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Bacon Explosion Recipe: heart attack waiting to happen


According to various reports, there’s a hot new recipe online that’s taking America by storm! The Bacon Explosion.

Billed as “the BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes” a Bacon Explosion includes:

2 pounds thick cut bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce
1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub

all put into a roll.

A heart attack waiting to happen, with at least 5,000 calories and 500 grams of fat.

The New York Times has more.

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21 Responses to “Bacon Explosion Recipe: heart attack waiting to happen”

  1. Ghost|BOFH

    Yes, because that's what we need more of in America – fat people who are at risk for heart attacks and know it…and skinny people who are at risk for heart attacks and don't have a clue – yet.

  2. Phantomness Of The Auditorium


    But, seriously, there`s something wrong with whoever came up with this wretched idea.

    Though, it does look pretty hackin` good.

  3. Armen

    My buddy and i have made it twice, first time followed the recipe and the second time we improved it. We used a mixture of brats and sausage and put pastrami in the middle. Then while we baked it we put mustard, Jack Daniels, and crushed ginger snaps on top. It was delicious, and i dont think it is that bad cause we only ate 1 half inch thick slice for a meal.

  4. Doryen

    One life to live! Live it happy!

    Just don't forget that diversity is the spice of life 😉

  5. Circles

    I'm going to get me one of those.
    Or ten…
    Maybe I'll just fill a pool with them and swim around in it.

  6. craig

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