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Jessica Simpson Pregnant! Star Confirms Pregnancy to OK Magazine

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Jessica Simpson is pregnant. Rumors about the stars pregnancy have been circulating for weeks, but Simpson was waiting for a lucrative magazine deal before she made the official announcement. She got that deal last night. Simpson was reportedly paid a half million dollars to break the news to OK Magazine.

OK Magazine, you know, could have just waited a few more months until the baby bump was undeniable, but I guess that doesn’t sell magazines.

Simpson told the magazine:

“Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It’s just sort of a rule with pregnant women.”

OK Magazine will release all the details when the magazine hits shelves next Thursday.

But what’s there to know? Life and Style Magazine reported earlier this month that Jessica Simpson was having a baby girl, that her and her fiance Eric Johnson were getting married on November 11th in Hawaii, and that Simpson is ecstatic, saying that having a girl is “like winning the lottery twice.”

Of course, those facts were taken from one of Jessica Simpson’s friends and not from the star herself, so they may not be completely accurate.

Simson was quoted previously, saying:

“We’re enjoying our commitment to each other. We want to take our time … We might elope if it gets to that point.”

So maybe OK Magazine will be able to report the exact wedding date, but is that really worth $500,000?

If you’re dying to know the details of Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy you can pick up a copy of OK Magazine this Thursday.

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20 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Pregnant! Star Confirms Pregnancy to OK Magazine”

  1. Anonymous

    Jesus farting christ, she's breeding. One more stupid twit or goober coming into the world.

  2. Carol Faver

    Her weight problems have been going on for a long time…that baby should be in first grade by now! She and her pastor/manager/father are basically cut from the same cloth…money mongers. Strange how religion does that to some people. Both of them would do anything for the almighty dollar. They will both milk this child for everything it's worth.

  3. Bethanee Bartrand

    If only we were all paid 500K to announce a pregnancy! I am sure she'll spend it wisely on a nice diaper bag from the Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen collection {{EYEROLL}} 😛

  4. Angie Lesan

    Wow I wish I was paid $500,000 to announce when I got pregnant…Just how greedy and selfish can one be…..Go ahead and try to blame the magazine companies for this but she is the one accepting the money so she is fully accountable for her actions.

  5. Jennifer Maugh Garrett

    Who gives a crap? This star-wannabe has never been news (or talented!) Let it go.

  6. Jennifer Ruddy

    Who the heck cares? No talent, definitely no style (worst-dressed woman I've had the mis-pleasure to see), and altogether a very boring person. She needs to get over herself.

  7. Robin Kimberly

    So what she got paid $500,000…you wouldn't be complaining if that were you and if you had the opportunity to get $500,000, you would have done the exact same thing…shes beautiful and is a great artist..very happy for her and her fiance.

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