Black Bear Brawl video

Black Bears Brawl On New Jersey Suburban Street — Incredible Viral Video Captures Intense Fight

What would you do if you saw two massive, fierce black bears fighting in your neighbor’s front yard? Why, whip out your cell phone and film the whole thing, of course! Who wouldn’t? Because, you know, two bears brawling on a residential street, that’s not a dangerous situation at all.

At least, the gentleman who filmed this incredible battle between two black bears on an otherwise idyllic suburban street in Rockaway, New Jersey, didn’t think so. Or maybe he did, because as you’ll see in this amazing, six-minute video, his camera was, well — let’s just say it’s a little shaky.

But we strongly recommend downing a couple of Dramamine, then pulling up a chair and watching this remarkable YouTube viral video because you may never see another one like it.

Contrary to popular belief, black bears are not vicious animals unless they are either frightened and provoked, or very hungry. Animal experts say that brawls such as this one are usually set off by a rivalry over a female bear. Oldest story in the world, right?

But most often, we humans never get the chance to witness an epic bear battle like this one. Bears try not to mix with humans, who are just as likely to shoot them as film them. But this brawl apparently got out of hand and ended up on someone’s front lawn, and then right into the street.

The New Jersey location is directly between two state wildlife preserves, Wildcat Ridge State Wildlife Management Area and Valley View Woods. But apparently, neither was big enough for the both of these black bears in this brutal battle for dominance which happened back in August, but was just posted to YouTube this month.