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Anonymous tells Mexican cartel they are next


Never mind Facebook.

Forget about Westboro Baptists.

They’re are all minor little irritants that hacker group anonymous takes on when they are bored and need to have a little bit of fun. However when anonymous gets serious they sure don’t mess around as evidenced by their most recently announced target.

It seems that an anonymous supporter in Mexico was kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, and well, this isn’t sitting too well with the larger Anonymous group as a whole. In fact Anonymous has let it be known that if they Zetas Cartel doesn’t release their compatriot the hackavist group will start publishing the names, address, and other personal information of all the Zetas Cartel members as well as politicians, cops, and military members who are bought and paid for by the cartel.

They say everyone from taxi drivers to businesses that fronts for the cartel will be revealed on the web and as the spokesman for the group says in a recently posted Spanish speaking video – it won’t be hard as we already know who they are and where they are located.

As Mike Vigil, a retired head of international operations for the DEA said following this announcement – the Zetas Cartel needs to take Anonymous seriously because by publishing the names they identify the Zetas Cartel members to rivals and they will go after them.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything really will come of this as one group with no guns but the power of the web takes on some of the nastiest people on the planet to carry a gun, or three.

Here is the Spanish speaking video put out by Anonymous.

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10 Responses to “Anonymous tells Mexican cartel they are next”

  1. Jake Halkovic

    I do so hope that the fellow they have abducted is not terribly well-informed himself, as to the goings-on of Anonymous. Otherwise one might suspect that the poor fellowl could be compelled to give up whatever information he possess. I certainly hope this is not the case, as it may suggest that the video was merely a bluff. In any event, I wish Anonymous the speedy and forthwith return of their member.

  2. Ryan Delahaye

    The entire point of anonymous is that no one members knows the goings on. So torturing them to get information would be pointless. The most theyd probably gwt is a web address. Then they can view their own names being published firsthand.

  3. Jake Halkovic

    Jake Halkovic Ryan… if they all know one another "anonymously", then how is it Anonymous has discovered that the cartel has captured one of their members? (As someone else said) If they expect the cartel to in fact release their prisoner, wouldn't it be necessary to know which prisoner they wished to have released? Additionally, we've seen a number of incidents occur in the past, which have been claimed as Anonymous' handiwork, only to have that assessment later overthrown (WBC); clearly this insinuates that while Anonymous functions as a somewhat anarchistic community, it has more seasoned or senior members who seek to ensure the conformity of Anonymous tactics with Anonymous principles. Also, such organizations do not merely spring into existence, and while the bulk of the organization may in fact be Anonymous at large, it is doubtful that at least some of the members, especially the long-standing ones, are not more than casually aware of one another. It would be my thought that many of its members, and perhaps the founding members, if they could be called that?, would originate from a pre-existing group such as the CCC.

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