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Finally, Disqus gets native FriendFeed support


Commenting 2.0 service Disqus has announced support for FriendFeed, allowing users to natively import FriendFeed comments into Disqus.

The integration between the two popular services has been the top of many users’ list for over a year, and while WordPress plugins, and more lately a hosted service promised some levels of integration, you can’t beat native support.

To set up Disqus to import FriendFeed comments, users need to go into account/ services and enter their FriendFeed name and key. Following that, it’s as simple as ticking a box in admin/ settings.

One of the core reasons I’ve flirted with rival commenting 2.0 service IntenseDebate was FriendFeed support; IntenseDebate offered it without the hassle, perfect for our funny pics blog With FriendFeed support in Disqus, I’m likely to switch back, although there’s still one last request: native WordPress handling of comments :-)

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13 Responses to “Finally, Disqus gets native FriendFeed support”

  1. Adam

    I keep flirting with moving my blog's comments over to Disqus or IntenseDebate, but there's one core thing that causes me to abandon the idea: the fact that for seemingly any blog other than WordPress, there's no way to include the comments in a way that they're indexable in search engines. I get a bunch of (interested/interesting) traffic to my blog currently from my indexed comments, and I'd really hate to give that up :(.

  2. CMS

    Disqus, in my opinion is the future of commenting. It simplifies that work of the webmaster and makes everything much much simpler.

  3. Offshore Drilling Jobs

    Nice work Disqus. I just signed up for Disqus yesterday

  4. Jake Hansen

    Well done. I hope others enjoyed this as much as I did.

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