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Jessica Simpson Reportedly Signs $3M Weight Watchers Deal


The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that singer Jessica Simpson has just inked a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers.

According to the Post, the 48-year-old weight loss company will pay Simpson – currently pregnant with her first child – the seven figure sum to become its new spokesperson.

“The deal is in place, and after having her baby, she’ll start with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight,” a source told the New York Post.

Simpson’s weight has fluctuated over the years, a fact she has acknowledged and laughed off in interviews.

She has been in the public eye since she was 19 years old, and starred in the television show Newlyweds with then-husband Nick Lachey.

Early in her career, she was exercising constantly in order to fit into her Daisy Duke shorts for the movie The Dukes of Hazzard.

Then in 2009, while performing at a country music concert, Simpson was photographed in high-waisted “mom” jeans. The media’s response to the images was swift and cruel, with headlines calling her fat and bloated (at best).
Simpson did nothing.

“All kinds of women started coming up to me and saying what an example I was setting by not constantly dieting,” she told Lucky magazine. “Everybody fluctuates, but I’m open about my weight and I’m still confident…I didn’t cry about it too much.”

Simpson plans to marry her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson, shortly after she gives birth.


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One Response to “Jessica Simpson Reportedly Signs $3M Weight Watchers Deal”

  1. Alex Astilean

    Jessica Simpson's Defiance Supreme Court Ruling.

    The ongoing legal battle with SpeedFit about an exercise video for losing weight they don't want anyone to see it is far from been over, now it sits in the Supreme Court but seems like Jessica Simpson is not much concern about what the decision Supreme Court will make and she's already jumping in bed with another lose weight company – Weight Watchers. Jessica Simpson defiance The Supreme Court decision by endorsing a totally different method to lose weight than SpeedFit. The question remains what will happen if the Supreme Court will not rule in her favor?

    "Simpson never wanted to be the spokesperson for SpeedFit/Jessica Simpson DVD Exercise tape in the form of an interview the singer did with Lucky magazine in which she explained that gaining weight was good for business, she chose to gain more weight and cash in on it. Now she makes even more money, another 3 Million becoming the "Weight Watchers" spokesperson. Alex Astilean challenges Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc., and will offer it's "SpeedFit" system to any Celebrity who wants to Get Fit for Free!"

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