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US Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: Horse Meat Burgers on the Way


Ever been hungry enough to eat a horse? Well now you may legally be able to – literally.

Horse slaughter is scheduled to restart in the United States, after President Barack Obama signed a bill Nov. 18 reinstating federal funding for Department of Agriculture inspection of horse meat for human consumption and ending a 5-year-old ban.

“They’re signing the death sentence for thousands of our American horses. The wild mustangs in Oklahoma and every horse in Oklahoma is at risk,” Stephanie Graham, an Oklahoma City activist, told The Oklahoman newspaper. “Horses are going to die and it’s going to be brutal.”

Despite the negative feedback the slaughter reinstatement has received from equine lovers, proponents of the bill say the initial ban had unintended consequences, including an increase in neglect and the abandonment of horses, price decreases and a jump in horse exports for overseas slaughter.

“Horse welfare in the United States has generally declined since 2007, as evidenced by a reported increase in horse abandonments and an increase in investigations for horse abuse and neglect,” a report from the Government Accountability Office noted. “The extent of the decline is unknown due to a lack of comprehensive, national data, but state officials attributed the decline in horse welfare to many factors, but primarily to the cessation of domestic slaughter and the U.S. economic downturn.”

According to a pro-slaughter group called United Horsemen, meat processors are now considering opening facilities in at least a half-dozen states, including Georgia, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and possibly Idaho.

The horsemen estimate the slaughterhouses could open in as little as 30 to 90 days.

The question has to be asked: Would you eat a horse burger?

via FoxNews

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114 Responses to “US Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: Horse Meat Burgers on the Way”

  1. Juan Segovia

    Here in my city the horse meat is common.. people eat that every day but they dont know what they are eating

  2. Mike Nope

    this will help out the farmers I know several farmers who have gotten horse dumped on there farm because they cant get rid of them.

  3. Amanda Blake

    The only way I'd eat a horse is if I was stranded in the wilderness, starving to death, and the horse had a broken leg. Why else would you eat a horse except for survival in extreme circumstances? They better mark it clearly so people don't eat horse meat my accident.

  4. Daphne Lykeion

    I have eaten horse once…completely unawares until after the fact. In Morocco horse meat is pretty popular. It is slightly sweeter than beef. But every time I think of it it turns my stomach lol. Having grown up a horse crazy girl as a child the idea of eating My Little Pony is rather horrific lol

  5. Lee Rowe

    Yuch!! …..but I guess Europeans eat horse and find it okay. Not for me, though.

  6. Suzanne Newman Jager

    What the hell are we coming to here? We have millions of Canadian Geese pooping and getting aggressive so why don't we have a national Canadian Geese Hunting Season? There is no way I'd eat a horse burger.

  7. Linda Woolstenhulme

    I doubt you'll ever see horse meat in the US market for human consumption- I'm not sure when horses became "pets" and the idea of slaughter so distasteful. After all, big, old , blind, crippled horses cost a lot of money to keep alive. I own horses, I know the cost. Would I send mine to slaughter, NO. Is it better to let them starve out in a field because someone can't afford hay at $200 a ton? A horse rescue can only take so many horses………

  8. L Scott Larsen

    The horse meat will be used to feed all your other beloved animals. Do you think your cat wants to eat tofurky, I think not, It's about time that we can use some of these horse's that people can't afford to feed anymore because of Obummer.The only thing this Pres. has done that makes sense. No one is going to feed you a horse burger so don't worry, Leana. They will get some glue out of them too.

  9. Mitchell Garcia

    it became illegal early in the 20th century to keep the immigrants from France away and because a couple of bigtime moneymen loved horses and lobbied really hard to get the ban instated.

  10. Amanda Blake

    I agree Daphne, I was a horse crazy girl too. I was even lucky enough to get to ride them a few times in my life. Could never knowingly eat one. I could not eat guinea pigs either, I've had piggies as pets all my life and used to breed them for our family pet store. But in South America, they are not pets but raised for food. Different cultures I guess, but personally seeing a fried guinea would make me cry!

  11. Kathleen Angulo


  12. Marie Pompermaier

    if we eat cows meat, what's difference from a horses meat. cow gives us a lot more than meat and we kill them anyway.. lets save some cows and drink more milk and eat cheese with some horses hamburger.

  13. Neva Burgess Crawford

    That's so much BS. People neglect and starve horses because they WANT to. If you don't want a horse anymore you can take them to auction or give them away…you don't have to neglect or starve them. Just another "change" by Obama…what an a$$hole.

  14. Neva Burgess Crawford

    Oh come on! There's no such thing as a WILD cow….get real.

  15. Neva Burgess Crawford

    Once this does become legal, you may want to rethink eating at ANY Asian restaurant…we all know they will eat/cook just about anything.

  16. Calli Paul

    I know this topic inflames a lot of people and I used to see things the exact same way you do. That was in junior high before I realized the repercussions of banning horse slaughter in the US. Look at the numbers…pre-ban, the same number of horses were being slaughtered here as post-ban were being exported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. With their exportation for slaughter, we cannot regulate this and I encourage you to research how very inhumanely horses are slaughtered in Mexico. With the inclusion of the ban on horse slaughter in the US, we can neither regulate their inhumane exportation conditions to other countries OR the grotesque methods (think Alfred Hitchcock Psycho for instance…) in which they are slaughtered. The reinstatement of slaughter in the US is a much, much more favorable thing for horse welfare nationally. Also, with the ban in place there were much higher incidences of horse abandonment and neglect. Lastly, there are laws protecting most mustangs-sometimes population control is needed because there are too many for the amount of space they are inhabiting but overall, there are many laws and regulations protecting the herds. Please make informed decisions and although this may not change your opinion, at least you will hopefully be less ignorant. Thanks for your time.

  17. Kristi Cooper

    Calli Paul
    If they start slaughtering horses in the US, lets just hope they go with much more humane practices. I know I have seen news videos about how poorly cows/pigs/chickens etc are treated at some slaughter-houses, so we cant just automatically assume that horses slaughtered in our country will be killed in a "humane" way. They will probably get bad treatment here just as in other countries. People who are standing there to kill animals dont really care how they are treating them or how quickly they put them down, to them its just a dead animal either way so some are horrible about it. I just wish that horse slaughter wasnt being allowed here again simply because some people think that is why there is more neglect. Gee, they arent being taken good care of, so instead of helping out rescues lets just kill them all & sell the meat to foreign countries who would love to eat it. Not a real problem solver in my opinion.

  18. Calli Paul

    Bartosz Bernatowicz Yeah I was thinking that, but I thought I'd just call it research since you can find that info about anywhere. lol

  19. Kristi Cooper

    I think the idea of it is so distasteful to many people simply because a horse is viewed as a pet far more often than someone would view a cow as a pet. To some, it might be like asking if they would eat their beloved dog or cat. Definite no on that question, so they dont like the idea of eating a horse any more than their housepet.

  20. Julie Wisdom

    He is draining us of all our goods…… I did not vote for Borak Hussain Obama. Our $'s worth dropped so many Americans losing what they've worked so hard for. Our horses got us this far, HORSE POWER. Not for food please lord why, really?

  21. Samantha Hilton

    What's next? Legalizing the killing of cats and dogs for food? Even though times are hard financially, we STILL have a huge food supply compared to a lot of other countries. And just HOW exactly are they going to market Mr.Ed meat in the USA? By mixing it up with ground beef, of course, and not alerting the consumer. ORGANIC beef all the way, from good sources. We all have to do our research. SO SAD. God really needs to step in. Whether U all believe in Him or not, the USA is quickly turning into the devil's playground, and it's seriously freaking me out. Sorry to be preachy! PEACE!

  22. Bernetta Drouin MacKenzie

    well when you have an older animal crippled, you make the decision to put them down just like you would with your dog…cat….WHY would you sell to slaughter to make a buck on a friend that carried you on their back?? would you do the same with your faithful dog?? People eat that too…

  23. Earlene Leonard

    who ever came up with this disgusting law should be sold for slaughter themselves…horses are majestic animals, absolutely beautiful….no wonder I like animals better than people….

  24. Leana Mendez

    Calli Paul-In case u don't know…Americans are just as cruel and inhumane as those other countries u have spoken about. The way slaughter houses kill chickens, cows and pigs and whatever else they are killing…the way we think they are SUPPOSE to be killing them and the way they REALLY ARE, is another story. Also, just because we all feel bad about this and don't think its right, doesn't mean we are ignorant….just means we are sad for these beautiful animals. How about…since humans are over-populated, we kill our young inhumanly (and other humans), we beat and starve our kids…and we do this all CONSCIOUSLY, maybe we should have a slaughter house just for us.

  25. Linda Woolstenhulme

    I've had my old horses euthanized (6) . I made the decision. They can't make that choice, just like an older dog or cat can't make that decision. You gotta buck up and make hard choices. Putting a horse down isn't cheap-pay the vet $150 to do the job,I owned the ground to bury the horse, I paId to have a backhoe dig the hole ($75 an hour), the horse has to be buried at least 6 feet due to the fact the drugs in the horse could kill an animal if it was able to dig the horse up and eat it. If you take the horse to the vet and have it put down, it ends up in a land fill. Don't tell me about how to care for my animals, I've been there and been responsible. I feed them, I provide a great shelter for them, I doctor them, I probably ride my horses more than most people EVER dream of. Not everyone is ME. But this is AMERICA and people have the right to make the BEST choices for themselves and their animals. My dogs, have ALL been buried on my property as the cats I've owned and the 6 horses that earned their place here. And as far as making a buck sending a horse to slaughter, not EVERYONE does it for that reason.

  26. Fabienne Rufener

    Well Linda if u dont hav any money to take care of ur horses then u should not own any horses. What is wrong with u.

  27. Mitchell Garcia

    Bernetta Drouin MacKenzie nobody wants to eat stringy old meat. Seriously. They will probably (hopefully) raised strictly for meat the same way as dog farms in Korea and the Philippines, or the horse farms in France, or you know, the cattle ranches in the USA. Personally, I think it's a great idea. Horse tastes delicious and the nearly 80 year ban on it in the USA is silly. It isn't like we don't eat veal or rabbit or goat or pigeons. This will possibly also have the nice side effect of increasing conservation of the wild mustang herds in the USA, as the cattle/sheep ranchers out there will possibly cease to see them as a nuisance to be eradicated and instead as a source of revenue. I really don't understand why people are whining about this. It's not like they are going to round up everyone's horses so that chefs and culinarians like myself can cook and eat them. I wouldn't want to eat any horse that hasn't been raised for food, because the meat will be tough and have impurities (the amount of chems they shoot up a racehorse with would probably kill you outright.) As long as they don't go the horrible horrible CFO route like they have for cattle and hogs and chickens, I don't see what's wrong with it. It's not like we don't eat veal and goat and pigeons already, and those are solidly delicious.

  28. Zack Puckett

    Leana Mendez that idea would be better for the human race. you can not just do it to children though you could start by killing off inmates, retards and screw ups. but nobody would like that idea. this is no joke, most of you think i am crazy, but it is not my idea. some guy i learned about in class did in the 1800s. horse markets are a good idea. horses that are lame that cant move around to eat are going to die anyway. why not get the meat out of them and help boost the economy?

  29. Linda Lessing Engle

    Ok the answer to inhumane treatment is a horrible death in a slaughter facility? Seriously? Do you think the answer to child abuse is to kill the excess of children? This is not an answer this is a rationalization made by people who either do not understand or wish to profit!

  30. Jason DJkartoffel Meyer

    I'm a vegan and I love animals, HOWEVER….i see a "via FoxNews"….this makes me think this may be a foxnews slam on obama and as we know, they don't exactly fact check, I'm going to look into this bill, seeing as they forgot to include its name.

  31. Jason DJkartoffel Meyer

    ok, so upon further research it IS true, BUT, they are doing it so it can be done locally instead of shipping them to mexico, meh, seems fiscally responsible….buutttt.

  32. Calli Paul

    Leana Mendez The slaughter of pigs and cattle, etc. is a completely different topic. You really think that our slaughter methods here are less humane than knifing them to death like they do in Mexico? I disagree. Here things are regulated. With the ban of slaughter, we can't even regulate their travel to other countries, so they are frequently crammed into double decker trailers meant for pigs and cattle and subjected to long miserable travels. You can feel bad about it all you want, but I don't know why you think the ban should be reinstated-they are being killed more humanely this way, and the incidence of abandonment and negligence has INCREASED since the ban was put in place in the first place.

  33. Calli Paul

    Well, the meat isn't for us-it never has been. It's for european markets. This has been going on for the past several decades, only over the past five since the ban was put in place our country has been shipping its horses to Canada and Mexico. The repeal of the ban has put us back in control over their welfare, ensuring that they do not endure long miserable rides on double decker trailers which are not designed for horses' safe travels and it allows us to regulate the method of slaughter again, which is much more humane than Mexico's version of knifing them to death. My point is that this isn't because our country is in dire need of more food sources-it is so that we are once again in control of making sure these horses suffer as little as possible. (And let me reestablish the fact that this doesn't mean that horses are NOW being slaughtered-they have been for the past several decades, and the numbers haven't wavered a significant amount despite the ban).

  34. Calli Paul

    And where do you think they end up when you take them to an auction? If they aren't worth very much, they usually end up bought by somebody assigned to buy horses for slaughter. It isn't mentioned a whole lot, but it is extremely commonplace. As far as giving them away, that's tough anymore when the industry is flooded with average unwanted horses that cost a lot to feed and maintain. It isn't like a cat or a dog where adding another is a minimal impact on your budget-horses are extremely expensive. I don't think horses should EVER be neglected or abandoned and mine would never ever see that fate but the fact of the matter is that occurrences of abandonment and negligence have increased significantly since the ban was put in place five years ago.

  35. Gary Wright

    I un derstand the comments from the concerned people on here but you people don't realize that there are horses starving all over the world because people cant afford to feed them , the horse markets on riding animals have fallin to the point that no one can afford to keep the horses healthy , If they didn't kill horses to feed the soldiers in worldwar1and 2 then all our soliers that faught for our freedom would have starved and then where would we be today.I am a horse lover as well as a horse owner and take great pride in my animals , but there is a very bad need forthe slaughter of horses in the us and if they keep sending all our beef over seas then there will not be any for the united states, that will hit us all right where it hurts then there will be united states citizens starving so the horses can live till they starve because we cant afford to feed them.We will probaly never see a peice of horse meat in the US because the other countrys like the meat and in some countries horse meat is a prime cut of meat as well as beef is for us.So I do understand your concerns but the ones commenting on this are not horse owners and don't pay feed bills.

  36. Austin Moss

    Though I have no issues about this, If people really do hate this, they should protest killing animals in general. Being selective over one just because you happen to like them is a fools argument.

  37. Andrew Rangel

    Actually, if you think about it. The vegan issue is a precarious one. What if everyone became vegan? Would we have a over population of chicken, cows, horses, etc. which would lead to a morally vacant deplorable mass slaughter on the level of Auschwitz? Would the government be forced to ease up on safe farming practices concerning pesticides and chemicals used in the cultivation of fruits and veggies due to the rising demand of said produce? Great in theory, careful in putting it into practice.

  38. Austin Moss

    Horse meat can also be organic… Also killing horses makes this the devils playground? What about all the other slaughter of different animals and the current heavy mistreatment of horses because farmers cannot get rid of them? If you really think America is a 'devils playground' go to any other country and find out all the works the 'devil' has in store elsewhere. Oh well I really shouldn't get mad at these arguments, it should be below me.

  39. Andrew Rangel

    What in God's name are you talking about? By "draining us of all our goods" do you mean horses? Horses that are already being shipped to Mexico and Canada for the past 30 years and exported to Europe for consumption. What do you mean by "draining"? Do you mean selling or giving it away? If they are selling said "goods" then that is NOT draining, its called capitalism. I don't recall anybody in America giving away anything, but I may be wrong. Now, the "$'s worth" comment. I can't even begin to try to understand what you are trying to say. Do you understand the meaning of the "gold standard"? Comment on that and I will have a discussion with you on this topic. On to the HORSE POWER comment. We haven't used horses to move goods to market since world war I. The day we start going back to that method I will assume the commies took us over and we're done. Horses haven't done a thing for us for a hundred years except provide entertainment for gamblers and kids and provide an avenue for the wealthy to blow some more money. The average citizen does not own a horse therefore it is not a valued commodity. I love horses but give me a break. That's as dumb as the middle easterners saying the cow is a sacred animal and should be worshiped. I'm a capitalist and a libertarian which allows me to say this final comment. Stop spelling his name wrong. You give conservatives a bad name by doing so. You reinforce liberal beliefs that conservatism=dummy. It is not a badge of honor nor is it something that screams smart, cutting edge, informed or last but not least AMERICAN! Represent your country Julie. You don't have to like the guy, hell I don't like him but people read this and laugh at you, not with you. At least appear to be one of the smarter kids in the room instead of patting yourself on the back for being the dumbest.
    I dare you to reply and not simply delete this comment. And I hope you can prove me wrong for all of our sake. Thanks in advance for the inevitable future block because I probably hurt your very frail ego. Peace be with you.

  40. Joe Lynn

    You know Europe has always eaten horse meat and usually we ship the horses there to be slaughtered anyway right? This is really nothing new.

  41. Austin Moss

    Though I WILL say… many buffets in general will choose the cheapest meat possible to put out… If horse is the cheapest for the business to buy (which i HIGHLY doubt early game…), then sure, it might be on the menu… But I guarantee it will be listed as horse

  42. Deborah Miller

    Bartosz Bernatowicz
    I work for a vet and am a lifelong horse person who ran an equine rescue for 15 years. "Just put the horse down"….. okay….. $250 for the "humane" shot and gas to haul the horse to the vet & then haul the carcas somewhere (where ?) to be buried, $300 to get a backhoe out to dig a hole big enough for a horse. Guess what…. you just spent more than the hay would have cost. And this is the low end of the cost of putting a horse down "humanely".
    Don't life the ban….. okay, now the horses are being hauled all the way to Mexico or Canada, where we can't control the treatment they recieve up to the end.
    Is slaughter a nasty business ? Yes, regardless of what species the animal. Is is also nescessary ? Yes.

  43. Austin Moss

    Andrew Rangel Will definitely try, though Bambi Jerky makes me feel skeptical to eat because of Disney, but why not… it would be wasted otheriwse

  44. Mitchell Garcia

    Deborah Miller jesus, nobody just uses the woods and a bullet for animal disposal anymore? Also, why would ANYONE want to eat a horse that hadn't been raised for food? They probably taste like dogfood. Oh, wait, that's probably what they'll stick them in. That and Jello and glue. Facts of life, kids, lol.

  45. Leana Mendez

    Calli Paul Do u really think they signed this so the horses will suffer less? When it comes to issues like this, theres always an ulterior motive.

  46. Austin Moss

    Leana Mendez no, that's just a byproduct. This helps recover some of Americas economy, helps the horses suffer less, and provide more meat for people to eat….

  47. Leana Mendez

    Austin Moss Then u shouldn't be hear tagging along after everything Calli Paul is saying, if its beneath u? U kids seriously need to grow up. We're not here to be calling people names and putting each other down. This might not bother u guys..but some of us are bothered by things like this. No need to be talking down to us like we're idiots. U think we don't know all this that has been happening for decades? U think we come here with no knowledge?? Please get a life…

  48. Austin Moss

    It's that I honestly look down on people who would retaliate against this with all the ridiculous contradictions they make in the process. And you're right, however I do have a life, and I have the right to voice my opinion. If you think you and others can pander each other constantly pretending that the whole world is messed up while your group are the only ones seemingly unaffected by this chaos, then the place is not here to be doing that. If I see a person making a completely irrational argument, I have the right to voice my opinion. It is not a waste of time, it is my right, thank you.

    Also on a second note, the second you resort to calling others immature is the second you start to realize that you really don't know a proper reply to the situation. It's a crutch of a phrase that you can use to get away with a proper answer, now thank you again for the courtesy you gave me for reading my reply.

  49. Austin Moss

    Leana Mendez, Fighting fire with fire is certainly the best option in any situation of course. I was definitely harsh in that post and I do owe Samantha and apology. People are entitled to their opinions of course and it was too crude of me to judge her for having her opinions. How do I know her? She could have had a horse as a pet, has a job as a vet, or simply is allergic to horse meat. There's too many factors to allow me to judge, so I admit I was out of place.

    Also on the note of your backlash at me, that information is no longer correct… I have finished the requirements for my psych major and am now currently completing a major in business and Japanese Language for the remaining credit hours. Thank you for your concerns in my field.

  50. Austin Moss

    Leana Mendez, as fantastic it would be to run a practice the second I graduate, that's not possible. I would have to attend about 8 more years of school, which I would be unable to afford. However do know that in person, there is not the added bonus of anonymity and lack of social cues that the internet offers. One cannot simply voice their opinions open in real life without having some form of backlash, and the only time that it can really be applied is on the internet as punishment for being able to think freely and openly is abysmal at most.

    Anyways I'm done with this, you guys are free to think of what you wish towards this issue, I was just acting on impulse like many others were, however that's not the proper way an adult would handle the situation. Instead of purposely putting fuel to a fire, I should state my opinions in such a way that people would not be infuriated at them.

    Summary; The internet is different from real life, and one can feel safer expressing themselves and acting against others, however it becomes too easy to do at times and is abused. Since I have stated my original opinion about the issue, I don't need to say anymore or ague and can leave now.

  51. Pat Erickson

    Austin Moss and why is that? If they eat horse what is to stop them from using dog? They eat dog in other parts of the world. I can see them saying well they kill all those unwanted animals every day might as well use them. Support your contention.

  52. Calli Paul

    Mitchell Garcia Actually it is rarely used for dog food because it's too expensive. That's probably why dogs are often basically fed ground up crap and why recalls aren't extremely uncommon. I can't attest to how they taste, but it must not be terrible because it is a common staple of food in many European countries. It isn't feasible to raise them for food because the excess of unwanted average to below average quality horses in the market is unbelievable-it's like having a deer farm when you can't keep all of the wild deer off of your property. That's just how the industry is right now and how it has been for the past several years since the demand for horses has dropped yet breeding hasn't. There has to be an outlet for these horses and unfortunately, slaughter is often the only viable option left due to expense. Although you could save $250 or so on a lethal injection by using a bullet, you still have to dispose of it properly and you would still have to pay for a backhoe unless you own one or would like to spend the next several days carving out your own dirt hole. :/

  53. Calli Paul

    Leana Mendez I still don't understand why you are fighting this then. It has helped horses' situations across the board nationwide. It is not a pretty picture to think about, but it is a preferred option compared to the ban when you think solely of their welfare in this situation.

    I go to school for this, and I hear firsthand the accounts of the detriment these poor horses face when desperate owners are faced with no other option. I see why this has occurred in the industry, and everyone has to realize that horses are not cheap to own-they are easy to cheaply accrue anymore, but not easy to be sold if they are at or below average quality and if they are lightly handled or especially if they are chronically lame. Without slaughter as a fiscal option, a lot of horses end up suffering an even more drawn out death in somebody's field because they cannot afford anything else. Times are hard for horse owners, and without slaughter as an option for strained and sometimes extremely irresponsible owners, times are even harder for their horses.

  54. Calli Paul

    Austin Moss I was thinking the exact same thing. I thought we were having a reasonable debate here-I'm not complaining that she has attacked my character or called me names, but I was disappointed that she started it with you. It's weak of her, and it is your right to post your opinion as much as you would like. You are a smart ass at times, but ahh whatever. haha

  55. Calli Paul

    Leana Mendez Did I ever say that I LIKE the idea of it? It's the most humane viable option for them. If you have a better *reasonable* solution for all of this, I am all ears. I already told you I used to be for the ban of US horse slaughter before I learned that it has actually INCREASED horse welfare overall. I only say this because I truly care about what happens to these horses, and I would rather they face a quick demise than an otherwise inevitably long one suffering in a field up to their hocks in mud somewhere. Get a life? I thought we were having a reasonable discussion about all of this. And OF COURSE a major proponent for signing on the repeal of the ban was so they would suffer less. Even PETA supports this if that tells you anything. Don't try to undercut my points by calling me a kid or by suggesting that I am calling you an idiot. You brought that idea along entirely by yourself and you know it. So drop all of that ridiculous pretense and if you have a better solution or some outstanding point to defend your argument besides something along the lines of how noble or majestic horses are, I would truly love to hear it.

  56. Olivia Hornacek

    Leana Mendez I personally know someone who works in a slaughter plant and they DO slaughter animals humanely. I don't think it is right to make assumptions about plants by the few bad incidents glorified by animal activist groups. Have you watched a video of Mexico horse slaughter being stabbed repeatedly in the head to slaughter them. I just did a 10 page research paper on this topic that I presented today actually. If this was such a bad thing tell me why the American Veterinary Medical Assoc, the American Quarter Horse Assoc, PETA, the American Assoc of Equine Practitioners, and the American Horse Council ALL think that this is a good thing because of the increased neglect and export of horses. There has been a 660% increase in transport to Mexico and a 148% increase to Canada since the ban was put in place and I told you already what happens in Mexico. USDA inspectors can halt the plant immediately if any sign of inhumane procedures that are occurring at the plant. The Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act prescribes two methods of slaughter that prevent needless suffering. The first method is consistent with Kosher or other religious slaughter. The second method renders animals “insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical, chemical or other means that is rapid and effective, before being shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut." This is much more humane than letting horses starve and defend for themselves when they are abandoned by owners when they have no other option. Slaughter is not a decision to make based on emotions, it is a decision that should be made off of logic and sound reason of the best welfare decisions for the horses.

  57. Olivia Hornacek

    There is not doubt that horses are majestic and beautiful the problem is that over breeding and the bad economy has left many horses neglected and abandoned. The ban allowed these horses to be shipped out of the country where we have NO control over how they are treated. The % of horses exported out of the country for slaughter since the ban is 660% to Mexico where they basically butcher the horses alive. How is that humane when we can do it instantly here with a gunshot or captive bolt which is painless since they are then unconscious and not suffering long amounts of time? I love horses but what makes them held up on a pedestal compared to other livestock? I find it quite hypocritical

  58. Calli Paul

    Horse abandonment and neglect and child abuse are completely different things. In this case, the incidence of abandonment and neglect in horses is due to their overwhelming numbers, and many people cannot afford to care for them anymore. Children are not abused for the same reasons, and the slaughter argument is in an entirely different context than child abuse, so it's not very helpful to compare the two. A lot of people have trouble affording to keep their horses maintained in the current economic stress, and humane euthanasia and proper disposal are also expensive. For the flood of excess average/unmarketable horses there has to be an outlet, and there are only so many people who can afford to fill their extra stalls and only so many rescue organizations that can open their doors to accept more horses. Horses have been turned loose to fend for themselves, and many have found themselves starving in barren fields for months because slaughter in the US hasn't been an option for the past five years. Many horses, however, found themselves crammed onto double decker trailers and headed to either Canada or Mexico, where they are violently knifed to death. At least now we can once again regulate the method of slaughter for our horses so it is more humane than that in other countries, and we can regulate their transport to the facilities so their welfare is better enforced.

  59. Olivia Hornacek

    Leana Mendez I personally know someone who works in a slaughter plant and they DO slaughter humanely. The few glorified exceptions by animal activists are not a realistic source of what happens in a slaughter plant. I just got done writing a 10 page on this topic that I presented today actually. USDA inspectors can halt the plant immediately if any sign of inhumane procedures that are occurring at the plant. The Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act prescribes two methods of slaughter that prevent needless suffering. The first method is consistent with Kosher or other religious slaughter. The second method renders animals “insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical, chemical or other means that is rapid and effective, before being shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut." The percentage of horses being exported since the ban in 148% to Canada and 660% to Mexico. In Mexico, they readily stab the horses in the top of the head with a knife til they become unconscious. Please tell me how that is more humane then being put unconscious immediately here? The reason we have this problem is because of over breeding and the very poor economy where people have no other choice but to neglect or abandon their horses and many obviously are being exported to be be slaughtered elsewhere. If this was such a bad idea please tell me why the American Veterinary Medical Assoc, the American Quarter Horse Assoc, the American Assoc of Equine Practitioners, the American Horse Council, AND PETA all think that lifting the ban is a good thing to increase the welfare of our country's horses. This is not a decision to be made on emotions, but logic and educated reason.

  60. Ben Fox

    A house built without a foundation cannot stand. Financial houses are the same way; every market needs a bottom. Before the ban, a horse was worth about $.70 per pound. After the ban; they weren't worth $.015 per pound. I used to make a good living, training and selling horses, the ban put an end to this because all my hard work became a waste of time. Before the ban, I could get at least $700 for a 1000 pound horse I worked with for 30 days. After the ban, I couldn't give the same horse away.
    Now I hate to say this, but there are horses out there that are just mean and nasty and no amount of new age, fancy horse whispering is going to change them. These horses now go from place to place injuring the people trying to take care of them.
    Then there's the chronic lame horse that can't be made sound or comfortable. Shouldn't an owner have the option to be able to recoup some of the cost?

  61. Olivia Hornacek

    The horses are being slaughtered regardless. They are being shipped to Mexico or Canada. Mexico's slaughter facilities are 100 times worse than ours.

  62. Linda Lessing Engle

    Calli Paul I have done rescue work for years I have also been in law enforcement for the last 30 years. Your arguements while articulated well, still result in the same old same old.. any kind of death, even a sickeningly cruel one rather than finding another answer and Heaven forbid requiring people to get off their wallets or even give their horses away. Please spare me your well thought out excuses. The bottom line is cruelty is cruelty and this is cruelty for profit!

  63. Linda Lessing Engle

    Olivia Hornacek Really? How many better ways to kill a horse do you think the slaughter houses will use?? And it's ok to add to the pain in the U.S because other countries do it??

  64. Calli Paul

    Linda Lessing Engle-People DO give their horses away and obviously we still have a major problem. Have you not heard about the loads of horses being dumped into state parks because people were desperate about not being able to afford to care for them anymore? In my own county we have had horses turned free because our rescues are full, and even free (as in given away) horses are only free for so long. You know they are expensive, and you know rescues can only take so many. Do you have another alternative? If you have a better REASONABLE solution I would love to hear it-I don't relish the idea any more than you do, but there is no better option to lessen their suffering as much as possible compared to slaughter at the present time. The repeal of the ban decreases cruelty, and that has been proven time and time again by the reduced numbers of abandoned and neglected horses. Again, if you have a better REASONABLE option to resolve this issue, I would love to hear it.

    It's not just about the profit-there simply isn't a place for these unfortunate unwanted horses that people continue to breed and breed to go to. PETA even supports this if that gives you any idea of how important it is for us to be in control of the situation. I am in the horse industry myself and I see again and again how the reinstatement of slaughter has lessened the prolonged suffering of countless horses. Not all of us have the time or means to help out at rescues, and even if more joined, there are simply too many crippled and unwanted horses that people cannot or will not continue to keep, and they don't deserve to suffer a miserable, drawn out death.

  65. Linda Lessing Engle

    Calli Paul Since you want to go on and on Yes there is a viable alternative and while not pleasant to think about Low cost subsidized Humane Euthanasia is an alternative just as spays and neuters are done now. To believe that the answer to neglected animals is to slaughter and eat them is sick. That means dogs and cats would be up for the same since according to some of this logic "Its done in other countries". And before you start down the "it would go to waste" road. Yes sentient being can be buried and not eaten. It does not apply just to humans. It is not waste it is the willingness to eat plants not animals and respecting the bodies of beings other than humans. Now I understand that you prob will not be able to leave my post alone without adding your two cents and having the last word but this is pointless. Solutions will take work not hand wringing. This is done by people who get out in the field and work.Not typing on someone elses posts.Have a good day.

  66. Andrew Rangel

    Austin Moss Yeah that was probably uncalled for. Shortsighted and just as reprehensible as the comment I was responding too. My apologies. Bad Andy. Sorry guys.

  67. Jeannie Rice

    Everyone does have their own opinion in regards to this….but mine is that this is just sick. There is no reasion for this.

  68. Calli Paul

    Linda Lessing Engle-But you think "humane" euthanasia is significantly more humane than US slaughter methods? Captive bolt guns are just as well, even faster actually. And you don't know a thing about me, so don't act like I don't do my part for this industry. How is my replying to your post ANY different than you posting in the first place? Euthanasia still costs a pretty penny, whether subsidized or not, and you still have to pay for disposal. And if you want me to have the last word, who cares-you are perfectly at liberty to not comment back.

  69. Linda Lessing Engle

    Calli Paul You know I wondered why you chose my post to keep your crap going and then I recognized you from someone elses facebook. Now I understand. Well both of you can go to whereever people like you go.Try to have an original thought please and YES humane euthanazia (by vet thru IV after sedation IS much better than than a slaughter house where even the stench terrifies them. Since you don't realize this either you have never seen it in person or you can't be bothered.So far you've represented your kind very well. Thanks for the help.

  70. Calli Paul

    Linda Lessing Engle-Wow, okay condemn me to be a terrible person if that is what you want to do. And keep my crap going? I'm trying to help people on here that think they're going to be covertly served horse burgers and that slaughter was legalized yesterday to realize the truth of what is really going on and why it is. Stop judging me-I have not done the same to you, and good grief, please forgive me for trying to have a reasonable debate on the subject. I only chose your post to keep my "crap" going because you made a less than reasonable comparison between horse neglect/abuse and child abuse, not for anything to do with *you*. Calm down and stop making this personal-I only meant to debate with you, not attack you. When you initiate a post on a site like this, did you really think that nobody would have an opinion of their own or be allowed to express it? Places like this are places to DISCUSS issues so again, stop making it personal.

  71. Calli Paul

    Linda Lessing Engle-Fine, keep your head in the sand if you would like-even PETA has supported this! Now why would they, who believe in the utmost best possible treatment of animals, condone this?

  72. Kelsey Hughes

    Mitchell Garcia how do you know that the woods and a bullet aren't used anymore? do you have proof of this? the people who do use this method use it because they can not afford to pay for the humane way to put their horse down. At times they might be out somewhere where they can not get a vet to get to the horse to put them down so what is the next opinion? put a bullet in their head so that they do not have to suffer. Have you ever seen The Man From Snowy River? watch it and you'll see what i mean!!

  73. Kelsey Hughes

    Leana Mendez i also am going to school for equine and i have grown up with horses my whole life, my family raises horses. i know all bout them. I also know that not all horses are normal so are born with disease and neurological problems. what are we suppose to do with them. what if they are so messed up that they can't even stand on their own? what do you propose we do with them? keep them? what good is that going to do for that horse? Do you have horses? would you really want to see your horse suffer for the rest of their life because you think that it is inhumane to have them put down or sent away? My family has run into this situation and we ended up taking one to an auction before slaughter was even ban and it went to the kill pen where it would go to slaughter. It was a hard decision for my family to make but they decided that they would rather this horse be put out of his misery rather than watch him suffer in our pasture. This horse was older but he was so arthritic that he couldn't bend his knees anymore. I love my horses but sometimes you have to think about them and what is best for them and not be so selfish!!

  74. Linda Woolstenhulme

    Kelsey Hughes , you are correct. I've been in the mtns and had a friend with a horse that "tied up" also know as azoturia. We were 30 miles in the back country and it was obvious the horse was suffering and not going to live. We all do carry pistols for such emergencies. A very sad packtrip but a fact of life. One point I would make is make sure you know where that "spot" is on a horses head for that one fatal shot.

  75. Taryn Hardman

    unfortuately, very few of these horses that go to slaughter are actually old or crippled – they are much more often to be young and fit animals at a good weight. it is these horses that make more profit as they have more meat on their bones, they do not want to pay money for old and crippled ones that will not make a profit because they are old and thin.

  76. Peg Mccauley

    I would love to try horsemeat. I hope they do sell it in stores somewhere. I would love to buy some.

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