Kim Kardashian demonstrates posterior power.

Doctors Dissect Kim Kardashian: Plastic Surgery, Photoshop, Or Vampire Facial? [Video]

Kim Kardashian may want to investigate the potential for acquiring a zip code for her derriere, so that it can receive all the feedback. As photos of her booty bounced from sea to shining sea, Paper Magazine’s posterior cover credited itself for the badonkadonk publicity. But physicians, such as the hosts of the TV show The Doctors on November 14, challenged the natural quality of those amazing rear cheeks.

Dr. Travis Stork held up Paper Magazine with Kardashian’s photo on the cover, raising his eyebrows and contemplating the mysteries of the magic. Featuring her derriere in their segment on “Breaking Health News,” he and the other doctors who co-host the show opined that it was due to the art of plastic surgery rather than nature.

In particular, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon argued that Kim’s derriere is not the result of good genes, long hours in the gym, or dedicated diet. He speculated that she underwent plastic surgery for implants or a fat transfer procedure. In addition, Dr. Ordon contended that Kardashian benefited from the art of Photoshop.

“That does not occur in nature like that. Not even in Brazil,” added Dr. Ordon, referring to the procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift.

But Kardashian’s celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak is quick to defend his client’s dedication to sculpting that famous derriere in the gym, as the Inquisitr reported. Kim often works out with Kanye West, and the two keep each other motivated. The workouts are specifically designed to accentuate her posterior, added Pasternak.

“I throw her on the Helix Lateral Trainer, which is great because it focuses on the butt and hips. We did some hip thrusts and reverse lunges and stiff leg deadlifts. It really tones and tighten the whole thigh and butt area.”

Paper Magazine, which originated the badonkadonk brouhaha, interviewed Kim Kardashian as part of its feature cover story. The reality TV star and social media maestro emphasizes that she shares her famous selfies without even putting on makeup in many situations, denying any suggestions that she uses filters or Photoshop.

“[I’m] not really a filter person,” claims Kim.

However, although her skin looks gorgeous, Kardashian has been candid about how she got this aspect of her beauty. It’s all due to a procedure known as a vampire facial, as shown below.

And rather than focus on her body and beauty, Kardashian wants to talk about filming Season 10 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim’s description of it shows her mindset, which features family.

[It’s] the best family movie ever. We’re kind of obsessed with each other.

However, fame is not always fabulous, admits Kim. And although she tries to disregard the ever-present paparazzi, Kardashian confesses it is frustrating when it comes to family fun with her little daughter, North West. Kanye West and Kim recently tried to take a day off with their 16-month old toddler. Photographers swarmed them.

“I couldn’t really pick out our pumpkins, and [North] couldn’t really enjoy it. You just have to not care. You just have to say, ‘This is our life, and it is what it is.”

And part of what it is, for better or worse, is constant speculation when Kim chooses to put her body in the public spotlight. When that derriere zoomed its way around the world, plastic surgeons squirmed their way into becoming media experts, reported the New York Daily News.

While emphasizing that they had never treated Kim Kardashian, the derriere deniers were quick to dissect her rear with their opinions.

“Kim has had enhancement for sure,” insisted Dr. Basil Pakeman, who performs Brazilian butt lifts at Manhattan Surgical Care on the Upper East Side.

He pointed to the top of her rear.

“That’s one of the incision points we use to inject fat during procedures,” analyzed Pakeman.

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