currently lives in a huge mansion in Prosper, TX that is worth about $21 million, Pilar is looking at a home in the $10-12 million range.

According to the celebrity website, Pilar has been shopping for homes since Thanksgiving.

Sanders announced the divorce on Facebook:

“Pilar and I have decided to end our marriage and move on to the next phase of our individual lives with mutual respect. We are friends and our top priority has and will continue to be the well-being of our children. We arrived at this decision prayerfully and carefully in order to be able to pursue what is in both of our best personal interests. Neither Pilar or I will be discussing this any further and thank you in advance for respecting the privacy of our family. Truth”

Pilar was on the show Football Wives and in 2008 the couple starred in a show on Oxygen called Deion and Pilar: PrimeTime Love.

Dieon Sanders and Pilar have been married for 12-years and have three children together. The divorce papers are expected to be filed soon.

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35 Responses to “Deion Sanders Owes Wife Huge $10 Million House in Divorce Settlement”

  1. John Spielberger

    how is this Pilar chick going to maintain a 10 mill house or does deion have to do that too if so that's a raw deal she didn't earn that money primetime did. I don't think I'm ever getting married.

  2. Richard Ingham

    does he also have to provide her a church, and cattle both of which he has on his property to avoit the hefty tax bill?

  3. Keith Sowder

    This is the hardest hit "Neon" Deion has ever taken, He was amazing, amazing that I watched him play FOOTBALL all those years and never saw him actually HIT anyone! He also should go down in history as one of the DUMBEST baseball players EVER! You were not only the fastest man in baseball, you were arguably the fastest man in sports…and you tried to hit HOME RUNS? If you'd have learned to bunt, slap the ball the other way on the ground and learned the strike zone…you may have become the best player of all time, you could have hit.400 and stolen 100+ bases a year…but NO…you had to try to be "Prime Time"….I hope she takes ALL your money!

  4. Michial Cobb

    keith u must be the dumbest person on the plant so just because he didn't play baseball fulltime she should get his money u are an idiot

  5. Doug Ro

    No wonder he is making all of those commercials like the one where he dresses like a fairy. Better keep that gig with the NFL network Prime.

  6. Brian Butler

    dumbass…why in the pre-nup didn't he tell her she ain't getting shit, just what she came in the relationship with, especially since people hate him doing commentator work as he's Sooooooo annoying, almost as annoying as Irvin. He will be broke in 10 years and her house will be in….Celebrities can be so retarded.

  7. Orlando Gilliam

    man you just a hater why would you want someone to lose everything. Just because he didnt play baseball the way you liked. What a f$#%^&@ loser.

  8. George Smithson

    No he wasn't, and isn't. I saw him frequently when he lived in Plano, as he was walking his dog and I was getting my morning run. He was always first to say hello with a friendly smile.

  9. Anthony Tony Barkley

    Absolutely. First of all, living in a 21 million dollar mansion in the Dallas area is insanity to begin with. What the hell did he buy, a whole city? Geez. So he has no one to blame it on but himself. A 1 million dollar home in Dallas is tremendous enough. And there is no way in hell that she'll be able to maintain a 10 or 12 million dollar home. INSANITY.

  10. Anthony Romano

    "Its the gays that are ruining the sanctity of marriage" Just kidding. This is one of the main reasons I'm not marrying and I'm proud to say that as a 20 year old.

  11. Cheryl Faubion Little

    Anthony Tony Barkley's a very nice home with 20 or 30 acrers field,basketball court,lil private lake with fountain.but being worth 21 million im not sure if that number is correct..go check it out ,,289 'preston'
    @ prosper rd..about 3 miles n. of hwy. 380 on 289..

  12. Anthony Tony Barkley

    Cheryl Faubion Little Yea, but that's still pretty extreme in a city where a 1 million dollar home is still a tremendous home. If we were talking about L.A., that'd be different, but Dallas? That's nuts. These guys get carried away with these home sizes.

  13. Keith Sowder

    Michial, I'm the dumbest person on the WHAT? PLANT? Naw, I ain't smokin your shit man…might be a good idea before you call someone DUMB that you use your spellcheck Einstein. And I didn't CARE that he didn't play baseball full-time, I didn't ( and still don't ) like him because He was all about Deion, look at his stats DUMBASS! With his speed he could have went down as one of the greatest BASEBALL players that ever lived…if he'd only swallowed some of his massive ego and changed up his game to suit his massive athletic abilities ( incredible speed ) instead of trying to be something ( a power hitter ) he wasn't, he'd have been a Hall of Famer in TWO sports! Ask someone who KNOWS baseball

  14. Keith Sowder

    Orlando Gillliam, I'm not a hater, I don't like him, never did, I wouldn't spit on his ass if it was on fire. And now, I wouldn't spit on yours either…and you might wanna know who the fuck you're talking to before you call someone a loser Dipshit!

  15. Keith Sowder

    Maverick Simpson??? Wow, you steal that from Tom Cruise? LMAO…what does that the fact that I don't give a fuck if some rich, egomaniacal former jock loses his money in a divorce….have to do with questioning my manhood… you're sittin in your trailer right now, watchin NASCAR and sucking back a cold one, wearing your wife-beater right now.

  16. Yvette Price

    That's insane why do u need a 10 million house>" I Just Saying" > Which is temporary U think! Anything on Earth is> Count up the Cost! bucz surely surelly taxes in Texas no Joke!

  17. Michael Heitzman

    dude..that is hilarious comment. dion does have some serious pimpin style goin on! ahhaahahah

  18. Farai Matuzo

    Fuck That! In this world we live in why would you work so hard to make someone else rich when few people before you get there are willing to even help you sometimes in the slightest ways possible. I guess if she was there for him and supportive I can understand but no one needs a $10,000,000.

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