Jill Duggar

Duggar Family Feud? Jill Dillard Unfollows Jessa Seewald On Twitter

Is there trouble between the newlywed Duggar sisters from TLC‘s hit show 19 Kids and Counting? Jessa Seewald has one less follower on Twitter thanks to Jill Dillard’s recent “unfollow.”

When you look at both of the Duggars’ Twitter accounts, it is easy to see that it is not a “follow back” situation. All of the Duggars seem to choose their “following” carefully and it appears that it is restricted to mostly family or, in Jill’s case, conservative political organizations. However, Jill has one new glaring omission, her sister Jessa Seewald.

Jessa follows Jill on Twitter, but apparently the “following” feelings are not mutual as Jill no longer follows Jessa. Jill does, however, follow Walmart, ACLJ, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Lawson Bates, Zach Bates, cousin Amy Duggar, Fox News Hannity, Fox News, FRC Action Group and all of her other Twitter-using family members. Jessa is the only absent face on Jill’s follow list.

Screenshot of Jill Dillard's "following". Note that Jessa did not make the list.
Screenshot of Jill Dillard’s “following”. Note that Jessa did not make the list.

Did the pair get into an argument? Is Jill upset that Jessa’s wedding followed so closely on the heels of her own? Is Jill sick of seeing all of Jessa and Ben’s kissing photos? The answer is not clear. However, it seems that if there is trouble brewing, it happened sometime between November 5 and today. The last time we saw a photo of Jessa and Jill together was on November 5, when Jill tweeted a happy birthday message to Jessa.

Jill has not made an official statement on the unfollowing of Jessa and none of the Duggars have expressed any family problems. However, as many social media users know, there is something powerful to be said about an abrupt “unfriending” or “unfollowing.”

Jill Dillard was the first Duggar girl to get married and is already expecting her first child with husband Derick Dillard. Jessa Seewald is the most recently married Duggar and has been posting a plethora of photos of her and her man, Ben Seewald. If you look through Jessa’s Twitter and Instagram feed, it appears that Jill is never mentioned or present. She doesn’t have any photos of her sister on her feed and what is more glaringly absent is a congratulation message to her sister on her pregnancy.

What do you think is most likely? Is Jill sending a passive aggressive message to Jessa by publicly unfollowing? Or was the unfollowing most likely an accident?