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Olivia Wilde Steals a Few Souvenirs From ‘House’ Set

As Thirteen was making her final appearance on “House,” Olivia Wilde was looting the set of the Fox tv show. Wilde, who officially left the show last night, took a few souvenirs home to remind her of the four years she spent on the medical drama.

Wilde told Showbizspy.com:

“I did take one or two things to remind me of the good times. I have a few things at home. Like, I used to take home the stethoscopes because they look cool and a fun to play with but we don’t seem to have them anymore. I think they all got stolen so it wasn’t just me.”

Wilde, who has appeared in hit movies like Tron: Legacy, and Cowboys & Aliens this year, decided to leave the show so that she can focus more on her movie career. Wilde also said that Thirteen’s departure fits well with the character.

Wilde said:

“There’s a few good reasons for [Thirteen] not to be working anymore as a doctor. She’s had a disease for a number of years and she doesn’t necessarily have that many years left. At this point she’s struggling with that dilemma. But of course it’s always up to House. No matter how much he drives them crazy, he’s still the most compelling and dynamic person to work for. And ultimately, it’s resolved for her.”

Wilde, who Justin Timberlake just called “the hottest mom” ever, knows that her time on “House” helped her to launch her movie career, and she won’t be quick to forget it.

Wilde said:

“My work has gotten so much better from learning from Hugh and the other actors and working with this writing staff. I see it as a chapter, a really important chapter in my life, and one that will affect me for my entire career.”

Will you miss Thirteen?