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The Bible Thrown Out Of Travelodge Hotel Rooms

Travelodge will no longer have the The Bible in its hotel rooms

For those who believe there is a war on Christianity raging across the world, the act of British hotel chain Travelodge removing copies of the Bible from their hotel rooms is sure to be seen as a tragic victory for secularism, reported The Huffington Post.

While the chain says it has not yet received any complaints about the bibles in its rooms, Travelodge has decided to pull all of them from its rooms.

This decision was based on customer research and the fact that we live in a multicultural society. Therefore in order not to discriminate against any religion, customers who would like a Bible can pick a copy from any one of Travelodge’s 500 hotel reception desks across the country, whilst staying at the hotel. To date, Travelodge has not received any customer feedback regarding this decision.

Travelodge also told The Huffington Post that the Bible-removal policy had actually been in place since 2007, despite the fact that it has only now caused an uproar among British Christians. The Church of England released an official statement, saying:

[It is] both tragic and bizarre that hotels would remove the word of God for the sake of ergonomic design, economic incentive or a spurious definition of the word ‘diversity’.

Despite outrage at the removals of the Bibles, some Christians are not as upset about Travelodge’s decision to remove them — including the provost of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow Kelvin Holdsworth.

Travelodge have indicated that they’d be happy to supply bibles from their front desk. And anyway, anyone with a smartphone can access the Bible. Christians should be encouraging new ways of engaging with the text. Christianity doesn’t depend on having bibles in hotel rooms. Bibles in hotel rooms depended on Christendom, but that is now gone. I don’t think faith has much to fear.

But that hasn’t stopped the barrage of other angered Christians lambasting the decision, calling the disappearance of the Bible another stride in a war against Christianity. Tim Stanley, A U.S. historian penned a an op-ed in British newspaper The Telegraph attacking Travelodge.

It’s an act of cultural vandalism upon a tradition that goes back 126 years. It’s long been comforting to know that when the TV gets irritating and there’s nothing left to do in your hotel room, you can always open up the bedside table drawer and find a Gideon’s in there. I’ve stayed in a hotel in Detroit that was obviously being used for immoral purposes (or as a place to shelter from the gun crime) and was delighted to discover that even in that den of vice there was a well-ruffled Good Book chained to the desk.

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16 Responses to “The Bible Thrown Out Of Travelodge Hotel Rooms”

  1. James Howery

    Thank FSM for this. I don't want this jesus dude trying to get into bed with me.

  2. David Fogle

    When there's absolutely nothing else to do in your hotel room, it's good to know there's a Bible there. That's about right.

  3. Rick Roms

    Oh Boo-Hoo, if you have a problem with this, you're a religious lunatic, no different than Isis Muslim militants. And to call it the Good Book, there's nothing good about the bible. There's stonings, blood sacrifice, and delusional thinking all throughout that piece of garbage, immoral, fiction.

  4. Rick Roms

    No it's not good to know when the book systematically teaches you to be a delusional, immoral moron which it specifically does.

  5. Jim Walker

    Well then, I would recommend "The People History the United States" by Howard Zinn. from the perspective of the working class not elites. He has earned his credentials when he served as a Belly Gunner on B29s over Europe in WWII. Even GOP should not object. I believe every 8th grader should read this as it would clear up much.

  6. Jova LerDeslate

    Wow, what double standards. These are our countries, and traditions. When muslims come to live here l we have to put up with mosques, veils, sharia law, days off on saturday's, time off work to pray, make a place for them to worship, etc. And we can't keep out own traditions in OUR countries because some muslim or Atheists are offended? Don't be sheeps. GROW A PAIR AND DEFEND YOUR CULTURE AND TRADITIONS !!!

  7. Brooks Dean

    David Fogle It's definitely worth reading, but just as selective and biased as the histories it's countering. But then, you'd never want to read just one version and/or take on anything.

  8. James Howery

    What?, you have to put up with mosques simply existing and people looking different? Are you F-ing kidding me? America is SUPPOSED to be the big "melting pot", so maybe this business wants to attract as many people as possible, which they are free to do. They can also put a flipping nativity scene in each room for all I care, but I'll find some place else to sleep.

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